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21 December 2001

Bonne Fete a tous... I hope you all get what you want for xmas - and especially you LAU. Perhaps a nice young big breasted English girl will just love your funny little French accent. ;-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all. Oh yeah - Happy Chanukah!!!
Je serai la les 2 prochaines semaines. Have fun et bonnes vacances à tous.
Microsoft's newest version of Windows, billed as the most secure ever, contains several serious flaws that allow hackers to steal or destroy a victim's data files across the Internet or implant rogue computer software. The company released a free fix Thursday.
"This is the first network-based, remote compromise that I'm aware of for Windows desktop systems," said Scott Culp, manager of Microsoft's security response center. "Every Windows XP user needs to immediately take action." He called it a "very serious vulnerability."
The mistery of Britney Spear's Breats

20 December 2001

Imode comes to an operator near you... maybe next year?
Internet research into international humour has discovered that Germans laugh the most.
The Canadians have the weakest sense of humour, according to the survey.
One of the favourite jokes in Germany was: "Why is television called a medium? Because it is neither rare nor well-done."
Other jokes voted funny in different countries included in France: "You're a high-priced lawyer! If I give you $500, will you answer two questions for me?"
"Absolutely! What's the second question?"
Sony c'est plus fort que toi. Leur shop ferme pendant Noel.
President Fernando De la Rua declared a state of siege Wednesday, seizing special powers to deal with widespread rioting and looting sparked by a deepening economic crisis that prompted the economy minister to resign. At least six people were killed and 100 injured in a day of violence.
Our business, although strong, has been unable to weather the current economic realities beseiging the United States today.
Adcritic is shutting down.
Run don't walk to see the Lord of the Rings movie... Fantastic in every way. Incredibly true to the books and the effects were exceptionally realistic.

19 December 2001

My new background image (courtesy Joystick 132)
Démocratie: "François Léotard a été nommé mercredi en conseil des ministres inspecteur général des finances au tour extérieur, sur proposition du ministre de l'Economie et des Finances."
Il a pas été condamné pour détournements il y a quelques années, une histoire de maison à Fréjus ???
Suspect Claims Al Qaeda Hacked Microsoft - Expert
He popped painkillers, ripped off his shirt after winning, watched Teletubbies each morning
Pomme A liquide.
Certains d'entre nous ont du sang sur les mains:
Cette semaine, au Luxembourg, un procureur public a annoncé "qu’une bonne demi-douzaine de fonds d’investissement ont été gelés depuis deux semaines" à la suite de recherche liées aux réseaux terroristes. Il n’a pas cité de noms d’établissements bancaires, mais la plus importante banque privée genevoise, Pictet, a reconnu faire partie du lot des compagnies inquiétées par le biais de ses fonds.
Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has said his government is discussing war as an option in response to last week's raid on parliament but is using diplomacy with Pakistan as its first weapon.
Si ça commence à chier là bas ça va être beau. Deux puissances nucléaires dirigées par des alcooliques. ouvre à Genève aéroport. Les prix ont l'air assez mortels, c'est cool. Pas de GPS dans les voitures, désolé Pierre.
Fifty-two things they do better in America

18 December 2001

Mais s´ils pouvaient choisir, ils préféreraient la jeunesse éternelle à l´argent.
Calling her a greedy, volatile prima donna, the two surviving members of influential grunge rock group Nirvana have sued to have the widow of Kurt Cobain thrown off the board controlling the band's musical legacy.
Comme d'hab. Un café, 15 minutes:
La surpuissance américaine et la guerre
Au retour de leurs missions de bombardement, les pilotes américains avaient à leur disposition, sur le porte-avions Theodore-Roosevelt, des installations leur permettant de lire des histoires à leurs enfants, sur des vidéocassettes prestement envoyées vers leurs foyers aux Etats-Unis.
preschools protocops
The poor quality of Microsoft Windows costs the world economy $170 billion per year in lost productivity due to crashes.
Who came up with that figure ?
"23 core e-business technologies, 56 companies that provide them, and how much they cost."
Bollo special link: "Each individual artist picks up these threads and weaves them in novel combinations. The Idea Line is designed to let you follow these threads of thought yourself, and discover how each work is part of a larger tapestry."
Gilbert, Gilbert ??
Le chanteur Gilbert Bécaud est mort mardi matin à l'âge de 74 ans
"I guess that's why our country's free, attitudes like that"

17 December 2001

15 December 2001

We can bug her phone. We can use a clever pretext to interview roommates and classmates from her past and colleagues and girlfriends from her present. We can send an agent to check out her relatives. We can go through her mail and filter her email. We can search her apartment and squeeze information from previous boyfriends. Then,
We'll design a 'COINCIDENCE'.

14 December 2001

Full transcript of usama's rants.
«Vous descendez de quelle planète?», lance-t-elle sur un ton jovial.
Round 2 of Online Music Battle Begins
As the big labels roll out online song services, angry artists are preparing cease-and-desist notices.

13 December 2001

A videotape released Thursday by the Pentagon shows Osama bin Laden boasting of his involvement in the September 11 attacks and seeming amused that some of the hijackers were ignorant of their impending deaths.
Laptop for lawa:
Pink Hello Kitty Laptop
``I'm beyond the shame part now,'' he said. ``I was willing to go in a Sears truck.''
A court in Sweden has ruled that a man who donated sperm for artificial insemination, enabling a lesbian couple to have three children, must pay child support after the two women separated, a Swedish newspaper reported on Sunday.
Still vegetarian?
Putain vive les iraniens:
Conformément à la tradition iranienne voulant que les jeunes mariés se lèchent les doigts enduits de miel, un jeune époux s'est penché sur les mains de sa promise: il a succombé quelques instants plus tard, étouffé par un faux ongle de la belle.

12 December 2001

----- 12 May 1981 Oldest usenet article in the Google Groups Archive
-------- May 1981 First mention of Microsoft
-------- Jun 1981 First mention of Microsoft MS-DOS
-------- Aug 1981 First review of the IBM-PC
-------- Jun 1982 First mention of Star Wars Episode 6
-------- Jul 1982 First mention of a compact disc
-------- Aug 1982 First mention of the Commodore 64
-------- Jul 1983 First mention of Madonna
-------- Nov 1983 First mention of Microsoft Windows
-------- Aug 1984 First mention of the Commodore Amiga
-------- Sep 1986 Gene Spafford's comments on the Great Renaming
-------- Feb 1989 First mention of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
-------- Sep 1989 First mention of AOL
-------- Aug 1991 C.E.R.N.'s Announcement of the World Wide Web project
-------- Oct 1991 Linus Torvalds' Linux announcement
-------- Jan 1992 The famous Linux debate between Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds
-------- Mar 1993 Marc Andreessen's Mosaic announcement
-------- Apr 1994 First mass spamming (Green Card spam)
-------- Oct 1994 Marc Andreessen's Netscape announcement
-------- Dec 1994 Early mentions of Yahoo! and Lycos before they were companies
-------- Dec 1995 Announcement of the AltaVista launch
Ben ça nous rajeunit pas tout ça.
"Those who mourn for 'USENET like it was' should remember
the original design estimates of maximum traffic volume:
2 articles/day"
A Robot That Thrives on Slugs, p'tain c'est beau le progrès
Al Qaida, un modèle économique ?
Google has fully integrated the past 20 years of Usenet archives into Google Groups, which now offers access to more than 700 million messages dating back to 1981. We believe this to be the most complete collection of Usenet articles ever assembled and a fascinating first-hand historical account.

11 December 2001

A 32-year-old Filipino farmer who believed his penis was driving him to sin sliced it off with a machete in a fit of religious fervor, family members and doctors said on Friday.
..-. .-.. -.-- -.-. --- -- . -... .- -.-. -.- (more)

album cover #1 ... album cover #2
want to make the elite chicks in return to castle wolfenstein even harder to dispose of :) ??
warning, digital breasteses ahead

10 December 2001

How David Beckham saves the world ... ;) flash plugin req.
How the bloody Segway works.
Will Smith a bouffé des hormones et joue à M. Ali.
Research carried out at the University of Cambridge, UK, suggests men may be predisposed to stress because they release more of the stress hormone cortisol than women.
Didn't know that Berners-Lee was behind Curl. Cool technology, but can't really see it's advantages over java or flash.

07 December 2001

Blasted Camel!
U.S. Marines have narrowly avoided contradicting a statement Dubya made days after the Sept. 11 attacks: "When I take action, I'm not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt," he insisted. But this week, flak jacket-clad Marines armed with anti-tank weapons tore into the desert in southern Afghanistan to chase down an "unidentified vehicle," which turned out to be -- a camel. "I can't believe we're chasing damn camels around the desert," said one disgusted soldier. "One has wheels, the other has legs," said another. Marines reported a camel poked its nose into their fighting hole the previous night and shots were fired to scare it away. It was not clear if the camel that sparked the morning alert was the same one.
A "sonic flashlight" developed by a biomedical engineer at the University of Pittsburgh makes the human body seem translucent right in front of your eyes.
The prototype device merges the visual outer surface of a patient's skin with a live ultrasound scan of what lies beneath. It creates the effect of a translucent ultrasound image floating in its actual 3-D location within the patient, showing blood vessels, muscle tissue, and other internal anatomy. Demo here

Encore une idée cadeau pour Pierre.
KPMG se fait claquer:
In a letter to a consultant in Britain who runs a personal website that has not been especially nice to KPMG, the company said it had discovered a link on his site to, and that the website owner, Chris Raettig, should "please be aware such links require that a formal Agreement exist between our two parties, as mandated by our organization's Web Link Policy."
"KPMG/We're strong as can be/A dream of power and energy/We go for the goal/Together we hold/On to our vision of global strategy..."

06 December 2001

Le navigateur néo-zélandais Peter Blake a été assassiné jeudi en Amazonie par des "pirates". L'ex-skipper de Team New Zealand, victorieux de la dernière Coupe de l'America, participait à une expédition scientifique dans la région sur l'ancien bateau de l'explorateur français, le Dr Jean-Louis Etienne.
Le site Hare Krishna, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur ça sonne mieux que Georges Harrison.
Fly revient le 18/XII. Il sera à zurich vers 7h30 du morning et ira en train à lauz. On fait ou la comeback party ?
A powerful new computer virus - which carries the subject greeting "Hi" - is causing havoc with email systems across the world.

05 December 2001

Linux on Playstation 2
November, 1979July, 1980August, 1980March, 1981May, 1986April, 1988Sometime in 1988June, 1988January, 1989
shut up
Hi, mi name is mariah and I love you guys
England are good enough to win the World Cup in South Korea and Japan next year, Brazilian legend Pele said on Wednesday.
Dur de voir une légende se mohammed aliser comme ça. Il a plus toute sa tête.
Federal agents search Simpson's home in early morning raid. Dans la rubrique sport parce qu'il y a longtemps, OJ c'était un des meilleur joueur de la NFL, avant qu'il flingue des biatches.
Si ça intéresse quelqu'un:
Sur, un bon de reduction de 25 FF pour tout achat minimum de 249 FF valable exclusivement en Musique, DVD, Video,Logiciels et CD-Rom, Jeux video.

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Expire le : mardi 18 decembre 2001

Cone, t'as reçu mes thx for being yourselves books for you and lala ?

04 December 2001

Ali G on your answering machine
PulpPhantom ... It's Pulp Fiction meets the Phantom Menace. Meet Boba Jules and Dearth Vega as they speed through space on a vital mission. Shockwave browser plug-in requiered.
This is Zi Hackademy, France's newly opened school for computer hackers. Inside, in a cramped classroom, rows of would-be cyber pirates learn the not-so-ancient art of computer hacking.

Among them are businessmen, a grandmother - even a policeman. Those willing to speak say they've come to learn how to protect themselves and their websites from other hackers - their motives are those of self-defence.
LOL, the Turd Twister:
The Turd Twister is designed to fit comfortably up your butt during your morning constitutional. Insert the disc, hold it tenderly between your butt cheeks, and let nature take its course. Now you can take advantage of sophisticated Turd Twister extrusion technology to craft incredible excremental designs whenever you like!
Réussir sa vie, achiever certaines choses:
"Card Sharks" game show contestant.
"Scrabble" game show contestant.
"Getting in the Game" show performer.
Spokeswoman for the Ashley of Beverly Hills facial care line.
Teen Magazine's "Sports Girl of the Year" semi-finalist.

03 December 2001

Vulnérabilités des téléphones Nokia

Non, toutes les sonneries du monde ne peuvent plus rien pour vous... une grave vulnérabilité des téléphones portables Nokia a été découverte par Job de Haas, spécialiste en sécurité de ITSX.
Le problème est lié à un programme appelé sms_client (pour UNIX), qui permet d'envoyer des messages depuis un PC. Les pirates peuvent utiliser ce programme pour arrêter définitivement un téléphone portable. Il sera impossible de le rallumer.
Job de Haas a dévoilé cette vulnérabilité lors de la conférence Black Hat, la semaine dernière. Le problème semble affecter les téléphones Nokia 6210, 3310 et 3330 et certainement d'autres modèles.
Check the amazing video. That shite is fucking cool actually.
Good Morning America to Unveil Mystery Invention
With Real video feed.
Here "it" is: the inside story of the secret invention that so many are buzzing about. Could this thing really change the world?

01 December 2001

Here's a list of spy activities embedded in WinXP:
(talk to me if you want to get rid of the nuisance easily in one click)

Mediaplayer: (1)automatic licenses acquisition, (2)GUID identification, (3)automatic codecs download/overwrite
Reporting: (4)error reporting, (5)critical error reporting
Explorer: (6)backdoor access for remotedesktop/m$ people, (7)automatic updates (option to disable is there), (8)webcheck (option to disable is there)
Internettime: (9) syncronization
System: (10)integrated winblows ident, (11)integrated registration ident, (12)regwizc.dll, (13)licdll.dll
Services: (14)error reporting service, (15)auto update service, (16)timeserver service
Management: (17)two hidden microsoft supportusers accounts/backdoors
System: (18)activation state check (msoobe.exe) [not present in corporate editions]

i'm sure glad to have killed all that sheite ;)