Peer to beer networking

30 March 2001

lol .. this may be the funniest thread i've ever seen .. how can you not want to get b&w after that :)

29 March 2001

The field programmable gate array pc has arrived
IIS default installation : Microsoft Internet Information Server unbelievable !!!
Lines from Austin Power. Funny, sent by the Jackal. ex:
  • (Look down at your crotch) Well It's not just going to suck itself.

  • CopyrightAgent Intro Once again we've been dumb, with the advent of p2p networks I'm sure we all wondered what we could invent to ride the wave, these guys did just the right thing:
    they take from all sides, aren't legally bounded and ride the marketing efforts made by others.

    full story here
    Very good article on the open source philosophy Red Pepper April 2001. While not specifically against Billou, it is always interesting to see the "anarchist" (or jose bove) point of view, and indeed it is a very interesting (and surely lasting) movement. Perhaps the future of software development ? Those interested can have a look on this : Eric Raymond (one of the "evangelist" of the open source community) and specificaly a MUST read (quite long-download the PDF) essay : The Cathedral and the Bazaar
    Edicom: News: Economie: Brèves on-line Does anyone have a link to the recent "we're not scared" frequence-laser declaration ?

    28 March 2001

    Funny invite.
    IE 6 preview. Get the bloody thing, I hope it's better than crappy Netscape 6.
    this is exactly like what they have in return of the jedi when the rebels are discussing an attack. (the site was on slashdot, be patient or teach me where I can upload the image) ouaf! It can continue indefinitely

    27 March 2001

    Remember that joke from Daniel Prevost ? They do websites, lol...
    "Site designed, maintained and hosted by Pyramide Internet, 46800, Montcuq, France"
    : B A N J A - the online game ;-)
    Hell... Get some human meat for your eating pleasure.
    Cool MIT interface. Really good.
    ahaha Haug web bientot dans "le temps", pouah !!
    enfin le site bb est bien, il y a juste le lien vers stern qui ne marche pas
    voila pour mon feed-back peu constructif, desole.
    ah et le lien vers le site photolabo a un probleme, en tout cas chez moi.
    ( je pense que c'est a cause des espaces sur pc ?? (%20)
    Corel launches "office 2002" starting in the spring of 2001. Watch these guys, they are clever. ( guess Microsoft is now going to have to buy the trademarks Office xxxxx for that to never happen again)
    ...Novell's outgoing chief executive Eric Schmidt said Monday that he has invested an undisclosed sum in Web search engine Google....Novell's Schmidt joins Google at critical time - Tech News -
    Eight rules for starting a successful internet company, originally written in 1996 .....David Bunnell
    "I try to ignore [the media] as much as I can. It does inevitably influence my perception of the world, but I try to make up my own mind as much as I can."

    26 March 2001

    welcome again on our new site WELCOME Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for all constructive feedback...
    The good: More stable than previous Mac OSs; beautiful, fast display of text and graphics; multilingual support built in; better memory management means fewer crashes; compatible with nearly all software; built on open BSD Unix, Java2, XML, PDF, and OpenGL standards so that third-party developers can add applications more easily.

    The bad: Few native OS X apps available, so best features of OS untapped; Classic applications run and load slowly; promised features, such as DVD playback, still missing; portions of interface are difficult to use; won't network with some older Macs; no uninstaller.

    The bottom line: Mac OS X is a promising foundation for the best Mac operating system ever, but it's not yet ready for the masses. Wait for future releases.
    Check it by yourself :
    Mac OS X - Software Reviews - || XBox Details Released at GDC Looks like it was a cool show.

    Graphics Programming Black Book I wish one of us would read this.
    Open source philosophy is hitting the french government ! Linux Today - Community: French Secretary for Industry Against Software Patents
    The truth about what's happening in the world: the Hypocrisy network
    Windows XP Beta 2 - Software Reviews - I'm sure the Fly has had a version since a year or so, but still.
    The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project

    23 March 2001

    Quelques nouvelles interface qui tuent...(java et quicktime)aesthetics computation group :: mit media laboratory Check anemone.

    22 March 2001

    my house may be in the sticks, but you will want to come after I buy this:
    PARA PARA Paradise

    by jove .. this one finally looks mighty fine !!!

    21 March 2001

    Mac OS X missing some key elements - Tech News - I read this with a mix of Schadenfreude and disappointment
    Don't fear the nanofuture
    "Because of the shrinking of technology, it's a conservative scenario to say we'll be able to send cell-sized robots into our bloodstream, through capillaries of our brain. They'll be communicating with each on a wireless area network, and there'll be communications with your biological neurons".
    The Myth of 800x600
    Developing fixed-size Web pages is a fundamentally flawed practice. Not only does it result in Web pages that remain at a constant size regardless of the user's browser size, but it fails to take advantage of the medium's flexibility. Nonetheless, Web site creators continue to develop fixed pages.
    Interesting article by yet anbother Corel guy.
    Clueless Pundits Say the Darndest Things
    Maybe you've been reading lately how mainstream dot.coms could learn a thing or two from the online adult entertainment industry. Maybe you've been touring some of those sites - all in the name of research, of course. Well I hate to ruin the party, but I'm here to tell you the “research” song won’t play no more.
    open MS-Word, and paste this:

    then press return...
    more freaky stuff from our law-dodging dvd decryption guys, a haiku.... Brain damage, anybody?

    20 March 2001
    Five mices for the final review of the PowerBook G4 : Macworld: PowerBook G4 Diary: The Final Analysis. If MacOSX is what it is supposed to be (out in 4 days), I will definitely switch.... (BTW my birthday is in september ......)
    Check Mir reentry... in 3 days

    19 March 2001

    They say that with this, napster is just like before...
    found this by following one of the BB links, the hardrock version is pretty cool.
    Fautes d'anglais, liens cassés, couleurs, animation, tous FEEDBACK bienvenu, merci mille fois: bb_website_beta_version
    PS2 NEWS:

    Oni reviewed
    SSX reviewed

    My short reviews:

    ONI - seriously great but the freaking controls are a bitch... Who ever created this camera movement shit, pisses me off. Beautiful otherwise, although when the action is really hot, system seems to slow down a bit???

    SSX = I love this game, no more to it. Snowboarding has never been this fun or beautiful...
    Check this: Apple old timer but great desktop wallpapers and art stuff
    Did u know that there was a news group called alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk... Found it looking for ASP tips, nice job google.

    18 March 2001

    nE1 interested in having access to the sickest fxp-board with all the mad rls's ?

    16 March 2001

    City traders venture into bare market. Do you think Pierre answered ??
    Thx to Joystick, I bought that shit. Finally a fair rating.
    Man! The first step has been made. Starbucks is opening it's first cafe in Zurich!!!
    Annals of eating : the trouble with fries
    "...that day Kroc had a vision of a chain of restaurants selling golden fries from one end of the country to the other. He asked the two brothers who owned the hamburger stand if he could buy their franchise rights. They said yes. Their names were Mac and Dick McDonald. Ray Kroc was the great visionary of American fast food."
    This guy is probably one of the most influent figure of the past century. Respect the fast food inventor.
    Dark side design
    Dean Kamen Rocks and Rolls. "celebrebrity engineers", what a sweet idea, soon to be seen on Geraldo and the likes.

    15 March 2001

    Conker's bad fur day
    "It's not often that a videogame matures from a cute, cuddly 3D platformer to a final product in which the hero frequently gets drunk and urinates on enemies when he's not being cussed out by them or rolling around in feces."
    Who has my N64 ??
    "Scientists at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission have developed a rudimentary device that translates brain waves into electronic commands. (...) the program reads four to five abstract concepts imagined by the user, such as "cube," "relax," or "left." These ideas trigger activity in different parts of the brain and allow the software to interpret the users' intentions."
    I'm glad I didn't move there... US sucks for foreign workers these days.
    Why don't we live in the only true country ?
    Eliminating "standby" electricity loss from home appliances could save up to 25 percent on electrical bills, study shows.
    Weird site:

    14 March 2001

    According to Rick Reilly of SportsIllustrated, Michael Jordan is 90% committed to coming back!
    Nintendo's latest game is quite different from what these people used to produce...

    13 March 2001

    WELCOME to new BB web site beta version
    I completly agree with this when the guy says "...these companies (MS, Dell, Gateway, etc...) can see that there is a real possibility that the "general purpose personal computer" could be replaced by a variety of proprietary devices. And many of these proprietary devices have entertainment functionality."
    I always thought that the all-in-one device concept was not viable. Future will tell.

    I have no sound so I can't get the sense of Please explain.
    content not suitable for children under 18 years of age
    As reported in Joystick:
    The developpers of B17 forgot a few links to warez and porn sites on the game's CD. Apparently the machine they used to produce the "gold" version of the game got used to surf some illegal sites (as reported in this thread, read through all the messages). Can you spell F-I-R-E-D ?
    win lara croft posters, anyone know the answers? (year is 1996, dunno about the rest)

    12 March 2001

    Pour lau-lau ! Manipulate and Query OLAP Data Using ADOMD and Multidimensional Expressions -- MSJ, August 1999
    Here is the deal. The guy is a "professional" photographer. There is a form where you can enter your personnal data if you want to work with him (i.e. you are a model). The guy used a form wizard that displays the results at the end of the page. So here you go with free model addresses (the list will probably grow). Check the one from Haiti, she does "charme" and "erotique", just like Mario... And you have her number...
    Play with sounds. Todd's gonna like it.
    Another good reason to hate the USA: Watch or Go to Jail.
    lol, the compendium of corporate cringe. Downloadable corporate anthems, with KMPG a clear winner. Amazingly AA has none.
    Game Boy Advance FAQ
    Commandos II is coming...

    11 March 2001

    mirror matter invisible asteroids...
    Fat, about wordXP & winXP as in "R U Xperienced" -pffff, how lame is that- Je run le latest build of both as we speak: heart attack! Never seen such a bloated piece o'crapla. It looks like a MSN explorer login spinoff. Thankfully you can switch to classic mode .. the skin engine is pathetic anyway .. I'm not even going to say how much HD space and other heavyness we're looking at .. plus d3d and oGL framerates are still way below anything 9x, even tho it should now run more games. winsupersite is a decent site for the latest winOS skinny.
    Oh for those using the last few versions of ICQ, to benefit from socks 4/5 and firewall support, for example, when at work or behind a shared connect, here's all you need to 1- get rid of the the nasty SMS banner on top, 2- get rid of the auto-update feature in case they ever start using it (your warez will be safe then, heh) and mostly 3- get rid of those f@ckin ad banners on the bottom of dialog boxes and restore the window sizes to normality. It all works great, was easy, took me 2 mns, I feel so much better :)
    Hey Lau, sorry for Aikman mate :) (je viens de realiser le discuss button, quel con je suis, et j'avais looper le thread) They might resign him or he might play elsewhere or retire . .but in this league you gotta suck real bad to be good. And suck bad is exactly what da boyz are going to do (trust me, better than be constantly avg like the fish).

    Anyway, please someone, please .. i need help, i'd like to know how to do the following: in dhtml and or css, with the A:link visited, active, hover etc .. you can do all that style shit which is nice, aigght .. however .. let's say u're not using frames, thus you only have one HEAD tag per page .. so how do you friggin do it, to have some links follow certain css attributes, and other links elsewhere on the same page follow other sets of attributes ??????????? anyone ? help me :)

    09 March 2001

    Comment manipuler les gamins Magazine en ligne : Les recettes qui font craquer les juniors. Ne pas manquer l'explication du départ de groquik....
    Man!! Check this page's title... She's not the only one, she's not the only one. (this is a private joke)
    How To Write Unmaintainable Code funny if you've done it before. (here is a more straightforward version)
    Rio 800. Getting good ratings despite a lousy 64MB capacity. Can't get it.
    URL accentuées. I missed that.
    Top 10: Revolutionary Computer Games (via fasthack)
    MS Word XP. The new version is coming.

    08 March 2001

    more GT3 hey Lau elle est où ta PS2 :))
    Yahoo réduit ses prévisions de chiffre d'affaires et change de PDG
    Man, that's big : Cowboys cut Aikman. The end of an era. I'm sad. Somebody listening ???

    07 March 2001

    decoding dvd, 7 lines perl script, and RSA coded in 2 lines of perl...
    MGS2 dockgames are sneaky little fucks, they got it here in Lausanne and it's just 1 day old.
    Un copain s'interesse a une formation de WebMaster (a priori dans le coin, de Annecy a Laus.)

    Est-ce que quelqu'un a des infos la dessus:

    - validité de l'approche "hands-on"
    - meilleure school
    - debouchés
    For the veterans, I went to Netface yesterday, the news:

    • Rabah and JP are still there, they are now seen as spiritual leaders.
    • The greasy accountant that helped distort the books during past years is a new member of the team.
    • Cecile has left, replaced by a much less sexy biatch.
    • J was nowhere to be seen.

    God, please let Lau audit them
    Darwin Online
    "Some Web designers push the medium. Others scorn the flashy stuff. We asked five leading designers where they stand in this budding religious war"
    Some good advices here. And I read that Nielsen makes 20'000 bucks A DAY! Man... Usability pays!

    06 March 2001

    Advertising: ESPN Uses a 'Hostile' Web Site
    "Le système n’est destiné à être utilisé que lors des élections"
    Joystick a complètement refait son site.
    The first consumer digital video recorder.

    (via Ethel the Blog).
    Atari Video Games Back in Fashion
    "Infogrames even set up an ``Atari Lab'' to find ways to translate Atari titles onto platforms like cellphones and PDAs."
    Also, check the links list at the end,,,

    05 March 2001

    Peer to Peer's Dark Side... go through the statement of this Juno provider, it's so freaky it could be a hoax. Unbelievable. Wad'ya think?
    The latest toy from the people at the Pentagon is a weapon called "Active Denial Technology".
    "Copyright law is fast becoming irrelevant, thanks to the Internet. It's time to start figuring out how to replace it with something that works."
    Read about the "infinite monkeys problem".
    eComPersonalization Without Popularity
    An interesting theory on personalization:
    "Instead of relying on popularity as the determining factor for the technology, Bestavros prefers "attribute-based personalization," which makes recommendations to customers based on who they are and what they like".
    give these guys front-page, you won't be disappointed
    Information at it's best.
    Lessons from the Web's Massively Parallel Development.
    "Web site design is a task related to, but not the same as, software engineering."
    Retaining Key Staff
    "The most important finding in the study was that what employees say will keep them in the company is quite different from those factors that actually determine whether they quit."
    Lau, Nico, and any basic flash player-haters ... comments on vir2l ?
    gotta admit the guyz ain't no total panzies
    If dies, there's always this ...
    Another victim of the japanese ineptitude to translate ...

    02 March 2001

    An old friend. I'll leave the comments to Nico...
    LOL... They left the whois record...
    Interview de David Carson
    Can you recognize someone ? These people are supposed to be from Lausanne.
    LOL! Pop Corn Disco Mobile. La disco qui s'eclate
    Check the Team, the Flash intro, everything! These guys are so cool.
    Lau, tu travailles des fois ? le site dont je t'avais parlé est supergreg voila, il avait deja ete publié ! gros poutou!
    Graphic design as a strategic business tool
    Every physical representation of a company's image that people notice, whether it's a letter written on the corporate stationery, a product and its packaging, a brochure or annual report, a logo in an ad, a sign, graphics on a vehicle, or a name badge worn by a counter clerk, offers an opportunity to win respect and admiration
    Caught that on TV sometime ago : Urinal Dot Net
    Jaune should read that. He spammed us with this crap (shame on him for that).
    Nutella vs Gnutella.
    Ferrero estime que la similitude pouvait induire en erreur des millions d'internautes "qui risquent d'associer la marque Nutella avec un regroupement de pirates virtuels...".
    "Un regroupement de pirates virtuels". C'est joliment dit... Il sont aussi bons pour les communiqués de presse que pour la pub...
    An Israeli technology firm is claiming a breakthrough with a computer capable of teaching itself to speak and allowing its user to operate it using voice alone.
    Yeah yeah...

    01 March 2001

    A very interesting opinion on weblogs.
    This is a nice camera. site sympa qui provient du sie
    I am laulita on TechnoSphere. Looks like a lot of fun. Check it guys.
    Nico will love that. That whole thing goes your way: Ellison, talking to his customers, says that installing his software could "In some cases, (...) mean changing your business practices to fit Oracle's software and methodologies".
    We used to work the other way, with software fitting businesses (at a high cost of course).
    A few things that are good to know about email. They used to sell this report (40$ I think) and when you read it you understand why it is free now. But again, some information:
  • Email subject lines should be short. Our research indicates that the shorter the subject line the better it is.
  • Email responses (messages prefixed by RE:) are important to people.
  • Forwarded email messages (prefixed by FW: and FWD:) are not as
    critical or important to people in relation to other messages.
  • The use of ALL CAPS only marginally improves usability. It seems to be a non-factor compared to the other factors.
  • Position of an email in a list of other emails is not relevant.
  • "Within a few years, unobtrusive tags on retail products will send radio signals to their manufacturers, collecting a wealth of information about consumer habits—and also raising privacy concerns."
    Great:Network Solutions Offers Its Database Of Domain-Names to Marketing Firms.
    Good to know for all web developpers: How to increase a button's click-through rate.
    "(...) in a previous release we changed the functional button labeled "Order Photo Prints" from a standard button (that looked like all the others) to obnoxiously-colored blinking buttons (requested by Marketing). We tested various obnoxious buttons and gathered click-through statistics on them. Much to my chagrin, we discovered that the more obnoxious the button, the higher the click-through. Fuchsia and lime green with blinking text were by far the winners. YUCK!!!"
    People like dirty flashy buttons on the web. A good designer has his user's taste.
    Search Engines, Browsers Still Confusing Many Web Users. Did you know that the second most popular search term is "hotmail/". That's because people can't understand they have to type the addresses in the "Address" bar. Welcome to the world.
    What New Economy? An interesting interview of Lou Gerstner of IBM.
    Can't remember if I or someone else posted that: Clinton May Be Wooed To Join Oracle. This guy in the private sector, I guess his secretary will get regular calls from the medias. She could even have some fake boobs sponsored by some paparazzi.