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28 February 2001 Listmania, Music for the unemployedalso "music to write code to", etc...

Listmania appears after you search for something so odds are you own some records in the lists.
Put a chip in grandma's body. Then monitor what she does. I hope this whole thingy is not running Windows. Sorry sir, a blue screen prevented your rescue. We apologize.
This time it is sure : there has been life on Mars.
ADSL access with Swisscom. It's getting cheaper and maybe better than a bloody cable.
TrekMail cool application. Cant wait until I get my real internet connection, then I'll start experimenting outlook-to-fax-to-sms-to-calendar gateway. Need ideas.
Anticryptography: The Next Frontier in Computer Science. Doesn't seem people have a lot of time on their hands but still.
The Onion | America's Finest News Source Yep it's back again, but you gotta love it!
Sun Shatters Industry Price Barrier With First 64-Bit Workstation at $995 This ones for you NICO... F$ck the PC... go here!

27 February 2001

MIR reentry for those who have nothing to do in the next days...
STAR WARS: Endor Holocaust For those that have nothing to do this afternoon...
je ne sais pas si qqun l'a déjà mis... Idea to Ad
Après Photoshop 6.0, Signwave Autoshop déjà un must du design aléatoire
The next person who direspects my wife will have to sissy fight me. Not kidding, I'm waiting for you Todd.
A nice shooter from Croatia. It should be cool.
Fixed tha bloody archive. Should be working now.
Cheerz Mates! Finally got this bloody thing to work. This sounded like fun: !new leaked nv 7.52 driver set are the fastest ever, yee. Also, sad news pipaules, they found Mulder in the forest, the little grey ones returned him seriously mutilated (and very dead) after having performed, hmm, experiences on his a$$.
FEED | Digital Culture - Gift for the Gab pretty cool, I'd like to "hear" the talk.
Read that. A good view of the current state of information seeking on the web.
Welcome to my home page ! Kiss you !!!!!!!!!!!! who the f$ck is this guy???

23 February 2001

Where is the ANY key?
The Sims: House Party preview Whoa - now you can have a party without leaving your computer!
holy sh$t I have got to get a PS2 if just for the beauty of that game!!!
wet streets in gt3 on ps2 for who's interested, real-time real-scenery reflections in the water on the road, plus the particle generation for the mist brought up by the cars...
Richard Stallman on the Allchin Controversy A stalwart response from the man known as RMS
News: Lasers beat bandwidth bottleneck This looks to be one to watch...
Now we all know what a petabyte is.
HUH Is someone trying to trick me?
Interactivity. I am getting increasingly bored with these flash sites. Always the same effects, always the same 4pts fonts, "randomly" moving objects, tweening and layer effects.
Can the only designer of the group come with some new fancy layout for this page ? Got bored with the old version, we got to change that.
The new i-macs. Do hey have some new designers or what ? How can you launch such a color ? These people are again testing the blind devotion and faith mac lovers seem to have for Job's company.

22 February 2001

Very impressive Shockwave work (from Rich's links list).
If you feel you are an artist... wise words
Fill flash forms, and build your own site. Lousy but quite powerfull.
The guy sucks, but what he did when you mouseover a link is really kewl. Nice idea.
Follow-up declaration by crosoft...
Rocking Monks??? These guys rock!!!
Kick Ass I want to play!!! NICO I am coming for you!

21 February 2001

How to play old games on your new PC. Spéciale dédicace for Todd.

Howard told her that if she waits to get married before having sex she'll eventually wonder ''what if'' she had slept with other guys.
Anyone worried about the sun frying Earth sometime in the next billion years can rest easy: Astronomers have devised a way to move our planet to a safer orbit.
Cool: the radio controlled dog.
did I miss this whilst away? Shenmue II Preview
The history of political advertising on TV. With an quite short but interesting section on the Tricks of the trade
The Mentos FAQ, with essential pieces of information like:
How to eat Mentos ?
Mentos must be "born", squeezed out of the wrapper and gently placed in the palm of the hand. The only exception is the last Mento in the roll, which may be squeezed out of the opposite end.
Mentos vocabulary:
FAFOL Fresh And Full Of Life
Mentosis The state of being mesmerized by someone who has just eaten a Mento.
Momentos A roll of Mentos obtained in another country as a souvenir.
Mentoite A person who achieves Freshness on a regular basis. (Alex Gordon )
Mentophile A person (like yourself) who understands the many entertainment aspects of Mentos, and their all-important contribution to Western Civilization as we know it.

20 February 2001

Below is a post from Slashdot... This is really good!!! I remember playing Wizard, Enchanter, Adept on my pcjr when I was 11 how bout you. BUT I STILL WANT A FAST MACHINE DAMMIT.

"I remember when I was in school, programming my Commodore 64, and the joy was in just how primitive it all was. Just typing in those BASIC commands, waiting while that tape drive chugged away - that was half the fun of it.

Nowadays, everything's instantaneous, and people don't realize the fun of waiting. This is a problem with our culture I think. Everything has to be so fast.

It's all fast food, fast cars, fast living, and it's not good for us.

It is no coincidence that in countries where they take things slowly that they have lower rates of heart disease, and lower incidence of stress-related industry.

Sure it's nice to have fast things every now and then, but I worry that people will forget the experience of waiting - the thrill of anticipation as that new game installs, the pause while the computer boots up, etc. It would be great to just go to a nice restaurant with nice slow service, and then to come back and use that Commodore 64 again.

All this speed means that people don't appreciate what they've got - they don't appreciate the joys of living - the call of birdsong, the flowers coming up in the spring - because they're too busy. And busy doing what? Busy doing things too damn quickly. Of course I'm not saying that progress is bad, but just that this is symptomatic of the ever faster pace of life; the way we don't speak to each other, the fact we take minutes for meals, and seconds for just talking. We should take the time out to enjoy life every now and then."
Vomit with the latest background from La Poste. A killer on a 24' screen.
Speed Is Name of Game With Xbox
lau that is damn funny... if you didn't look at all the action figures - you'd best be on your way back to that site.
M$ stupid again Can you believe it?

19 February 2001

so how about tech startups in France? Au Revoir L'Amour, Bonjour Tech...
Math Smarts: Nurture Not Nature A link for those of us who think Math is hard.

Btw - I'm baaaccckkk.

16 February 2001

Sorry I forgot the link... here
a nice one about great amateur movies (no porn guys!) but instead some star Wars parodies, ...
interesting article about Freenet.
News on "Padua One", and Police raiding Napster users.
I wanted to send a sms and typed I was on a client's computer. That hurts...
Todd, learn french with Inspecteur Roger Duflair and we can switch back to our natural language for further posts.
Déjà eu ton joint aujourd´hui?
What a great organization the ISPA is.. They even edit their flyers about alcohol in albanian... lol

15 February 2001

An exchange between Nike and a customer.
Windows XP's interface. It looks good.
Incomplete article on searching information on the web.
Let's dig the past a little bit:
Here are our rankings on
34 hits : Nicholas Wolff (nevertheless, most of the links are not related to the official phatphuck we all know.)
19 hits : Laurent Haug (mainly for an old tab I made and some Adidas Power Soccer hints I gave someone 5 years ago).
13 hits : Richard Joye. Eclectic list, ranging from Genealogy to fire dept.
5 hits : David Placci, with solid links like "Vehicle Routing Problems" and "3ème cycle romand de Recherche Opérationnelle, séminaire de printemps 2000"
5 hits : Christian Miccio with nice cool genetics related links.
1 hit : Jacques Ormond (because the guy has a street called after him, ch. Jacques-Ormond in Geneva)
1 hit : Serge Cavalier (about soaring)
1 hit : Laurent Bolli (about that boat he designed sometime ago)
0 hits : Alexandre Vettovaglia, John Staehli. You don't exist people. Get a life.
0 hits : Ivan Torreblanca

And on
22 hits : Laurent Haug (from, webdo and a university link that hasn't been up for 4 years)
15 hits : Laurent Bolli. B&B, the boat, tmbm and pommeA.
13 hits : Christian Miccio. Cool links to a page with serial killer modelized in 3D faces.
7 hits : David Placci. Same comment, always linked to some scientific stuff.
7 hits : Nicholas Wolff (from AND "Design 3D par Systems de Particules", almost as good as Dave's routing problems).
5 hits : Richard Joye, our winner! This guy was his university's star. Period.
4 hits : Jacques Ormond.
1 hit : Serge Cavalier (about soaring)
0 hits : Alexandre Vettovaglia, John Staehli. Am I spelling Staehli right ?? Why aren't the 1994 indoor swiss doom championship pages up anymore ?
0 hits : Ivan Torreblanca. Allo ??? What u doin' ?
un intro en flash assez cool et plein de liens !

13 February 2001

check out this trailer for a ski movie, and have a look at the guy jumping over the parking lot with his... yes, skidoo!
a nice tool to help debug your pages and also to filter web content.
Dont be scared by the angry-fruit-salad looks, it's customizable (and it seems to be in fashion as well).
It landed on Eros...

12 February 2001

The blog awards. Nice ressource for links etc.
A day without weblogs.
Nice watch.

10 February 2001

Comedy Central censored a recent episode of Robert Smigel's brilliantly depraved smuppet show TV Funhouse. The episode was called Porn for kids. Very funny.
LOL! You gotta love LEGO porn (click on the "series") and (a special for Mr. Moof) the Army men porn.
One of the coolest designer's site period. Amazing.
Think of the concept behind This is gonna change the way these people work. And add wireless capabilities into that and you get a whole new set of rules for these businesses. Interesting.
Smokers fly russian. I am always appreciative of efforts (whatever effort) aimed toward fighting the divine american rules.
We will soon all wish we were women! From the BBC: american scientists have discovered they can create orgasms in women at the touch of a button. Hell, what are we gonna be here for then ?
Remember, this theory comes from These people can't be 100% ok in their heads. Definitly not after that.
This device looks good and smells good.

09 February 2001

France Télécom a six mois pour renoncer à "La". Advertising can be so much fun.
sapainèès perrave shagui NOUCHI.COM
We talked about that some time ago I remember.
Hello everybody, I joined the blog (I joined the blog, I joined the blog. This is just a personnal message to Lau who really has a thing on repeating things, repeating things, repeating things). Now what?
Blogvoice is down. Should we temporarily remove the discussion links ??
hum !!
Blogvoice is still a beta version, if you guys get tons of Javascript errors it's because their system is down. This should be fixed soon.
Designers should have a look at this : Mastering the Designer-Client Relationship.
Abraham Maslow's hierarchical theory of human needs. In order, you have:
1.Physiological Needs
2.Safety Needs
3.Love, Affection and Belongingness Needs
4.Esteem needs
The theory got developped in the US in 1960, so there is no reference to Sexual needs. This scientist probably never met John (the Cheese spent such a short time in the academic world its no surprise anyway)...
The great Swiss posters collection at Carnegie Mellon University. un site pour se référencer en tant que graphiste
tout les logos du monde downloadable

08 February 2001

What about some Chinese Propaganda Wallpapers. Nice visuals, as cool as ever.
Heys guys, noticed the small "Discuss" link at the end of each post ?? That is cool, REVOLUTION in blogger world. Thx to
Funny and ironic : the MS word pleading wizard explained. Probably the most used feature internally ;-)
nice cool sky pics.
America, you brought us some many cool inventions. I wonder how much time this is gonna take to cross the atlantic and invade the late night "tele achat" shows around here.
Blogger version 2. This thing seems to be packed with cool features. Someone has time to test GreyMatter ?
Hollywood insiders say the Australian star has been enjoying the attentions of other men, including George Clooney.Finally some People news in here!

Beautiful move : Sega'a president covers the loss caused by the termination of the Dreamcast console with his personnal money. That same guy was featured in ads when then launched the system, saying something like "sorry for releasing the saturn"...

07 February 2001

Sun vs. Microsoft, have fun...
Nice guy.
The new Microsoft anti-piracy solution for Windows XP (ex-Whistler) is gonna be fun.
This is cool as ever VisualRoute Server: Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Dowload the application if you want to see the connectivity from your own site

06 February 2001

Glossary of E-mail and Online Chat Acronyms
le dernier né du flash challenge
Need feedback about our new web layout WELCOME only "constructive"
input here please... suppose que le lien est testTop3
le premier en moins de 100 secondes gagne la médaille du béta-testeur
(aller sur:100% français -> news)
cool (tho you cannot use this to store game iso's).

Found this by following one of the previous entry.
This site is full of surprises

great fat design

05 February 2001

I can do the first four before wanting to scream Pics : Illusions
Beware the dreaded coconut...
Stop Mind Control a humourus page...
A good ressource for bookmarks and inspiration : tons of links.
so, is there a super merger in the air ?? looks like it at least.
AirCar Why we haven't seen this before - big business don't want it.

02 February 2001

first time I see such a cool anti-robot device (the phucked up image that shows up) - Sign up for your i-drive!

"Fucker Sure Taking Long Time To Download
MESA, AZ-- That fucker sure is taking a long time to download, computer user Larry Eisen reported Monday. "What is taking this fucker so long?" asked Eisen, trying to download the fucker from, the web site for Arizona Macintosh Users Group. "I got a DSL line for this?" Spokespersons for AMUG, which offers the 145 MB, BinHex-encoded fucker for download off its FTP server, could not be reached as of press time." From the
The Onion
Copying a DVD Video to CD-ROM
have a nice weekend you putains... ;)
Microsoft Web Application Stress is a simulation tool that is designed to realistically reproduce multiple browsers requesting pages from a web application. Download it for free.
Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument. Usefull sentences like "Trying to build a team behind that technology would be a staffing nightmare", "Yes, I believe that's the approach Windows NT is taking", "That's totally inefficient on modern hardware", "Have you LOOKED at the number of I/O requests that will create?" or "You used to program in Pascal, didn't you?".
Meet your new friend. Ouchy The Clown! Nice to beat you!
Lau's digest :
jeexz bolli - your linx rule! I want more DJ action.
Pour ceux qui peuvent faire du bruit à leur poste de travail et qu iont shockwave Shockwave 1210
accept JESUS now - or he'll crash your Browser...
comment on peut faire ça? html, java,?? RASAEIGHT
encore un site de designer et j'arrête:RMX
another cool eboy drawing, some really good stuff on this site:SHIFT | EBOY
some fresh ideas about web design FRESH DIK
Numba 1 - man that guy really is!!! THANKS bolli. innovating.

01 February 2001

votez pour moistickernation : free stickersencouragez les designers!
qui m'a déjà parlé de supergreg ? I know some of our less lean friends are going to like this
--MOTIONGRAPHIKS.COM-- un cool site pour Lau .. enfin c'est juste une intro! voila pour mon premier essai!
Could this be the future of databases ?? Interesting,
I am very busy these days, sorry for not posting. Thanx Todd & others to keep on sending cool links. Here we go with some quick links:

  • Marc Andreessen, an interesting article about the netscape cofounder (now 28...).
  • Screenshots of IE6 from (you gotta love this site's name)
  • A diagram showing Unix evolution and history (probably maintained by a serial killer, how can you do that kind of stuff during your free time?)
  • A fine blog, how can this guy write so many things every day by himself.

Please use to contact me these days.