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31 January 2001

MS Exec: Linux Is Going Down yeah - go figure... BTW - Linux works fine on my laptop - takes a little time to find the correct drivers, and it ain't for those with no desire to muck about(nico), but I use it to manage my server - it works!!!
GOD thanks for reminding me that I come from the country that created WWF wrestling.
Ay caramba again, new news for dc players, I was too fast on this one.
formen: Becky the wrestler...
Ay caramba, bad news for ou Dreamcast buddies, niho don't cry...
Been playin' dc lately, think this sucks even though I'm gonna buy a ps2 later this year.
But then again oooohhhcolor and a potential phone...
Product 3050 mobile fon but also pocket pc!!
Who needs a fucking MAC? I still want a ti, but only if it's delivered with OSX, and it's as affordable as one of these, with all the features...
"Flaws Leave Net Open to Attack, Group Warns"

"Security experts have uncovered fundamental flaws in the Internet's architecture that leave the entire system vulnerable to a crippling attack, an Internet security group warned Monday."

This is an actual news article??? The entire internet needs to be very afraid... GOD I LOVE THE IDIOT PRESS!!!
Intel's new chip This looks more promising than transmeta... and check the cool sun Ad in the middle of the page???

30 January 2001

One of us bought some obsolete technology this WeekEnd
what is he doing here ?
Give me this weekend to get my Slashcode up:

What I need from you all - TOPIC HEADINGS...
Quick Topic XML-RPC Interface Here is XML interface info... Doesn't appear easy to auto link to blog.
"Quick Topic is built to handle single-topic discussions best, and to be as simple and direct as possible. So it uses the "bulletin board" model of showing the entire text of each message in a single linear presentation. In most usages, each topic has its own page. You can use the My Topics feature to keep track of several topics at once.
You can get something like threads -- branching a new topic from another -- if you use the "Start your own topic" link on your topic page, and select the "Link previous topic to new topic" checkbox. When you do that, a message gets created in the first discussion space that links to your new discussion, effectively branching off there. A link appears in your new discussion space back to the previous discussion, so you can easily jump between the 2 topics."


Quick Topic - Your free, easy instant discussion space Does someone have time to look this up and see if we can automagically link from blogger to this
Imagine there's no heaven, just a fat bank accountBeatles still number 1
Get it here first...Sega's New Console SeGa aint dumb...

29 January 2001

Whenever you need Simpson's icons...
ha ha ha... very nice amigo.
Subtle budweiser ad, this is...
WTF??? How do you play this crap ? IGN sucks, overraters.
A new Shen Mue II Trailer for Todd, the guy girls love to love (live demo every saturday if you bring a girl you wanna have sex with with you). Double with is cool. This is a private joke. Fred is not laughing.
Some new and intriguing Ginger related stuffs. I guess Jeff B. is really part of the project finally. If IT does not exist, it's still one of the best ever marketing campaign.
Betanews... jeez man that site takes hours to load...
BetaNews - Inside Information, Unreleased Products Another site for people with too much time on their hands
Talking about crazy froggies? Here's a 'must see' Paris tourist attraction
Pathetic Geek Stories
IBM TransNote is it crusoe ?
I see the light
Check the photo... A great idea for diapers...
Bill Gates is dead.
Tha superbowl ads. The game sucked, the ads where cool (some of them). The media seem to cover the commercials more than the game itself... The Ravens are the champs. This league sucks.

26 January 2001

Korn meets KoRN This guy is the famous kornshell author... KORNSHELL RULEZ!!!
Cool entries from the 5k award.
ZDNet: GameSpot: Video Games News: Sega releases a partial list of upcoming Dreamcast titles Shenmue 2 is halfway down the page... GOTTA GET ME A DC if only for that and maybe CRAZY TAXI
This is funny... and I found it on Slashdot

"MS Tech: Hello, Microsoft technical support.
Hemos: Is Sega going to be making games for the X Box?
MS Tech: Can you hold for one moment. (muzak)
Hello, Microsoft technical support.
Hemos: Is Sega going to be making games for the X Box?
MS Tech: (pages flipping) Have you tried rebooting?
Hemos: Is that a yes or a no?
MS Tech: That sounds like a driver problem. You may have to reinstall Windows.
Hemos: (Hangs up, types "no comment").

Sega Rep: Hello?
Hemos: Are you guys going to be making games for the X Box?
Sega Rep: We make great many games, super good Sonic running bush pig, you buy at store.
Hemos: Yeah, great, but are you going to be making games for the X Box?
Sega Rep: YOU BUY AT STORE! (click)
Hemos: (types "no comment")"

Xbox & dreamcast have sex
The Tech Tales.... check these samples: "Ever since you had me disable WINS resolution, my fax machine hasn't worked." or
User: This http thing, how does it work?
Tech: What do you mean?
User: Well, I type in the name of the site, then I press search. And all I get is that damn Netscape page.
Tech: Have you tried pressing enter after you type?
User: No, am I supposed to do that?
and my favourite:
"I downloaded Netscape and tried to install it. It said not to install this version if I was running Win95. So I uninstalled 95..."
BBC News | EUROPE | Paris woman kept 'slave' since 1969 This still happens??? Those crazy froggies...
Well, pretty soon I will actually have a tv!!! And a place to watch these lousy french tv shows! Feb 1st move in date. Yippee.
"Nailed "
"William Bartron is probably a fine construction worker, but he definitely had a bad day on Tuesday. First, using a mitre saw, Bartron, 25, accidentally severed his right hand. Then, unable to stand the pain, he began shooting himself in the head with a pneumatic nail gun. Fortunately for Bartron, he was quickly discovered and rushed to a nearby hospital, where the hand was surgically reattached. But get this: Doctors extracted at least a dozen one-inch nails from his head. Bartron -- or, if you prefer, Lefty -- is expected to make a complete recovery."

Extracted from wired news.
Tonight, tha lousy Largo Winch on M6. I really like the cast, this guy looks good.
Remember, Tom Green everyday on MTV at 11h30 pm.
Found on that nerd site... A review of Chicago best public toilets and the infamous exploding whale! BTW, tm tmm is Todd and Richy is Rich (you guys love each other but you didn't know).

25 January 2001

Crypto for the people. An article explaining a complex technology to kids. Great if your wife wants to know more about your day to day activities during the dinner.
For some nice content, you may go to: what is an asshole or the hemorrhoid society
Nerdworld no need to say more...
A nice little joke from google.
lol, from the cool people at
Check the pictures also. The coolest web contest ever. Check the entries.
A Lovemark is a challenge that will be taken up by many and achieved by few. It may be a great experience, a person, a product, a stunning event or a profound belief. It is a state of grace that emerges from a commitment to mystery, sensuality and love.
Very interesting marketing case studies. About Red Bull: "the first step was to spread the notion that adding a dash of Absolut to Red Bull produced a new phenomenon – an alcoholic smart drink. The second was to leave empty cans of Red Bull in trendy night-spots, giving the impression everybody else was hooked on the mix. The result? An explosion in sales."
Nice move
Ok call me evil - but gabo corp's about button/rollover states that they are "dedicated to the confection of media rich" blah blah blah... Folks - I think they are using a little too much freedom with the english language or they are trying to be to f$cking cool for theirselves.
Ok go ahead . I am an evil bastard.

24 January 2001

They are finally ... almost done.. Gabocorp any news about them? I remember their website was the best ever 1 year ago, but since then they are working on it...
Sortir à Lausanne ca ne fait que confirmer ce qu'on sait deja: On connait deja toutes les bonnes adresses, quand on ne sait pas quoi faire c'est juste qu'on est dans une ville de nains
want you
for US army. Do you guys have a DoD SECRET clearance ? Read till the end, weird.
As seen in WIRED (print version). The coolest business cards ever.
The Onion | America's Finest News Source This is extremely American sarcasm... Be Afraid, Be Afraid...
Sega: We're Still Dreamcasting. Never doubted them (and remember games are cheap)
Welcome to the 'real' Highlands of Scotland! This page is truly funny...
Sega to Quit Making Game Consoles in March ONCE more from Reuters... This is getting to be disturbing.
Again? Nico can you confirm?
Sega NEWs... Can this be true?

23 January 2001

Laurent Bolli, 28 ans, est le directeur, avec sa femme Cristiana, de Bread and Butter, une agence de communication basée à Lausanne. Did they try to find a name more stupid than "Le Brésil technologique" ??
A cool article on why the biggest IT consulting companies in the world do the worst work. Check also protocol7 and the Hamburger university.
Anybody Home at I'm glad I stopped putting things like "what the fuck happened, deadly error occured" in my code some time ago, you tend to quickly forget it.

19 January 2001

Arrgh finding an apart in la Suisse is tough... If anyone has any friends that are leaving a nice apartment 3.5 pcs, outside of Lausanne in the country or others, please let me know.
A team of anthropologists conducted 180 interviews in six countries for a new report on wireless usage from Context-Based Research Group.
This site is one of the coolest I've ever seen.
An interesting article on self organizing web sites.
BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Games 'more popular than films'
dude I have to have one of these, haa duuuude , my friends are all gonna have to have one of these dude... Titanium is a remarkable product. you like can sit with a laptop and make a record dude. heh myi heh myi hey myi... it's just sick dude... I can't wait to take one of these on an airplane, you know just take off with one.


BUT I STILL WANT ONE!!! [Industry] NeXT Computer: when cool wasn't enough

18 January 2001

Thought you needed one of those new apple powerbooks ?

watch this and you'll be cured.
Cliff Yablonski Hates You my name is Cliff Yablonski. I have never met you before, but I hate you regardless. if I met you in public, I'd still hate you.
Underground download page Underground
Que fait une femme dans le lit apres l'amour?
Elle gene
BBC News | BUSINESS | California declares state of emergency Guess the Dot Com revolution is tough on power?
In cooling job market, some tech sectors are still hot (
BBC game show to send contestants into space. kewl.

17 January 2001

...btw, only makes sense if you have a cable tv connection 24h download time/good bandwidth, it's 600mb for an average movie and 2 cds for a good quality movie, which takes several hours (days).
ever saw a DivX movie? Rul'z, check it out, it's coming to you...
Cool dude. Nice to hear that :-)
Hey gang,

It is now official - you have an American in Switzerland for one year at least... My sorry American ass has a B permit.
Yippee !!!, we are now sure the guy needs money badly ("Si vous désirez organiser une soirée, allez voir mes prestations et contactez-moi !").
oh Yuna??? How can we not fall in love with Video game heriones?
Final Fantasy X preview on oooooohhhhhh I want a ps2...

16 January 2001

I'll love that game.
Ok I watched the whole damn video on this IT crap and I think my opinion is very interesting (because I am american, that is very important). Just kidding Todd, I love u.
Check the next wave of mp3 players, some look really good. Five Crappiest Tech Jobs Five Crappiest Tech Jobs
... and the 2 other links are about IT, more hype 4 U

Check out the wheelchair Kamen did before the electric trotinette, go to TheBlurb and click onn the bottom of the screen on 'Dateline NBC', and wait for the part where he balances with the chair.
This guy is pretty damn cool!

15 January 2001

There are some problems with the FTP transfers. That sucks, I'll check that with
en cherchant à acquérir des droits d'auteur, je suis tombé sur quelques dessins de presse... (attention, King Features rights reserved for all countries)
The Differences Between Male & Female Orgasm's ! Ok ok ok I know... but this is really funny!
Over 80 penises and penile parts
Thanx for showing us the light Todd. I love you too ;-)
Here are the uninteresting developments.
"Houston we have a problem!"
Jobs Tells It Like It Is
If everyone is interested some likeGolden Showers, but the website is pretty cool...
Ok I read the whole damn discussion on this IT crap. IT has just been a stupid display of manipulating the media, and manipulating the public to get interested in a non-interesting new form of public transportation i.e.- Electric trottinette.

12 January 2001

IT is an electric trottinette. The one who guesses this right gets a champagne bottle.
So what is that ? Read guys, Bezos is quoted as saying that it ''is a product so revolutionary, you'll have no problem selling it". What can it be ????

is this too modern ?
From CamWorld, a cool blog :
Sex vs. Xbox
and the future of IE 6.
For those that like to read their horoscopes.

espcially liked gemini - that's mine, it was right on the mark.
Have some OK Soda
Un site vraiment hallucinant :, avec différentes expérimentations comme cette interprétation du magnetic poetry, un jeu bizaroide et incompréhensible, ou encore ça.
Un vieux débat que j'avais avec Cris... Résumé sous le titre "Usability experts are from Mars, Graphic designers are from Venus"...
very impressive online exhibition from the San Francisco MOMA. Check it out, tons of ideas in there.
niho, meant:
"Fo fellas with a webz konektion and a rippa, DC gameZ are fRee."
We need to find some kewl scene names. Mine is still "dukedukeII". Nico is "niho". Todd is ?
Everyone : the Tom Green show, EVERYDAY on MTV at 23h30 for the first time in Switzerland!! Check it out, yesterday was the "Tom Green Senior Workout Video", very funny... call for details.
get your domain name for 80 bloody french francs. That's cheap.,, etc...
For people with an internet connection and a CD writer Dreamcast games are FREE starting today.
And it has become simpler than ever, the disc images you find now have been nicely ripped and are
self bootable (just like regular games). I tested it yesterday on my "modchiped" console, guess it works
on anyone tho.

Feel free to mail me your requests with the url where to find the image.
Tha kewl Google Toolbar, some very handy stuffs in there.
Ok we contact Steve Jobs - ask him if he would donate a new G4 to some needy Swiss children who have no shoes or something like that, then we keep the G4!!! Or else you could just buy one?

I plan on looking really hard at the Apple TI for a new laptop...

11 January 2001

we need to find a scam that will leave us with a new G4. anyone ?
uhm, what does nico think of this? Power meets grace: Unix with a Macintosh face...
Pour bollo, l'article dont je t'ai parlé.
An extremly interesting article : Psychology of investors. (you like the new design ??)
All users are admins now. So please go to, log in, go to the Bohellz's page and click on "settings". From here, install the plug in given at the bottom of the page to allows easy update.
Also, has launched, interesting.
A site I wish was around when I was logging on with PCjr.

Cool games too!!!
Cool Geek Tshirt site...


sig file of the day

"I don't care if you're a leet haxor: mount my /dev/girlfriend and I'll fsck you up!"
Steve Jobs and the Vision Thing He may be right
Most installed plugins within browsers. more...
Search engines vs adds vs links vs bookmarks... the way web sites are reached... Banners seem not to be dead more...
I personally like the names:
'Asperoth's Tomb'
'Eat my lead you fuck'
'Burgeoning Firehole'
'Abyss of Horrors'
'Sardonic Wrath'

10 January 2001

that is kewl. from this fucking great list.
Game names:
  • Errance of dreaded souls
  • transcendeath
  • Well of pain - the quest for the inner sin
  • Kewl links from Jeffrey Veen. Great designs at Kaliber10000 { The Designer's Lunchbox },Glassdog and One Media.
    'GAGA' is a cool name, and so is 'DAF' (meaning wtf).
    ISTAR is an all time favorite of mine tho

    About game development (and being brothers and all that...), it's gonna be a medieval adventure/role playing game, java, multiplayer, and we're all cool with that. Tpo start the discussion, here are a few name proposals. Subject, scope, etc. should be discussed further.

    thriller: 'night murders'
    mystery: 'mystery fights'
    medieval: 'dark battles' (aspect collaboratif avec 'battles'!!!)
    medieval: 'dark swords' (jeu qui aurait des armes specials genre epees magiques,
    mais ce nom existe deja en bouquin je crois)
    grandiose: 'the great odyssey' (mais ca met trop d'histoire en perspective et c'est pas l'objectif)

    'caves of death'
    'pong' (on se fait vieux)
    'shadow warriors' (ca fait ninja)
    'countries of destiny'
    'reality shift'
    'medieval dimension'
    'ages of fear'
    'JGame' (ou j'ai vu ces classes... ;)
    'darkness falls'
    'time dysfunction' (y'a un groupe suisse de funk: dysfunktion)
    'dark traps' (pas trop ambitieux, bien pour nous)
    'dark fights'
    'tunnels of no return'
    'night gates'

    ahhhhh, voila ce qu'il nous faut, vu que tout le monde va essayer de se baiser
    dans le jeu: 'caves of betrayal'

    Et si tu veux etendre: 'caves of betrayal and quite possibly a dragon's lair with a cool

    Bon puis y'a tous les noms inventes comme 'Kessen' et autres, mais la y nous
    faut plus de temps ou des dicos etrangers...

    Alors any comments?
    Eric Raymond's Home Page
    The world's best programmers home page. Fuck someone give him a clue about web design
    All this blogger brotherly love thing sparks new game development. Stay tuned for more.
    **what's really important in America**

    The First Cat’s Dilemma
    When Bill and Hillary leave Washington, Socks may not be going with them. The problem is that the black-and-white feline, who arrived at the White House with the Clintons in 1993, simply does not get along with Buddy, Bill’s chocolate lab. Since Buddy’s arrival in 1997, Socks has not been as familiar a sight on the White House South Lawn, and there have been signs of friction between the two pets. Socks generally responds to Buddy with raised neck fur, and it's been said he's shown signs of depression at times. The solution? The First Cat, now 9-years-old, may take up residence with Betty Curie. Other options include having Socks stay at Mrs. Clinton's Senate office, or at their new Georgetown house, and have Buddy stay at the Chappaqua, New York, house. Thus far, Sock’s fate is undecided. In the meantime, Bill is working hard to reconcile Socks and Buddy, but no special envoys have been called in to try to settle the dispute as the Clintons would like to keep it a family affair. Socks has had a fan club since the day he first set paw to the White House lawn.
    lol, l'humour de traders du dimanche (sautez le début de l'article qui est naze). Exemple : <<
    J'aimerais gagner 100 000 francs (doubler la mise) dans les six mois sans prendre trop de risques…" La réponse fuse : "T'achètes une tenue, tu loues un appartement avec téléphone, PC, Minitel et pour éviter les risques, il y a les capotes." >>. Très subtil.

    Le site flash de la xBox est vraiment cool (la toolbar de gauche!), Billou va encore ruler le monde, et ils engagent des développeurs apparement.
    Booooh la ps2... Xbox prend le dessus... tout le monde ici va prendre la xbox?
    ...réorienter vers d’autres biens de leur catalogue, explique Gérard Paratte, le directeur d’Immostreet... et ...Or, tout jeu de mots mis à part, «l’immobilier c’est l’âge de la pierre» par rapport à l’internet, reconnaît Jean-Pierre Meylan.
    If this Blogger crap hasn't made you mad yet then try this:
    Meerkat: An Open Wire Service
    Apple - PowerBook Just 1 inch thick and weighing a mere 5.3 pounds, the PowerBook G4 is a heavyweight in an ultralight body-the world’s first notebook computer made of 99.5% pure grade CP1 (meaning commercially pure) titanium.

    Is that Bern on the screen in the TV commercial ?
    hum, enfin un journal télé, au format que tout le monde attendait, et aussi enfin des news de Portishead. Quelqu'un a de boulot pour moi ??? putain je me fais chier... Todd ?? Post something you bitch!
    Un sondage sur le cul au bureau, très instructif. Noter le bouton "panic" en haut à droite, comme dans les bon vieux video games...
    Download quicktime and have a look at the Spoof Budwanker Ad.
    Yeah... you look good... Netface Y2K1, cecile et gérard ont vraiment prit un coup de vieux putain!!!

    09 January 2001

    U may recognize some ...
    The stupidest game ever ?? Extraits de la conférence de presse : "le joueur choisira de prendre la direction de ses trains ou encore d'y embarquer comme simple passager"... Ca va être passionant.
    When development of Sega's epic Shenmue proved to be too ambitious in scope, producer Yu Suzuki decided to split the project up into multiple chapters: Chapter 1 would come first as Shenmue, Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 would follow as Shenmue 2, and the remaining 15 would be developed and released at a later date. But following lackluster Japanese success of the first installment and new happenings within Sega, the future of Shenmue 2 is now in doubt. ( NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE) but was interesting...

    Yu Suzuki's Homepage
    The X-Box will not be region dependant. Good news. Hideo Kojima Speaks
    Je n'ai aucune séquelle de cette maladie...
    Toujours fidèle à lui même, le chef d'oeuvre de trancebluedream... Checker poèmes, coups de gueule, mon chat et le guestbook... - 'Majestic' online game blurs reality
    keep an eye on those old consoles

    java at ces

    La dernière version de Dreamweaver est sortie, et déjà le très bon Dreamweaver 4 Overview de Webmonkey.
    Tha first blog of the Bohellz' weblog.
    Today's cool links include the history of weblogs, a good start. Then, very demanding readings : the Improving User Performance on Boolean Queries article and the Introduction to the Psychology of Programming.
    For fun now: Bidule Corp (not very funny in fact, but still) and DailyRating, a lousy copy of AmIHotOrNot.