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31 October 2001

God and America are inseparable
On Monday, October 15, the school board of Madison, Wisconsin, held an open forum to discuss its controversial vote the week before.
In that vote, it had instructed the public schools to forgo having students recite the pledge of allegiance and to offer only an instrumental rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in the classrooms.
More than 200 people had signed up to talk for three minutes each, and the school board decided to let students go first.
A homeschooler from Illinois denounced the decision as unpatriotic.
A girl from Mt. Horeb, a town twenty miles away, said she was tired of having her teachers tell her what to do, like telling her she should have sex before marriage.
Another said, "You should not be recalled. You should be tried for treason!"
Still another described the city as "The People's Republic of Madison," and called the board members a bunch of "arrogant, elitist, heavy-handed, radical leftovers of the Vietnam era, who in your great zeal to protect the minority have stifled the expression of the majority."
Another said that the problem wasn't just the lack of patriotism; it was the lack of discipline. We need to get that discipline back, he said, recalling with approval how one of his teachers "grabbed me by the neck and put me up to the locker."
The power of the mob had prevailed.
A few days later, I bumped into a neighbor of mine whom I had seen at the meeting shaking his head in horror. I asked him what he made of it all.
"I thought I was in Nazi Germany," he said.
No Lau, you're not alone
24'600 Tolar slovénien = 167.810 Franc suisse

Prix médian: 0.006574 / 0.006822 (bid/ask)

voices are dead. Will try and repair them asap
a good address for golf and relaxation. Somebody please help me figure out the prices, it doesn't look right.

30 October 2001

happy news for the pizza lovers in here
kesk'y s'passe en Suisse en ce moment?

29 October 2001

Phatos en action
Ethernet Killer:
for the techs in this group...

Subject: .Net 28 times faster than J2EE

Any J2EE experts willing to point out flaws in how MS produced these
results? Legitimate gripes may be included in future online or print
publications. Thanks!

Read this...
You need to see it to believe it! We implemented Sun's own J2EE best
practices blueprint application, the Java Pet Store, using C# and Microsoft
.NET. The result? The exact same application functionality was implemented
in just 1/3 the code using C#/ASP.NET, and it performs up to 28 times faster
than previously published benchmarks of the J2EE application. Read the
whitepaper, and download the code to the Microsoft .NET Pet Shop, a new
blueprint for next-generation Web development. The J2EE reference
application is available at the Sun Java blueprint site. Also check out our
other materials just published that demonstrate the .NET advantage over
He spends lots of time talking about his remarkable outfit. - The outfit represents the most efficient way of controlling the labour force. Through the suit the manager receives impulses according to how business is doing.-  If there are no problems in production, the suit transmits pleasurable feelings and vica versa, Unruh says. - The manager can also be in contact with his employees, who carry tiny receivers. This is management at its most efficient. The technology needed for this revolutionary-sounding idea exists today. The provocative outfit ensures that the audience will remember Unruh's message but he says that the idea is no fantasy which will never come true.
Putain, c'est beau la culture...., a company committed to bringing choice to computers, is gearing up to deliver LindowsOS Preview Release, a modern and affordable operating system for Pentium based computers. Because of its unique ability to run Linux® software titles as well as many popular Windows® (Nasdaq
L' avenir selon SONY, Final Fantasy 10 projeter dans un mega amphitheatre ca en jette tout de meme un peu.

28 October 2001

Check Blogbuddy for people with IE6 and no BlogThis!
Among almost 1,000 people being held in the United States in connection with the hijacked-airliner attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are people who made congratulatory telephone calls minutes later, The New York Times reported in Sunday editions. (CNN)
Putain Fly, t'ai phonatz 10min après les strikes. Il me semble qu'on a pas que dit du bien de ces gens là. Rentre man!

26 October 2001

Nokia is dead.
Ericsson's new T68 is scheduled to be available in the latter half of this week - tri-band GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and MMS along with a color LCD display are among the features.
Compaq holds iPaq OS upgrade

25 October 2001

Comment taper plus vite sur Palm
Un blog de vidéos:
Les Bretons du monde entier conviés au troisième Cyber Fest Noz

Les Bretons et amateurs de musique celtique du monde entier sont conviés le 27 octobre à la troisième édition du Cyber Fest Noz (fête de la nuit) retransmis sur internet depuis Quimper, a-t-on appris jeudi auprès des organisateurs, qui attendent environ 50.000 participants.
Lancée en 1999 par l'association An Tour Tan dans le but de "rassembler la diaspora bretonne", le Cyber Fest Noz avait réuni l'année dernière quelque 35.000 internautes de toute la planète pour cinq heures de danse, jusqu'à la petite île de Niue dans le Pacifique.

iPod sucks.
Today at Macworld Tokyo 2001, Apple chief Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s new, improved gay-as-hell iMacs. The internet computers feature FireWire, built-in CD-RW drives, and intensely homosexual “colors” including Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian.
Soft core pornography on your 3G mobile.
Happy Halloween
Tons of good ol games
Text ads are back.
DJ Turns the Tables on Tradition
Those days are over. Today, Hawtin scratches out his dance tunes in clubs around the nation using a customized, 5-pound laptop created by N2IT Development. The computer hooks up to a traditional DJ turntable through a set-top box interface.

24 October 2001

Encore un travail fabuleux de nos amis de courrier international:
Critiquer l’Oncle Sam : un réflexe politiquement correct
"Comment peut-on en toute bonne conscience se déclarer antiaméricain ? Les Etats-Unis ne forment pas un bloc homogène, ni politiquement ni culturellement, rappelle le journaliste italien Gianni Riotta.
[...] The ugly American, l’affreux Américain, est en train de faire son examen de conscience. Ce pays est capable d’adopter ceux qui le critiquent. Les philosophes Adorno et Marcuse, adversaires de la société de consommation, ont inspiré le futur Mai 68 des campus dès 1964 à Berkeley. Bertolt Brecht, qui détestait “le marché des rêves” de Hollywood, est représenté au théâtre et à la télévision plus souvent aux Etats-Unis qu’en Europe."
Il faut aller buyer the whole thing, ils y a des articles mortels cette semaine d'après le père Breiz.
Farrugia fait aussi des reviews de software:
Windows XP: It's a Keeper (Business week)
Windows XP home: don't go there (ZDnet)
Trop fort Billou:
The Microsoft founder spent Tuesday on the set of "Frasier" at Paramount Studios filming an episode of the prime-time TV show set to air Nov. 13, according to the show's producer. [...]
"Bill comes into the booth, says what a fan he is, and things start going awry. But we don't want to give all the plot points away."
Le matin review Windows XP. Un grand moment de vulgarisation.
Le 29 novembre prochain aura lieu notre événement "Tearoom" auquel vous êtes bien sûr tous invités. Pour ceux qui ne sont jamais venu, le principe est le suivant: une quinzaine de participant (dont voici la liste provisoire) présente un travail (support totalement libre) sur un thème donné: cette année: Noël (et de manière plus générale toutes réflexions sur les grands rassemblements commercialo-religieux).

Si vous voulez voir ce qui s'est fait lors du précédent tearoom qui a eu lieu le 10 mai dernier c'est ici

Si vous voulez créer quelque chose pour ce Tearoom, ce n'est pas encore trop tard, envoyez-moi simplement un mail avec vos coordonnées (nom -prénom -email -sites -origine -job -etc)
Spam si coming to EU... duh... nothing is safe any more...

23 October 2001

Say hello to iPod
Waking Life, un film d'animation qui utilise une méthode apparement spectaculaire. Les mecs sont filmés puis redessinés en surimpression. Weird.

22 October 2001

Crosoft's keeping the pressure...
How to feel calmly patriotic and yet not the slightest bit reassured by Bush & Co. (SF Gate)

This much is true: It really is possible to love your country and value your freedoms and still believe the government is full of fools and prevaricators and BS artists and Dick Cheney. Really. [...]

When Bush employs phrases like "bring the evildoers to justice" over and over, 17 times in one speech alone, and he furrows his brow like a serious Muppet and offers carefully scripted reassurances deliberately lacking in polysyllabism and detailed explanation because that would be, you know, complicated.

When he repeats primitive little maxims like "There are no negotiations" and responds to press-conference questions about the vitriolic anti-US hatred that has blossomed around the globe by saying, "I'm amazed. I just can't believe it because I know how good we are," thus causing a giant global spasm of multinational cringing and openly insulting the intelligence of anyone who can walk and breathe at the same time.

21 October 2001

Think Secret sources have confirmed that Apple will announce next Tuesday, October 23, the first of what could be many digital hub devices with the debut of a 'music-type' recorder/player. As we post this story, it appears Apple plans on informing the public and media later today of a planned event for next week with the possibility that Apple will even mention the event briefly during its fiscal-fourth quarter earnings conference call scheduled for 5 p.m. (EDT). It is not expected Apple will give many details today, if only to say, "we've got an exciting product announcement planned for next week."
A new vehicle called "the pod", developed by Japan's Toyota Motor Corp and electronics giant Sony Corp, will smile, frown and cry, not to mention take your pulse and measure your sweat. The car is seen in an undated handout photo. It has been designed to show emotion and learn from driver experience and will be on display for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show that begins next week.

19 October 2001

Makes you look good for sure...
From Mig:

C'est un doux poeme :
La premiere fois quand je l'ai vue
J'ai tout de suite remarque son regard
J'en etais completement hagard

Dans ce jardin du Luxembourg
Je me suis dit : il faut que je l'aborde
Pour voir si tous les deux on s'accorde

J'ai depose mon baluchon
Alors j'ai vu tes gros yeux doux
J'en suis dev'nu un peu comme fou

Quand je t'ai dit que tu me plaisais
Que j'aimerais bien te revoir
Tu m'as donne rendez-vous le soir

Et je t'ai dit Oh Penelope
Que tu etais une sacree belle fille
Que je t'aimerai toute ma vie

Quand dans ce lit de marguerites
Tu m'as caresse doucement la tete
Ma vie entiere est une fete

Et sous les regards de la foule
J'ai pose ma main sur ta main
Vous voyez bien que ce n'est pas malsain

A l'ombre des eucalyptus
Je t'ai dit : je veux que tu me suives
Je te sentais d'humeur lascive

Alors comme ca dans les tulipes
Tu m'as fait une petite promesse
Gage d'affection et de tendresse

Si notre amour devait ceder
Je n'aurais plus qu'a me faire pretre
Je ne pourrais jamais m'en remettre

Car si un jour notre amour rouille
Je m'en mordrai tres fort les doigts
Cherie vraiment je n'aime que toi

Paul Adam

Maintenant changez la fin du second vers de chaque strophe pour qu'il rime avec le premier vers plutot qu'avec le troisieme. Un peu d'imagination c'est pas tres dur, ca vient presque tout seul meme a la premiere lecture.

C'est vendredi, désolé...
si les pentes des triangles étaient vraiment droits pourquoi ces différences (petites mais bien visibles) de hauteurUntitled Document

18 October 2001

SF Cave
"I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet" (more)
Nemri, un site avec des traductions d'articles qui paraissent dans les journaux arabes. Très instructif pour comprendre la vision de l'autre côté de la nouvelle guerre américaine.
Jakob Nielsen on various issues:

"There are integrating trends but because of historical inertia they're not optimal. If you look at Microsoft Office, it's a very poorly done product. Each application, Word or Excel, has a million features, but it's still the individual applications. File Open is different and works differently in each application. Now Microsoft never sat down and said "let's design Microsoft Office."

"Apple has decided to stop innovating. Fundamentally they decided to get back to the safe little area around the fireplace, and they're just making little tweaks to what they did 17 years ago, and putting new colour on the machine."

"Will Linux desktops innovate? No. I don't think of that as being the solution: because it's open source. It doesn't lend itself to coming up with new paradigms. The one thing it's very good thing at is designing software for other hackers, for other nerds, really. That's their skill and that's their strength - there's a thousand nerds to look at it. If something doesn't work it's going to be a debate on the mailing lists and it's going to be fixed. But that's a bad method for complex decision management or business professionals or this next generation of home users, because that requires a very different project management approach, a clear vision."

Le reste sur la banane, un pov site de blagues fait par des belges.
From Wired:
Mobile phones are killing off ghosts, according to a British expert in the occult. "Ghost sightings have remained consistent for centuries. Until three years ago we'd receive reports of two new ghosts every week," said Tony Cornell of the Society for Psychical Research. "But with the introduction of mobile phones 15 years ago, ghost sightings began to decline to the point where now we are receiving none." Which means haunted tourist attractions in Britain could be under threat if the number of cell phones continues to grow. It seems paranormal events -- attributed by some scientists to unusual electrical activity -- may be drowned out by the electronic noise from phone calls and text messages.

17 October 2001

....nous pourrons enfin faire d'Internet ce que nous voulons tous : une boite de nuit virtuelle géante ou on drague des boudins sur IRC en écoutant un mp3 de Ricky Martin tout en scannant sa photo en 16 millions de couleurs pour etre élu Mister Infonie....

wiNfUcK'98 fait pas assez rebel ? OS8 fait pas assez racaille ? Tu veux un vrai OS, écrit par des vrais hommes pour les vrais hommes ? Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux de Linux.

Certains c0wb0yz sont orientés eleet-c0derz, d'autres sont plutôt 3xtr3m-nukerz ou encore j4v4-masterz. Mais le point commun entre eux est cet amour sans limite pour Linux. Et c'est vrai, Linux est un systeme attachant, un peu comme on s'attache à un enfant autiste ou à une voiture qui ne veut plus avancer. Nous allons faire de toi un vrai Linux Guru, un de ceux qui idlent sur #linux entre 2 posts débiles sur fr.comp.os.linux.

Humour geek
A game to rest a little bit. Play with the music and you'll feel better.

16 October 2001

care for a nice game of cricket ?
nice tool for web programming.
Les CPUs expliqués aux enfants:
"The basic concept for microprocessors has been used for centuries to guide the ships. Lighthouse. To warn the ships of high tides, lighthouses used to burn lamps with special colours, and the action of ships was to stop or change their course. We have 'ELECTRIC IMPULSE' to warn or guide the microprocessor. The basic concept about microprocessors is, microprocessors take an action when you send a series of electric signals or impulse to it."
I know where Bruce Lee lives
Compilation de toutes les conneries qui circulent sur le 11 sept.

honest people: only a portion gets in the victims pocket
Helping the masses feel better on the web with some free advices. No porn in the paper version this time ;-)

15 October 2001

Dream of Clean Desktop Gets Messy
"We found that a large percentage don't understand the concept of a shortcut, for example. Many people use their desktops for temporary storage, and we also saw that a lot of people spend time looking for the launch-points for applications, especially when the desktop is cluttered. This increases frustration, 'task-time,' and 'failure.'"
A good reminder that 90% of the population still can't use a computer. And these 90% are probably 99% of the licence buyers.
Sircam, the e-mail worm that won't go away is scheduled to deliver a nasty attack on random infected users on Oct. 16. You might want to protect your stuff before this happens.
another contender for our pockets.

14 October 2001

Bin Laden May Have Acquired Small Nuclear Weapons
US Vice President Cheney Reports Ample Evidence that Bin Laden’s Followers Are Trained in Spreading Biological and Chemical Weapons
Putain Fly, come back bordel. ASAP.

12 October 2001

a bit like what we've all dreamed about, but it still looks different

11 October 2001

Déjà entendu parler de ce jeu ? cyprien's chronicles
Ben Laden, fils de pub
"Terreur sur la concurrence" : tel est le slogan de cette campagne publicitaire pour une chaîne de garages qui utilise avec un sens de l'opportunisme pour le moins douteux le visage de l'homme le plus recherché du monde. Ben Laden a-t-il un avenir dans la publicité? Le terrorisme mène à tout. À condition d'en sortir...
at last, scientifically proven: beautiful people trigger a brain reaction. Surprise, surprise, it's not sexual...
Remember me ? Ann Coulter, the "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" bitch. I wrote another piece of shit, and got fired.
The sad part of this is that she even got hired at some point.
"A B-2 stealth bomber dropped one of the most powerful conventional bombs in the Air Force arsenal -- a 5,000-pound "bunker buster" -- on a concentration of troops and equipment in Afghanistan on Tuesday. A Pentagon official said the bombing was meant to demoralize Taliban troops" (cnn).
Are you demoralized when you are dead ?
Jedi Knights have gained official recognition as a religion in the UK Census 2001.
Un article extraodinaire sur le monde de l'espionnage: Le malaise fatal de la CIA. Le vocabulaire de ce milieu est vraiment mythique, comme les commentaires des vieux roublards...
  • "On a, ces dernières années, engagé des gosses tout frais sortis de l'université, des mordus d'informatique. Il faut aujourd'hui revenir au travail de fond, à la sale et dure besogne, avec des types aguerris, qui n'ont pas peur du noir et font preuve de flair."
  • "Depuis l'effondrement de l'Union soviétique [...] elle n'a cessé de réduire la part d'informations fournies par ses agents à l'étranger en supprimant des postes au service clandestin [...] (on l'appelait autrefois la section des "sales coups")."
  • "C'est ce qu'on appelle au sein de l'Agence la "couverture non officielle" (NOC, non official cover). Se faire repérer, c'est être un homme mort."
  • "C'était absurde,commente un troisième. Car on a recruté des sales cons."
  • 10 October 2001

    Loi importante en France aussi:
    Attendu que le salarié a droit, même au temps et au lieu de travail, au respect de l'intimité de sa vie privée; que celle-ci implique en particulier le secret des correspondances; que l'employeur ne peut dès lors sans violation de cette liberté fondamentale prendre connaissance des messages personnels émis par le salarié et reçus par lui grâce à un outil informatique mis à sa disposition pour son travail et ceci même au cas où l'employeur aurait interdit une utilisation non professionnelle de l'ordinateur (full text in pdf)
    While the "war against terror" is fought, the people in washington are adopting laws drastically restricting individual liberties.
    ACLU Calls New Senate Terrorism Bill Significantly Worse; Says Long-Term Impact on Freedom Cannot Be Justified
  • Allow for indefinite detention of non-citizens, even if they have successfully challenged a government effort to deport them.
  • Grant the FBI broad access to sensitive business records about individuals without having to show evidence of a crime
  • Minimize judicial supervision of federal telephone and Internet surveillance by law enforcement authorities.
  • Lead to large-scale investigations of American citizens for “intelligence” purposes.

    And if you stand in the way of this act, you are acting as a traitor I guess. Worrying to say the least.
  • La FNAC lance une nouvelle version de son site.
    A Saint-Tropez, la gagnante du Loft a mené une double vie. La fête en public. Et, en secret, l’écriture. Début octobre, elle publie le roman de sa vie
    The SlugBot is an attempt to build the world's first fully autonomous robot. When completed, the SlugBot will be the first robot to work completely independent of human care. It won't even need help to recharge its batteries.
    Tu as laché 7 milliards d'euros pour une licence UMTS et tu as mal aux fesses ? C'est normal, les japs vont taper tout le monde avec le foma.
    "NATO Secretary-General George Robertson labels al Qaeda as "evil criminals ... doing these evil atrocities"" (cnn)
    War is still some kid game for these guys. Evil people, you are not nice!

    09 October 2001

    La guerre du golfe a révélé CNN, celle ci lance debka. Apparement ils rapportent tous les scoops avant tout le monde.
    Latest news:
    Midday Tuesday: Israel Manhunt Underway in Galilee for one or More Terrorist Infiltrators from Lebanon
    US Preparing Shortly to Hit Second Target-Country – Either Bin Laden Bases in Somalia or Iraq
    NATO Forces from UK, France, Germany and Italy Are Heading for Middle East
    German Chancellor Schroeder Is Suddenly Called to White House Tuesday

    En tous cas ils sont plus forts pour informer que pour designer des sites.
    Help your country, go shop
    « Quels sont les ingrédients nécessaires à la fabrication d'une bombe ? Qui sont les gens qui pourraient être impliqués dans des attaques de ce genre ? Que doivent-ils faire pour les organiser ? [Notre système baptisé] KARNAC permet d'établir les portraits de groupes ou d'individus, pour finalement conclure : quelque chose va se passer », affirme à l'AFP Anthony Bagdonis, directeur d'Applied Systems Intelligence (ASI).
    La France compte plus de lignes mobiles que de fixes (zdnet)
    Journée portes ouvertes au palais des nations les samedi 27 et dimanche 28 octobre.
    "L'ONU invite toute la population suisse à venir découvrir les nombreuses activités des Nations Unies ainsi que des organisations internationales basées sur le territoire suisse le week-end du 27 et 28 octobre 2001."
    when you drink... (am NOT implying it happened to any of us...)
    2-3 bonnes offres sur le site cddiscount qui ressemble vraiment un peu trop à un catalogue inter discount. J'ai commandé les cité d'or (159 FRF pour 40 épisodes, soit moins d'un CHF par épisode)
    this aint useless at all
    Putain, putain!!!! Je viens de me rendre compte que je connais encore une star de plus: au bureau, un des mec est le petit neveu de Guy Grosso, un des gendarme dans les films de Louis de Funès. Respect total. Si je refais les comptes, je connais:
    - Robert Pirès (ses parents sont des amis de la femme de ménage de ma mère à Reims)
    - Jane Birkin (voisine de mon père à Paris)
    - Les musclés et Elsa (show télé à la RTBF ou ma reum avait gagné un truc)
    - Le mec qui fait le monstre blanc des cavernes qui capture Skywalker dans star wars (via Lara)
    - Anastacia (soirée du 31 à Londres l'année dernière)
    - Mutombo Dikembe (Fly le connait hyper bien suite à une rencontre dans une station service à Wash)

    08 October 2001

    Google during the 11th sept crisis
    Top 10 Gaining Google Queries
    Week Ending Sept. 24, 2001
    1. nimda
    2. counter strike
    3. anthrax
    4. tribute to heroes
    5. miss america
    6. infinite justice
    7. david letterman
    8. bill maher
    9. friends
    10. bush speech
    Intel is finally inciting the death of the floppy drive and is calling on PC manufacturers big and small to stop supplying the once-capacious 1.44MB removable drive in the latter half of 2002. [...] It hopes they will pull the plug - as it were - on PS/2 and serial ports at the same time. (the register)
    With the aid of a computer, Helyer and Drummond have notated the tones of every imaginable phone number combination and, in turn, claimed the melodies as their own. Next time you make a phone call, therefore, chances are you'll be in breach of international copyright law.
    Nuke 'Em From On High, latest 'refined and sensible' strategy from our friends over the pond...
    sur ce site, des anecdotes inutiles classées par date (entre beaucoup d'autres choses) May 9th - History On The Way To Today at
    votre nom en japonais, laurent c'est Raurentsu don't you want to know your name in japanese ?
    encore un Bloody Student!
    et encore World DOT-CLICKING competition!
    dans la suite logique Play Pong on Mr Insult's Arse!
    Nous sommes à la recherche de links sur useless, toutes adresses nous intéresse. En attendant en voilà une sur des stats inutiles Statistics

    05 October 2001

    Washington cherche à imposer aux journaux le secret et le bon ton
    "Deux journalistes pigistes du Texas et de l'Oregon, qui avaient comparé le président à un enfant affolé et peureux en raison de son comportement le 11, ont été saqués."

    "Elle a déjà commencé, et la vigilance des journaux a été aussitôt prise en défaut. Ils ont ainsi gobé sans discussion l'histoire du téléphone de Ben Laden à sa maman pour l'informer qu'il ne pourrait pas la voir parce que quelque chose de très important allait se produire; l'un disait qu'il s'agissait d'une communication interceptée, l'autre d'une confidence saoudienne. Quant au «scoop» non vérifié de USAToday sur l'arrivée d'unités spéciales sur sol afghan, repris partout, la question est désormais de savoir si elle n'a pas été organisée par le Pentagone lui-même."

    "Le plus grand danger pour les Etats-Unis, ce serait en effet que les Américains, devant le danger, deviennent tous pareils et disent tous la même chose. Il n'y a aucune chance que cela arrive."
    wastedchicks (R-Rated)
    La Remp brosse le profil de huit consommateurs types en Suisse
    Moi je suis un "amateurs de fun"
    Tapez: QQ33NY en police Wingding (standard sur Pc)
    A propos de Napster, oû allez-vous maintenant pour chercher des mp3?
    As the battle between the music industry and Napster nears an end, the major record labels are preparing to launch a new offensive aimed at wiping out the new breed of peer-to-peer file sharing services, and it may include help from inside the beast itself. (more at
    Temenos se prend la claque de sa life en bourse. Odyssey perd un concurrent.

    04 October 2001

    what weird science competitions hold as surprises: here's a computer-whatever-graphy of two people... well... can you recognize it?
    "No offense to anyone, but teens are not welcome at our events."
    Shame, some of us won't get there I guess...

    And they pay these people...
    "McKinsey intervient sur tous les aspects de la conduite des entreprises avec une perspective d'efficacité "micro-économique". Ce principe nous l'appliquons au domaine d'Internet, par opposition aux cabinets de conseil qui réfléchissent à partir d'une plate-forme technologique et disent "Voilà ce que la technologie peut faire" ou, se concentrant sur le côté lyrique, veulent "ré-inventer le monde" avec de nouveaux concepts."

    03 October 2001

    tu vas la-bas, apres tu fous l'adresse que tu veux (genre cnn pour bien rire)...
    pour ceux qui se souvienne d'Adrien cater qui a travaillé un moment chez Netface point and grunt
    Lol, via fredB
    Pierre De Vos, 32 ans, retraité.
    Allow me to take you through that "algebra of infinite justice" article again. The author (an indian writer) piles up good points. Her (she's a she) analysis is really interesting (trying to stay objective) and well documented.
  • "America is at war against people it doesn't know, because they don't appear much on TV"
    No comments.

  • "Who is America fighting? On September 20, the FBI said that it had doubts about the identities of some of the hijackers. On the same day President George Bush said, "We know exactly who these people are and which governments are supporting them.""
    Shows you the distance between the need for simplification Bush has to deal with and the reality of the crisis.

  • [...] "it is vital for the US government to persuade its public that their commitment to freedom and democracy and the American Way of Life is under attack. [...] However, if that were true, it's reasonable to wonder why the symbols of America's economic and military dominance - the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon - were chosen as the targets of the attacks. Why not the Statue of Liberty? Could it be that the stygian anger [...] has its taproot not in American freedom and democracy, but in the US government's record of commitment and support to exactly the opposite things - to military and economic terrorism, insurgency, military dictatorship, religious bigotry and unimaginable genocide (outside America)?"

  • "In 1996, Madeleine Albright, then the US secretary of state, was asked on national television what she felt about the fact that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of US economic sanctions. She replied that it was "a very hard choice", but that, all things considered, "we think the price is worth it". Albright never lost her job for saying this. She continued to travel the world"
    Kids vs american economy. It was worth the price. Who'll explain that to the people in Iraq ? This one pretty much sums up the whole american attitude. Their interest comes first, and the price was paid (until the 11th) on remote lands.

  • "In 1979, [...] the CIA and Pakistan's ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) launched the largest covert operation in the history of the CIA. Their purpose was to harness the energy of Afghan resistance to the Soviets and expand it into a holy war, an Islamic jihad, which would turn Muslim countries within the Soviet Union against the communist regime and eventually destabilise it. [...] Over the years, through the ISI, the CIA funded and recruited almost 100,000 radical mojahedin from 40 Islamic countries as soldiers for America's proxy war. The rank and file of the mojahedin were unaware that their jihad was actually being fought on behalf of Uncle Sam. (The irony is that America was equally unaware that it was financing a future war against itself.). [...] In 1995, the Taliban - then a marginal sect of dangerous, hardline fundamentalists - fought its way to power in Afghanistan. It was funded by the ISI, that old cohort of the CIA, and supported by many political parties in Pakistan."
    As long as a dictature supports the american "way of life" (economy, politics), there is no problem with funding or helping it. Starting to see why some people may feel a little bit betrayed by that good ol' american daddy ??

  • "Someone recently said that if Osama bin Laden didn't exist, America would have had to invent him. But, in a way, America did invent him. He was among the jihadis who moved to Afghanistan in 1979 when the CIA commenced its operations there."

  • "President Bush's ultimatum to the people of the world - "If you're not with us, you're against us" - is a piece of presumptuous arrogance. It's not a choice that people want to, need to, or should have to make."
    Back to square one.
  • 02 October 2001

    and while we're at it, it's FINALLY here, the real thing, no hook up of the famous fake tape with connectors for you external portable CD player...
    again, on a lighter note, check out the coolest fridge ever!
    "Are we so pathetic that we envy dead women ?". Yes, you are pathetic. Why don't you have terror sex like all the other sick people ?
    Bélèze, Genoa.
    Intelligence-sharing technology developed by the military may help intelligence agencies analyze information about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and possibly help prevent future attacks. (continued here)
    je ne sais pas comment j'ai fait pour tomber la dessus en cherchant les paroles originales de "petit papa Noël"
    un site d'objets-culte-design-cool à vendre eatmyhandbagbitch
    Pour nos amis suisses de l'étranger: Swissair se casse la gueule.
    Good point from this great article (The algebra of infinite justice)
    "The Taliban's response to US demands for the extradition of Bin Laden has been uncharacteristically reasonable: produce the evidence, then we'll hand him over. President Bush's response is that the demand is "non-negotiable".
    (While talks are on for the extradition [...] - can India put in a side request for the extradition of Warren Anderson of the US? He was the chairman of Union Carbide, responsible for the Bhopal gas leak that killed 16,000 people in 1984. We have collated the necessary evidence. It's all in the files. Could we have him, please?)"
    Most of us forgot about this.
    "Le petit Osama est attendu par sa manman au rayon boucherie."
    Few thoughts from Zeldman
    "Moments after the Twin Towers collapsed, American TV stations began running graphics that said: AMERICA UNDER ATTACK. Within hours, most had designed and edited interstitial films about the attack, complete with specially-composed soundtracks.
    I've worked in creative departments most of my life, I've supervised productions, and I've had clients who worked in film and TV.
    I can picture the overworked creative director in a news organization, choosing from different graphic treatments of AMERICA UNDER ATTACK: "Use a different font. Too fancy, too bloody. Show me something with the Towers."
    I can see an overworked producer at a local TV station scanning footage of the firemen in slo-mo: "There, that one, where you can just see the tear in the fireman's eye. Use that shot."
    Une série de snapshots montrant comment les sites des grands médias internationaux ont couvert les attentats.
    Why you should take a look at Mac OS X.1

    01 October 2001

    Blogger are such cheap fucks. They put us an add pointing to this shit.
    Dunno what I enjoyed the most: the picture of the slut, the horrible prose or the $3 thing.
    cool visuals. (for all questions ask xiss-xoss)
    ninja mutant turtles attack
    Apple's operating system upgrade an excellent alternative to Windows XP but leaves room for improvement
    Police say a man found a penis Thursday in a bottled drink he purchased at a grocery store.
    "For us, it's a mystery," said Elaine Rowe, spokeswoman for Commerce City police.
    L'Apec a publié les résultats de son enquête annuelle sur l'emploi des jeunes diplômés, qui porte sur une population de 4.000 personnes et montre que 88% d'entre elles ont un emploi.