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29 March 2002

"When I was younger, the great excitement in pursuing women was the sense of seduction and romance and chase," Grant, 41, told the paper. "But when you are a celebrity, you discover that you are no longer the pursuer, but the pursued."
Ah, les pauvres stars.
Michael Jordan will play next season if his knee will let him. If it won't, he won't.

28 March 2002

Il y a des merveilles sur ce site notamment blind date qui est connu mais dont je ne me lasse jamais ... enjoy!
CodeWeavers, Inc., a leading Windows®-to-Linux® software developer, today announced the release of CrossOver Office, a breakthrough software solution that allows enterprise-level Linux users to install and operate Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes® on their PCs without the Windows operating system.
Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Loft Story saison 2 ...
Saddam Hussein is paying $25,000 to the relatives of Palestinian suicide bombers - a $15,000 raise much welcomed by the bombers' families.
Saddam envoie des pitits chèques par la poste. Ca a l'air bien crédible ça.
A German man suspected of murder has been cleared by police after it emerged a "corpse" in his possession was in fact a new addition to his sex doll collection.
Les buts de l'équipe de France. Checker Zidane vs l'Italie en 1997 et Zidane vs Norvège en 1998.

27 March 2002

J'ai switché de réseau ce matin. Au revoir Orange, welcome to Swisscom. Ca marche pas mal, mais je ne reçois pas de SMS pour le moment. Si quelqu'un a encore des messages en Italien disant que je suis pas atteignable, let me know.
Les designers se droguent, maintenant c'est sûr:
«Nos avions seront tellement beaux, vous y serez tellement bien que vous aurez de la peine à les quitter une fois arrivés à destination», lance Tyler Brûlé, designer canadien et patron de l?agence londonienne Wink Media chargée du relookage et de la campagne de lancement de la compagnie.
A shocked Prime Minister Lionel Jospin called the shooting rampage "a case of furious dementia," and one presidential candidate called it an "American-style by-product."
Sept 11- Bush and Cheney were involved!
Long mais intéressant!
La suisse, un pays qui mélange traditions et technologies:
Les contrôles anti-dopage introduits il y a six ans pour les vaches participant à des combats de reines en Valais ont été suspendus. Le laboratoire lausannois qui effectuait les analyses a en effet décidé de ne se consacrer à l'avenir qu'aux humains.
News from MJ.
Check that coaster. Cool.
WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary for poetry and songwriting.
Ninja Mask Lessons by Vem Reid
Il fallait l'inventer: Le site internet du slip à poche Kangourou
Film giant censured over 'offensive' Ali G poster
For Captain Robert A. Lewis of the US Army Air Corps, the terrible moment was seared into his memory for ever. "My God," he wrote in his logbook, "what have we done?" As co-pilot of Enola Gay, the B29 Superfortress that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, he was a witness to the birth of the nuclear age. His stunned reaction has been widely quoted in histories of the event, but his original 11-page logbook is still expected to fetch up to £215,000 when it is auctioned at Christie?s tomorrow.
Daily Andersen Crap:
Andersen chief executive Berardino resigns
Joseph Berardino on Tuesday quit as chief executive of Andersen, the highest-possible casualty of the accountancy firm's involvement in the Enron scandal.
"Un homme isolé a tué huit personnes et en a blessé une trentaine d'autres en ouvrant le feu à l'arme automatique, dans la nuit du mardi 26 au mercredi 27 mars, sur les conseillers municipaux réunis à l'hôtel de ville de Nanterre, dans la banlieue ouest de Paris."
La France avance.
Chips to fight kidnapping
An US company is considering producing electronic implants that could be used to keep tabs on kidnap victims via satellite.

26 March 2002

Endorsed and used by international superstar Jackie Chan, this revolutionary, lightweight cable resistance system was created by fitness consultant J.B. Berns, a teacher in the martial arts and yoga for over fifteen years.
Who but a jewelry designer could create a computer product that seems useless but is fast becoming a hit based on its good looks?
Takahiko Suzuki, a jewelry designer from the industrial city of Nagano, Japan, designed the PowerMate, a volume control for computers. (more)
The Worlds Tallest Buildings Diagram.
The time machine... or so
Qui connait un site aves les délires d'Edouard Baer et Chico do Brasil (celui qui fait la pub pour Universal Mobile ces jours ci)?
En cherchant dans on tombe sur le site Travestis brasil dont la description est "orgasme ftminin, agence de rencontre quebec, seins enormes, rencontre toulouse, suce moi salope, echangiste, sodomie, chico sein. Travesti from brasil: erotiques, grosses salopes, site pornographiques gratuit, mariage filles russes, jeune afrique ..."
Vu le nombre de violation de mon aggreement que ça me ferait à seconde, j'ai pas encore osé cliquer.
It's the first day of school in Houston and the teacher thought she'd
get to know the kids by asking them their name and what their father
does for a living.

The first little girl says: "My name is Mary and my daddy is a postman."

The next little boy says: "I'm Andy and my Dad is a mechanic."

Then one little boy says: "My name is Jimmy and my father is
striptease dancer in a cabaret for gay men."

The teacher gasps and quickly changes the subject, but later in the
school yard the teacher approaches Jimmy privately and asks if it
was really true that his Dad dances nude in a gay bar. He blushed and
said, "I'm sorry but my dad is an auditor for Arthur Andersen and
was just too embarrassed to say so."
Check that thing:
Playboy propose aux employées, victimes de la retentissante faillite du courtier en énergie Enron, de concourir pour poser nues. «Quand une porte se ferme, une autre s'ouvre», a déclaré le directeur de la photographie du magazine érotique.
Ils sont vraiment trop forts ces gens.
The use of gadgets such as mobile phones and GameBoys has caused a physical mutation in young people's hands, according to a British Sunday newspaper.
New research carried out in nine cities around the world shows that the thumbs of people under the age of 25 have taken over as the hand's most dexterous digit, said The Observer.

25 March 2002

Pour les web designers:
The evolving homepage: The growth of three booksellers
[...] "Because it is the homepage that carries the most responsibility for guiding customers, I examined the homepages of all three sites from a number of years, using screenshots from the Web Archive4. Presumably these large retailers had a great deal to gain, and lose, with these substantial online ventures. By comparing design decisions over time among the three sites, I hoped to discover lessons from their extensive and expensive design experience."
"ARSENAL winger Robert Pires has been dealt a massive blow with the news that he will miss the rest of the season and the World Cup through injury."!
Harry Potter and Bob the Builder fix it for Lego
Harry Potter and Bob the Builder on Tuesday shared top billing for helping Lego, a Danish toymaker, rebound into profitability in 2001 from the heavy losses it suffered the previous year.
[Mobile-phone jamming in public venues has become legal in France, and a survey published last week indicates that a large majority of French citizens support the measure.

Jamming devices make it impossible to make or receive calls, voice mails and text messages on a mobile telephone. France is the first country to legalize jamming devices for public use.

Swiss engage des mercenaires
La compagnie cherche désespérément des mécaniciens étrangers. Les anciens de Swissair préfèrent rester au chômage.
74th Annual Academy Awards
American and Israeli intelligence officials have concluded that Yasir Arafat has forged a new alliance with Iran that involves Iranian shipments of heavy weapons and millions of dollars to Palestinian groups that are waging guerrilla war against Israel.
Is the monster behind the rabbit? Neoo, it IS the rabbit.

22 March 2002

Red tha whole thing:
Simpsons' analysts show how math figures into episodes
That's why it may come as a surprise that the writers of "The Simpsons," regarded by some critics as the smartest, most successful cartoon on television today, regularly turn to math to plumb its potential for amusement.
The Swatch Group are to produce a series of special watches commemerating the 40th Annivesary of the cinematic James Bond series.
Pierre, c'est exactement le genre de truc que tu DOIS avoir en tant que retraité-golfeur-ex golden boy. Please.
Un pas supplémentaire vient d'être franchi vers une nouvelle réduction de la femme à un seul objet sexuel. Au crétinisme, à la lubricité, et au machisme classique, Singapour vient d'ajouter une dose de technologie. Dans l'île-Etat, les hommes qui ne supporteraient pas les changements d'humeur de leur femme causés par le cycle prémenstruel, peuvent désormais se faire envoyer des e-mails ou des SMS leur signalant l'arrivée des règles de leur chères et tendres.
"Il ne faut pas se voiler la face, reconnaît Marc-Henri Ramuz. Bien sûr que le "Follow me" est un lieu de prostitution. Concrètement, les clients choisissent une fille parmi la demi-douzaine d'hôtesses en présence. Le tarif est fixé à 220 francs le massage. La moitié m'est reversée au titre de location et entretien des locaux."
Jamais à court d'idées, le proprio a même lancé des soirées à gogo. Pour 600 francs, les amateurs peuvent consommer sans modération et jusqu'à épuisement total. L'affaire, on l'imagine, est plus que rentable. Chaque mois, Marc-Henri Ramuz encaisse personnellement quelque 20 000 francs.
In case we needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods.

On a Sear's hairdryer:
"Do not use while sleeping."
(Gee that's the only time I have to work on my hair.)

On some Sainsburys frozen dinners:
"Serving suggestion: Defrost."
(But its "just" a suggestion)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Is Big Winner as Andersen Loses Clients
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the biggest accounting firm, has picked up the most business from Arthur Andersen LLP, dropped by clients as investigators probe its work as auditor for Enron Corp.
Daily Andersen Crap:
Andersen practices in Russia, China and Hong Kong have decided to join other "Big Five" audit firms rather than KPMG, which wants to combine its non-US businesses with those of Andersen.
Partners of Andersen in Hong Kong and China said they had decided to join their practices with PwC, the largest of the "Big Five" accounting firms.
The Russian office of Andersen announced a rival combination with Ernst & Young.
lol, some kind of guru (or extremist catholic) writes a courageous column on what should be the true values of the world. Today's topic: young women.
College Girls: Unpaid Whores
(1) Feminist thought has taught young women that equality is achieved by acting like promiscuous sluts.
(2) Young women have turned away from God.
(3) The costs of sex have rapidly declined.
(4) Marriage has been devalued by young women and replaced not only by cohabitation but also by new, bizarre social arrangements such as friends with benefits.
automatic complaint-letter generator
The magnetic pole, which has steadily drifted for decades, has picked up its pace in recent years and could exit Canadian territory as soon as 2004, said Larry Newitt of the Geological Survey of Canada.

21 March 2002

NFL plans to keep using Arthur Andersen
Even as the controversy continues to swirl around the practices at Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm accused of obstruction of justice in the Enron scandal, the NFL seems to have no concerns about the folks who audit the league's finances.
For years, Andersen has served as the NFL's accountant, and also services several teams.
Officials at Andersen have been in close contact with the league and also the teams which have retained them. The message: Be patient as we navigate the currently stormy waters.
No one expects Apple to introduce anything new Thursday morning when CEO Steve Jobs delivers the opening keynote. The company has recently refreshed its entire product line; no new products are supposed to be in the pipeline.
But a pair of large and mysteriously shrouded booths in Apple's display area on the show floor say something else.
DataPlay, le disque qui a pensé à tout ?
""Halte au massacre! Sauvez les pratiquants persécutés en Chine!" Près de 700 membres et sympathisants du mouvement spirituel Falun Gong ont ouvert hier trois jours de manifestations sur la place des Nations."

Je suis trop content, ils sont sous la fenêtre de mon bureau (pendant 3 jours donc) en train de jouer de la musique zarbi et de faire leurs danses tribales. Vers 16h chaque jour, ils partent une heure et laissent la place à 30 israeliens pacifistes qui ont une heure pour chanter des golden hits ("All we are saying, is give peace a chance", "Imagine", etc...).
In Times of Terror, Teens Talk the Talk
Boys Are 'Firefighter Cute,' Messy Room Is 'Ground Zero' in Sept.
The latest cool talks:
Their bedrooms are "ground zero." Translation? A total mess.
A mean teacher? He's "such a terrorist."
A student is disciplined? "It was total jihad."
Petty concerns? "That's so Sept. 10."
And out-of-style clothes? "Is that a burqa?"

20 March 2002

A day with really cool devices coming out was today:

The display is a red, transparent computer screen, but, in fact, is no screen at all. The device shoots a tiny laser beam that draws patterns onto the retina so that only the wearer sees the images.
A full-size fully functional virtual keyboard that can be projected and touched on any surface is shown by Siemens Procurement Logistics Services at the CeBIT fair in Hanover, northern Germany, on Monday, March 18, 2002. The virtual interface from Developer VKB Inc. from Jerusalem in Israel can be integrated in mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs, or clean, sterile and medical environments and could be a revolution for the data entry of any mini computer. The mini projector that detects user interaction with the surface also simulates a mousepad. The biggest computer fair of the world is open for public until Wednesday, March 20, 2002. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
Nico can testify we had this idea 3 years ago. Another missed opportunity.
web of a spider on hashish
Claim: The damage to the Pentagon on September 11 was caused by something other than a hijacked Boeing 757's being crashed into its side.
Status: False.
Internet véhicule une rumeur extravagante sur le 11 septembre
Le Réseau Voltaire, connu pour ses attaques contre le Front national et présidé par Thierry Meyssan, utilise une série de photos pour affirmer qu'aucun avion ne s'est écrasé sur le Pentagone. Par le biais de forums et de courriers électroniques, cette théorie du complot a gagné une audience mondiale.
pour ceux qui sont seuls au monde PictoOrphanage
the first gobal collection of contemporary characterdesignPICTOPLASMA
un site cool
Sony's SDR-4X can remember people's faces and even dance disco, but it's an expensive toy -- costing as much as a luxury car.
DAC (Daily Andersen Crap) for 20.03.2002
The Commission declined to comment on Tuesday but competition lawyers said an Andersen-KPMG tie-up was certain to encounter resistance from Brussels. "I think the companies are completely nuts to try this," said a competition lawyer. "The Commission would be absolutely mad to allow it."
An Antarctic ice shelf that was 200 metres thick and had a surface area of 3,250 square kilometers has broken apart in less than two months.
Spielberg has changed a scene in which a mother comments that a child, dressed for Halloween, looks "like a terrorist" so that she says he looks "like a hippie"; and, in the film's finale, he's digitally changed the rifles that policemen point at the children into walkie-talkies.

19 March 2002

Ferrari 'plans theme parks'
Italian motor company Ferrari is reportedly hoping to float on the stock market as it looks to fund an expansion into sports car-themed amusement parks.
The Kids Are Alright
"The whole ordeal helped reinforce a horrible idea I first had a few years ago: Today?s younger generation might be better - at least, are potentially better - than all who have gone before them. [...]
Why are they so? Part of the reason: These kids grew up with The Simpsons. Who wouldn?t be well-adjusted and smart after years of exposure to Homer.
Another, arguably more important reason: These kids grew up in a post-ideological world. The Cold War ended when they were infants. They don?t care about redundant arguments over left versus right, workers versus oppressors. They aren?t scared of market forces; they?re eager to get into the game."
Meet the Hawaiian Happyface Spider
So, KMPG and Andersen will "come together". Andersen will cut thousands of jobs and then join the wonderful world of our friends at KMPG.
KMPG, a company with an embarassing anthem (normal - hard rock - jungle - many versions available), a unique "link policy", 50 years old consultants and the usual consulting world photos of young peoples looking at a bright, interesting future. Sad, sad ending.

18 March 2002

Daily Andersen dose: Andersen Overseas Units Shouldn't Escape Liability, Lawyers Say
"Plaintiffs suing Arthur Andersen LLP over its audits of Enron Corp. plan to oppose efforts by the accounting firm's overseas partners to break off from the U.S. operation to avoid liability."
And also:
"Andersen, after failing to sell assets to Ernst & Young LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP last week, is in talks to sell all or part of the firm to KPMG LLP, people familiar with the situation said."
J'étais a la parade de la saint patrick (breizh, you wish you were here!) samedi sur la cinquième avenue. Pleins de mecs bourrés partout (avec des bières dans la rue), tous les touristes en train de se faire prendre en photo avec les héros (flics ou pompiers), etc... Bonne ambiance.
New Yorkers reflection on the american society: Britney Underground
"This is a collection of photos taken of ads in the New York City subway stations, for the HBO airing of the Las Vegas Britney Spears concert.
What this site IS what kind of society have we become. Who are we choosing to idolize and what images are we telling our children and ourselves to aspire to?"
500 ans après, il y a des gens qui passent leur vie à vérifier des choses dont plus personne n'a rien à foutre:
Chinese Outdid Columbus, Briton Says
"Theories about pre-Columbian contacts between the Old World and the New abound, and now a British amateur historian says he has gathered evidence showing that, in a double challenge to accepted history, the Chinese beat Columbus to America by 72 years and also circumnavigated the globe a century before the Magellan voyage." (NY Times, registration needed)
La consommation d'alcool menace la sécurité de la Russie
MOSCOU - la Russie éprouve le besoin urgent de mettre sur pied un programme à long terme contre l'alcoolisme. Le pays a dénombré 47 000 morts par empoisonnement dû à l'alcool en un an. Le taux d'alcoolisme connait en outre une croissance exponentielle.
Very interesting article on the future of music (load of historical background also):
"As phonographs spread throughout the world, they had a surprising effect: folk tunes, which had always been malleable, changing with each performer and in each performance, were transformed by the advent of recording into fixed songs that could be endlessly and exactly repeated. Music became shorter, more melodic and more precise. [...]

Early equipment could make recordings that contained no more than four and a half minutes, so musicians truncated old works to fit and created new music abbreviated to adapt to the phonograph.[...]

But the moment something becomes free and ubiquitous, its position in the economic equation is suddenly inverted. When nighttime electrical lighting was new, it was the poor who burned common candles. When electricity became easily accessible and practically free, candles at dinner became a sign of luxury. [...]
In this new supersaturated online universe of infinite free digital duplication, the axis of value has flipped.
L'islam, la religion que parfois on ne peut pas comprendre:
"Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.
In a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful "mutaween" police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday."

15 March 2002

Ahh la belle histoire que nous raconte le Matin
"J’ai été accusée d’être amoureuse"
"On la soupçonne d’être une espionne. La Stasi lance l’opération "Sweety" avec la complicité forcée du soldat. Elle le rencontre, mais ne se doute de rien. On lui envoie également un autre "Romeo" (surnom donné à un agent "charmeur"), beau comme un mannequin, pour la faire parler. En vain..."
CeBIT gadgets (not much, from CNN)
The daily Andersen crap
Andersen affiliates in Spain have begun to dissolve the agreements linking them to the international network of accounting and law firms of the U.S. firm following the indictment, Madrid- based Arthur Andersen & Co. said in a statement.
In Italy, where Andersen audits Fiat SpA, the nation's biggest manufacturer, the locally owned businesses may break away from the Andersen umbrella, either by merging with another firm's network or standing alone, said Enzo De Angelis, country managing partner in Italy.
The Chilean affiliate of Arthur Andersen plans to exit the firm's international network and join another of the five major international accounting companies because of the indictment. The firm, which is called Arthur Andersen-Langton Clarke Auditores y Consultores Ltda., has about 700 employees in Chile, including more than 30 partners, a spokeswoman said.
Snipes was then asked who would win in a fight...Batman or Blade. He boasted,
"I'd take his utility belt and spank him with it."
- Papa, comment t'as renconte maman ?
- En lui claquant la face a Diablo II. Et apres on s'est maries.
One of the coolest device ever: the soundbug
Olympia's soundbug will turn a flat surface such as a table or window into a soundboard - meaning users needn't carry speakers around. Soundbugs will go on sale in the UK in April, and it could well be a sensation with the youth market.

14 March 2002

La X-Box est out en europe:

MGS2 est sorti. On va plus voir Mr Wizzerd pendant les 4 semaines.
"Les débuts à Nantes Au club, j'ai un copain : Didier Deschamps. Un Basque. Un costaud. Une force incroyable dans les jambes, dans les cuisses. (...) Je lui ai tout de suite trouvé un côté province, gentiment ringard. Allez savoir pourquoi, il m'a fait penser à Gérard Blanchard, le chanteur qui pleure son "amour parti avec le loup dans les grottes de Rocamadour"... "
Putaing, comment il parle d'une legende du football. La biographie de Marcel Dessailly, un grand livre avec plein d'emotions dedans.
"Arthur Andersen is charged with a crime that attacks the justice system itself by impeding investigators and regulators from getting at the truth,'' Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson told a news conference.
Interesting reading on the next windows:
To achieve the long-elusive goal of easily finding information hidden in computer files, Microsoft is returning to a decade-old idea.
The company is building new file organization software that will begin to form the underpinnings of the next major version of its Windows operating system. The complex data software is meant to address a conundrum as old as the computer industry itself: how to quickly find and work with a piece of information, no matter what its format, from any location.
More on Andersen:
Andersen is expecting to be indicted on Thursday by the US Department of Justice, which has already prompted the probable break-up of the global accountancy firm as its Japanese practice moved into advanced talks to sell itself to rival KPMG.
The breakdown of those talks further reduces Andersen’s options and almost certainly dooms its chances of surviving as a global entity.
no shit sherlock: fast music and car accidents... on s'en doutait...

13 March 2002

Toujours aussi passionnant, la vie de Britney Spears:
Britney's Wee Bit Of Bother
Pop queen Britney Spears fled for cover after having urine thrown at her as she filmed a TV ad.
Grosse effervessence dans les couloirs par ici. Apparement le conseil de securite a vote une resolution hyper importante sur la situation en Palestine:

  • "Demands immediate cessation of all acts of violence, including all acts of terror, provocation, incitement and destruction.
  • "Calls upon the Israeli and Palestinian sides and their leaders to cooperate in the implementation of the Tenet work plan and Mitchell Report recommendations with the aim of resuming negotiations on a political settlement.
  • "Expresses support for the efforts of the Secretary-General and others to assist the parties to halt the violence and resume the peace process."

    Ca n'est pas la premiere fois qu'ils essayent de voter, mais c'est la premiere fois que les americains n'ont pas bloque le texte. L'etat d'Israel disrespecte l'ONU depuis des annes, alors je ne vois pas trop ce que ca va changer. Mais apparement c'est une bonne nouvelle.
  • Et abajour nous emmene aussi sur le site, avec des maisons pour schtroumphs (comment on ecrit schtroumph??) americains paranos (remarque ca pourrait bien tous nous etre utile a relativement court terme). (un des coolest blog en francais, design 10/10) liste quelques sites amis, dont le fameux

    Etonnant que personne ai pense au nom avant.
    Cool nice page: animated motors.
    Des gif animes qui montrent comment chaque type de moteur marche.
    U.S. intelligence agencies have obtained new information indicating Iraq is holding captive a U.S. Navy pilot shot down during the Persian Gulf war, The Washington Times has learned.
    Cmdr. Speicher was declared killed in action in 1991 after his F-18 Hornet was shot down over Iraq. But last year he was re-classified as "missing in action" by the Pentagon, based on information from an Iraqi defector.
    11 years everybody thought the guy was dead. Man, his wife is probably married to someone else... How do you handle that?
    tic tic ..BOOM !!

    12 March 2002

    Arthur Andersen

    So long. Amazing how 20 people can fuck a 80'000 persons company. Amazing. So what's next for us?
    The company will be indicted:
    "Federal prosecutors have told Arthur Andersen LLP that they intend to charge the firm with obstruction of justice for failing to prevent document shredding after company officials learned Enron Corp.'s accounting procedures were the subject of lawsuits and a federal inquiry, legal sources said yesterday."
    No deal with Deloitte likely:
    "And Andersen's search for a "white knight" to help with its problems appear far from over. Sources close to Deloitte said yesterday that its management may have a tough time convincing the firm's partners of the potential benefits of some sort of acquisition or merger with Andersen."
    Andersen should split.
    Hier j'etais au Madison Square Garden pour matter un game de NHL (NY 2 - Montreal 1). Y'a pas a dire, le LHC c'est vraiment le kindergarten a cote. 2-3 body checks mortels, mais Lindros n'a pas joue. Shame. J'ai quand meme recu un doll de Messier avec mon billet. Ca fera une nouvelle decoration pour les toilettes.
    Sources inside AOL and Red Hat say AOL is making a major internal switch to Linux, and the long-rumored AOL default browser switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Mozilla -- or at least Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine -- is well under way, but AOL will probably not offer an AOL client for Linux in the forseeable future.
    Sony Introduces Two Models with Keyboards, MP3 Players
    More pics.
    Halo amis d'outre atlantic, un peu just pour le passage NY.

    11 March 2002

    Officially, it's time to start panicking:
    The world's fifth largest auditing group is attempting to thrash out a possible merger with rival audit firms Ernst & Young and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu amid fears that it is poised to splinter into smaller parts.
    Under the terms of the proposed deal, Andersen's US business would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The merger partner would then buy Andersen's US assets, leaving the bankrupt US business with cash to settle claims against it.
    Andersen's operations in Europe and other parts of the world could break away from the parent company.
    The Financial Times has learnt that European partners in a number of countries are already in talks about a possible break-up plan and are examining options for striking their own deal.
    A Amsterdam, le forcené qui a pris dix-huit personnes en otages dans un immeuble d'affaires s'est suicidé. Tous les otages s'en sont sortis indemnes. Il voulait fait part de son oppositon aux écrans de télévision plats et larges.
    Pierre, what's up with you ?? Si quelqu'un voit notre ami retraite, demandez lui qu'il m'informe sur ses plans pour les jours a venir. Quelqu'un a son adresse mail?
    My work phone: 1 212 963 3629
    Vrai sens de l'humour:
    L'alpiniste français Lionel Daudet, sauvé in extremis après avoir été bloqué neuf jours sur la face nord du Cervin, a été amputé de huit orteils à l'hôpital de Grenoble. «Mes mains, partiellement gelées, sont sauvées», a-t-il déclaré lundi.
    «Moi qui chaussais du 45, je vais faire du 40 maintenant» a déclaré Lionel Daudet, sans se départir de son humour.
    They will set up a cool memorial for the WTC tonight:

    The whole thing will be in place for the next weeks and then give way to a permanent memorial to be determined.
    Arthur Andersen Is Said to Be Near a Sale to a Rival
    Les Hitler ? Des gens charmants

    10 March 2002

    A last one:
    Prosecutors have been unwilling to assure Andersen that the firm and its partners will not be criminally charged, sources close to the negotiations said. Justice may seek to hold the firm's partners criminally liable for the actions of those employees who took part in the shredding, they added.
    Prosecutors, those sources said, have expressed little sympathy for Andersen's argument that criminal charges against the firm could put it out of business.
    Oh, and I just heard of that too:
    For Months, Australia Has Had an Enron of Its Own
    A giant company suddenly crashes under a mountain of previously concealed losses. Its books, blessed by an Arthur Andersen audit, turn out to be Swiss cheese. And on closer inspection, the auditors look altogether too close to management.
    The big talks around here are about how everybody's dropping our friends at Andersen audit:
    Delta Air Lines on Thursday joined an exodus of high profile clients and abandoned accounting firm Andersen, which is struggling to survive following its role in the Enron scandal.
    Delta's defection marks the third prestigious company to abandon Andersen as auditor in less than a week.
    Bad Company
    That scarlet "E" could just as easily be an "A" for Arthur Andersen or a "G" for Global Crossing. If you work for a firm like this, how can you avoid a tainted reputation?

    09 March 2002

    Journee de la femme, et c'est parti pour une bonne seance de leche:
    Paul Broecks, directeur des ressources humaines chez Nestlé, affirme sans ambages: "Souvent plus matures, les femmes sont plus pragmatiques, moins pétries de théories. Elles ont en outre cette immense qualité de beaucoup moins pratiquer une politique d’entreprise. L’homme est toujours plus joueur..."

    08 March 2002

    Have you ever had a hankering to play a computer game that allows you to inflict real pain on your opponent?
    Ever wondered how it would feel to shock, burn and lash your opponent into submission?
    Well, wonder no more. Two German designers have addressed this yawning gap in the gaming industry with a fiendish invention called, appropriately enough, the Painstation.

    07 March 2002

    La Presto, version deux (en haut) et quatre places, présentée au salon automobile de Genève. Par simple pression d'un bouton, le châssis de cette voiture gagne 75 centimètres.
    Le 11 septembre 2001, Gédéon et Jules Naudet, deux documentaristes français, ont pu suivre les pompiers dans le World Trade Center en feu. Leur film, tourné au plus près du drame, est diffusé le 10 mars sur CBS.

    06 March 2002

    je pars à New York demain jeudi à 12h15. J'y serai jusqu'au 16 mars. Pour me joindre:
    (212) 753 8171 ou mail.
    Cheers people. Si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit let me know.
    As part of its weekly "Bond Picture Show," ABC aired "Diamonds are Forever" Saturday night (3/2) with a rather curious digital alteration, TSG has discovered. In scenes featuring Bond girl Plenty O'Toole, the ABC version magically added a black bra on the body of actress Lana Wood where one had not previously existed in the 1971 film.
    As everyone knows, on 11 September, less than an hour after the attack on the World Trade Centre, an airplane collided with the Pentagon. The Associated Press first reported that a booby-trapped truck had caused the explosion. The Pentagon quickly denied this. The official US government version of events still holds. Here's a little game for you: Take a look at these photographs and try to find evidence to corroborate the official version. It's up to you to Hunt the Boeing!

    05 March 2002

    Le sourire des bourreaux élégants

    Au moins, cette fois, on ne peut heureusement pas parler d’un résultat contre nature concocté par les membres affamés et ivres de vengeance de l’une ou l’autre des tribus celtes”, ironise James Lawton pour “The Independent”.

    'tain j'vais y peter la gueule à ce roastbeef....

    “Après avoir succombé à la malédiction celte lors des trois dernières éditions du Tournoi, hier, l’Angleterre a échoué face à la version gauloise”. Autre différence, pour “The Observer”, “cette fois, la défaite a été essuyée non en fin de campagne, mais en plein milieu”.

    renseignes-toi bougnoule d'anglais, les gaulois SONT des celtes, les francs par contre sont des germains.... faut se cultiver la moindre avant d'essayer de placer des allusions historiques dans des articles sportifs....
    LOL, à propos du show dont je parlais il y a quelques jours:
    "Amy Fisher is out and Paula Jones is in as Tonya Harding?s Celebrity Boxing opponent [...]
    Her only fear: the safety of her new nose job.
    - Of course, that?s my first concern as a woman, messing my face up, she said. I just got my nose done, and I don?t want to mess it up."
    Survey: Online fraud tops off-line
    Online fraud losses for 2001 were 19 times as high, dollar for dollar, as fraud losses resulting from off-line sales
    Dans le monde 2 de ce mois ci, quelques chiffres qui m'ont bien fait marrer:
    Un palmarès de la richesse met la France en queue de peloton
    Selon l'agence Eurostat, elle ne devance que la Grèce, le Portugal et l'Espagne en termes de PIB par habitant : ce recul au douzième rang de l'Union inquiète les politiques et traduit un déclin relatif engagé depuis les années 1990.
    L'orgasme du week end:

    France 21 - 15 England
    Et encore un peu plus le sentiment que la France est vraiment devenu un pays du tiers monde mental:
    Clara, «morte à l'intérieur»
    A Roubaix, pendant quatre mois, cette collégienne de 13 ans a été violée par des dizaines de jeunes.

    Les nouvelles règles de ce pays:
    - si t'as pas de grand frère, tu dois te faire passer dessus par le quartier
    - si tu parles tu es une pute
    Ca va nous mener loin tout ça.
    "Tiny bubbles imploding in a solution of acetone may have generated nuclear fusion, Russian and U.S. scientists said on Monday, in an experiment that, if confirmed, represents a giant advance in nuclear physics.
    Because the collapsing bubbles produced temperatures as hot as those found in the sun, the experiment does not mean that the long-sought goal of cold fusion has been achieved, scientists warned."
    lol... Teenagers in action. Really funny
    "In October an intelligence alert went out to a small number of government agencies, including the Energy Department's top-secret Nuclear Emergency Search Team, based in Nevada. The report said that terrorists were thought to have obtained a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon from the Russian arsenal and planned to smuggle it into New York City."
    I'll be there next week. Cheers.
    Ok gang - here is your chance to read what Mr. Ballmer(the big ape) at M$ will do if they lose the case.

    Waahhh no more windows to the world

    04 March 2002

    Revue de presse: Vu d'amérique

    03 March 2002

    The Japanese are truly great... I want to play this game.

    The best part is the quote which is: "We have a vision that people will be chilling out with friends," said Mr Mizuguchi.

    "While one person is playing Rez the others can smoke dope, watch the visuals and listen to the music."

    01 March 2002

    Après Jordan, une autre légende du sport va stopper sa carrière:
    "Le hockeyeur canadien Mario Lemieux ne chaussera plus les patins cette saison en NHL. Le capitaine de l'équipe du Canada championne olympique à Salt Lake City souffre d'une blessure chronique à la hanche. La suite de sa carrière semble compromise."
    "L'écurie Prost a été rachetée par un homme d'affaires britannique, Charles Nickerson. Prix de la transaction pour les voitures, les brevets et les droits: 2,586 millions d'euros, ou 3,8 millions de francs suisses. [...]
    Toujours selon cette source, M. Nickerson serait connu en Angleterre, entre autres activités, comme le «roi du poulet»."
    Le roi du poulet. Phatos c'est dur comme nickname, mais tha king of tha chicken c'est dur aussi.
    Linux as the ultimate weapon against american imperialism ?

    Software like Linux also inherently has more appeal to many non-English speaking countries than software generated and controlled by big American firms, Raymond pointed out, which is becoming a significant issue as PC growth outside the United States becomes the industry's main driver.

    "Countries like South Korea are finding that open source is a precondition to their economic and cultural autonomy," he said.
    A teenager found covered with a flour and egg mixture and extremely drunk has told police he doesn't know how he came to be lying naked and "battered'' in a public housing courtyard.
    LOL, nouveau show sur les télés américaines: "When Celebrities Attack"
    "Who needs the Mike Tyson circus when you can watch the Long Island Lolita trade punches with the queen of skating scandals?
    Amy Fisher and Tonya Harding will box on Fox in a one-hour March 13 special (9 p.m. ET/PT). The three-fight card also features a battle of the former network stars, as The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce dukes it out with The Brady Bunch's Barry Williams for three two-minute rounds. A yet-to-be-announced bout also is planned."
    On pourrait faire tellement de trucs par ici. Carlos vs Bézu, Fabrice vs Bouvard, etc...
    Growing concern about the security of nuclear weapons materials stockpiled around the world and a lack of U.S. support for several global disarmament pacts today prompted the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to move the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock forward two minutes - to seven minutes to midnight - the same position as when the clock made its debut in 1947.
    Madden will work Monday Night Football. Ah, c'est quand même mieux que George Eddy ce qu'ils ont là bas. Ce post n'intéresse probablement personne mais bon.