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31 October 2002

Update de Fly today (reçue par ICQ, to be shared in my mind):

Fly (11:42 PM) :
i never thought i'd see this. NEW ASPI LAYER 4.72 from adaptec
bye bye ForceASPI v1.17 !!! must install for anyone with a burner

Fly (1:00 AM) :
le patch de madden 2003 v3.1 est la:
"i am *cough* outside the US and *cough* cannot patch madden

Fly (1:00 AM) :
le nocd v3.1 de fairlight est la:
le all axx cheat de fairlight est la:

Fly (1:02 AM) :
tu devrais installer icq lite c'est bcp mieux
Ah là là....
Douzième défaite pour le Défi français
Heureusement qu'on est champions du monde de foot putain, sinon ça me déprimerait.
Mais pourquoi Christian ne met-il pas des photos plus grandes? C'est beau des vacances bien écrites, ça donne un peu d'air à ceux qui sont attachés.
iPod discounted....
Canada issued a travel advisory this week urging Canadian citizens born in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria to consider avoiding travel to the United States.
Jam Master Jay, the DJ of the longtime rap group Run-DMC, was shot in the head and killed Wednesday night in a Queens recording studio.
Report: Apple will go Intel next year
Apple's "continued technical disadvantage" -- which we assume means the race for computer processing speed -- against Intel is expected to force it to adopt x86 technology by the end of 2003, according to a new report by Giga Information Group Inc., a global technology advisory firm.
PC tossing
RealNetworks Reveals Source Code
Mark Rankov, one of 750 hostages held by Chechen extremists inside a theater here last week, had a message for the Russian people while he was a captive: "Your TV is lying."

30 October 2002

New MS Office shuts out old Windows
The next version of Microsoft's Office software will run only on the latest versions of the company's operating systems, Microsoft confirmed Tuesday.
A lire absolument: le recit de christian sur son voyage en Irlande.
Eh oui encore un qui tombe sous le charme celte (au passage le gaelique est bien indo-européen...:-)) Pour ne pas confondre humour irlandais et anglais :-), voila un aperçu des (dernières) nations celtes....

Microsoft Says Windows 2000 Passes Security Check
Plagued by security vulnerabilities in its software that left customers open to attack and prompted criticism from experts, Microsoft embarked in January on a company-wide program, dubbed ``Trustworthy Computing,'' to improve the security of its products.
Dear Saddam, How Can I Help?
The biggest record in team sports just fell this week end. Meet Emmitt Smith.

25 October 2002

weird marketing
who's the lame a$$ who hax0red our blog?
le nouveau bmwfilms est sorti... c'est bonard
Glauque: miss prison
"Huit détenues de la seule prison pour femmes de Lituanie participeront le 14 novembre à l'élection de Miss Prison, a annoncé un responsable du show-business, organisateur du concours de beauté"
Airplane flights, perhaps the final refuge for travelers who want a break from their e-mails, are about to get connected.
pda for the blinds
Hallucinant ce truc:
Thailand fireball phenomenon draws more than 100,000 tourists
Vulvos doit une bouffe à Breizh
Pro Evolution Soccer 2
"C'est un jeu cohérent et structuré que tout fan de football devra mettre en place s'il souhaite l'emporter. Un jeu fait d'anticipation, de ruse et de doigté qui engendrera peut-être quelques frustrations chez les novices mais qui régalera les amateurs d'un Foot technique et réaliste."

Ce jeu est énorme. Je confirme

24 October 2002

Là y a un film d'animation assez réussi ... Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
On prepare une offre pour philip morris et plus on avance plus on se rend compte que y a pas bcp de monde qui les aime... SatireWire | Lung Cancer to Change Its Name to Philip Morris
At least two companies are developing technology to let passengers use their cell phones without disrupting airplane electronics or ground cellular service.
Hey all,

I need graphics design help for my up and coming small quantity CD release. Anyone want to provide some graphics design help for a low low price? But the kicker is I need to provide films +++ for the cd folks. aack. HELP?

I have a pdf with all requirements and measurements.
La loi sur la sécurité financière - le Sarbannes-Oxley à la française, version light
Top secret stealth jet revealed
Porn Star Gets Prison for Insider Stock Scheme
"Older men like younger women because they are too dumb to stand up for their rights. Instead of saying no, they say yes, Daddy, yes Daddy."

23 October 2002

"Gunmen identifying themselves as Chechens took several hundred hostages inside a Moscow theater Wednesday night, threatening to kill some of their hostages and telling police they have mined portions of the building."
Welcome to Montrêux (from emmanuelle, take the enhanced version and put the volume on....)
In all the world, there are few places which invigorate the soul, ignite the senses and capture the imagination as does Montrêux. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between Reno and Lake Tahoe, this private, gated community surrounds the unparalleled Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Just one look at the towering pines, the picturesque mountains and the stunning architecture, and you will quickly come to appreciate the rarity and splendor of it all.

Montrêux. A place of timeless beauty. A place of classic elegance. A place...waiting just for you.
Quand la Commission se fait moucher...
this is funny biatch

innapropriate advertising
"you'll be blown away"...
(via Emmanuelle)
Found this guys site - don't know stumbled across it, but it should appeal to you folks. Look around a bit - there's some kewl stuff.

Nope don't know him.
" has been a leader in online experience for some time. [...] a phone interview with Marissa Mayer, Google product manager, to learn how Google creates and improves its customer experience." (via boingboing)
Welcome to the MIT OpenCourseWare Pilot
MIT and the OpenCourseWare team are excited to share with you a first sampling of course materials from MIT's Faculty. We invite educators around the world to draw upon the materials for their own curricula, and we encourage all learners to use the materials for self-study.

Impressionant, intéressant, intelligent.....
"Le voilier français Le Défi Areva, s'est lourdement incliné mercredi face à Alinghi Swiss Challenge lors de la première journée du deuxième Round Robin de la Coupe Louis-Vuitton. Le bateau français termine à 5 min 54 sec du Class America helvétique et reste donc toujours sans le moindre succès après neuf régates.

Alors, qui dit que les suisses sont lents hein???
A woman injured while squeezed next to an obese passenger on a trans-Atlantic flight has been given £13,000 ($20,000) by the airline.
Le Matin, un vrai journal d'informations
The U.S. Justice Department is turning to technology to help guns recognize whose finger is on the trigger.

22 October 2002

Apple's Stickiest Marketing Ploy
"Some maladjusted subhuman broke into my car last night," she wrote in her weblog. "Did they take the little case of CDs? Nooo. Did they take anything of value? Nooo. That scoundrel broke my window to steal my Apple sticker!"

...A Gap shoulder bag was also stolen containing a copy of the Boston Dog Lover's Companion, among other things, but Okey found it later in a trashcan up the street. The only thing she never recovered was the decal....

oooouuuufff c'est pas dado.....
Injure raciale: Michel Houellebecq relaxé
"Vous prenez les musulmans pour des cons ?", demandait un avocat des parties civiles. "Je n'ai jamais dit ça. J'ai dit qu'ils suivaient une religion qui m'apparaît comme stupide", répondait l'écrivain.Et Houellebecq d'en rajouter, dans un étrange détâchement: "il existe un discours convenu qui consiste à dire que les textes fondamentaux ne prêchent que la paix. Mais dans la réalité, les textes monothéistes ne prêchent ni la paix, ni l'amour, ni la tolérance : ce sont des textes de haine".

Je me sens toujours zarbi à la fin de la lecture d'un livre de Houellebecq, mais je ne peux pas m'empêcher de penser qu'il fait parti des grands
Flight decks (via shikencho)
New Set of Rules Is in the Works for Accounting
Such a move, if completed, would probably leave auditors with more discretion than ever in determining if financial statements conform to generally accepted accounting principles. And, as the board acknowledged yesterday, there is a risk that different auditors faced with the same question might come up with different answers.

That raises the question of "Who audits the auditors?" The new Sarbanes-Oxley Act answers that question by setting up a new body, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, with the power to review audits, set auditing standards and discipline accountants. The S.E.C. is supposed to appoint that board by next Monday. A move to principles-based standards would make it all the more important that that board do a good job.

You never learn from past.....
"It's just a feeling of belonging, a feeling of being together, whether you are or not," she said.
Who is the Sniper? Blogs Tell All
The D.C. sniper's a lonely teenager. No wait, he's an al-Qaida operative. Check that, he's an Iraqi agent trying to draw Washington-area law enforcement away from the District. A psycho, pissed off over the price of gas. A deranged truck driver. A racist nut. A calculating, terrorist "market researcher," seeing how this brand of attack works in the Capitol before exporting it to other American cities.

21 October 2002

computer stupidities
La Rentenanstalt s'est de nouveau trompée dans ses comptes
And for once, it's not Arthur Andersen doing the audit...
120 seconds, pas bien compris ce qu'ils font mais c'est pas mal
Porno pop-ups blight McDonald's McNet Access trial
McDonald's has suspended a trial providing Net access in its restaurants after customers complained that they couldn't stomach porn with their burgers. (via
3 eme oeil est un site bien joli que j'ai trouvé sur praktica... enjoy
Can a Hacker Outfox Microsoft?
Cypherpunk Lucky Green files a defensive patent to prevent the software giant from using Palladium to block piracy efforts. Analysts say it just might work.

20 October 2002

le site de bruno coulais ?? est tres bien fait par les types de UZIK

18 October 2002

Faites votre portrait robot on-line avec un site pur flash...
Resigned today and will spend the next 2 months surfing(not much will change in other words)... I am moving back to the states in January, Austin Texas to be exact. to pursue my career in music. I will be finishing my CD here however and should have a big party to release it. Thats the news for now!

Quinze attentats en Corse durant la nuit
Pierre, tu foutais quoi hier soir?
Les siestes et coups de pompe se chiffrent en milliards
Selon une étude britannique, les coups de pompe qui suivent les déjeuners coûteraient en baisse de productivité 6,2 milliards d'euros par an aux entreprises.
4 in 10 Americans support annexing Canada: Poll
Should Canada become the 51st American state? Four out of 10 Americans answered "sure" in a recent poll conducted by Leger Marketing of Montreal.

17 October 2002

Film: Mac Fervor, Malcolm X Style
The independent production is about a young man so obsessed with Apple Macs he becomes a Malcolm X-like revolutionary, fighting computer bigotry -- by any means necessary.
Qu?est-ce qu?un "bon coup" ? Des femmes témoignent
C ?est l?homme qui sait s?adapter aux désirs de sa partenaire : fougueux quand il le faut ou plus tendre quand cela s?impose. Mais un bon coup c?est aussi une maîtrise parfaite des arts ancestraux du Kama Sutra. Que ce soit la brouette chinoise, la cuillère, le lotus ou la tournante, l?homme doit pouvoir initier la femme, objet de ses désirs. Car le bon coup est un homme qui prend les initiatives, qui apprend à sa partenaire l?art des plaisirs de la chair. Il faut donc qu?il soit adroit, agile et souple, ces qualités étant indissociables de la bonne pratique sexuelle. Enfin, pour conclure, un bon coup est aussi un homme qui sait mettre les formes avant d?honorer sa partenaire et qui ne néglige pas les préliminaires.
--Pauline, 28 ans
Apple to Give New Operating System to Teachers
Oh will go back to school then...if he has left it ?
18 Ways to Hate Your Neighbour
Europe ’s Lesson To The World

Deubeulya should take lessons...
Now Playing: Mickey, Goofy, Donald and You

WB hot wires 'MacGyver' redo
"'Young MacGyver' centers on the adventures of MacGyver's nephew"
Le retour du neveu de la vengeance du roi du couteau suisse strikes back: Episode II and a half.
Moi je veux voir un remake de Alf ou les Chats de l'Espace tentent d'envahir la planete de notre ET favori sans se rendre compte qu'ils s'attaquent à un monde d'horrible félinovores !
Walk This Way
"Georgia Tech Research Institute are working on ways to identify people by the way they walk."
Walk the walk, Talk the talk, Fuck the duck (comme dirait Cretouille...)
Prosecutor Won't Probe Chirac's Food Bill
"The Paris public prosecutor will not investigate some $2.16 million of eating expenses run up by President Jacques Chirac"
Pourtant il n'a pas pris un gramme. C'est le regime special "grands crus classes" et "3 etoiles Michelin". Ca marche, mais il faut avoir les moyens !
"We are thrilled to be a part of the Army Ten-Miler and are honored to once again join the Association of the United States Army as co-presenting sponsors," said Rand Blazer, Chairman and CEO, BearingPoint. "This event gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to one of our most valued clients."

Y faut vraiment être motivé pour aller courrir autour du Pentagone en ce moment...
Ils sont cons ces américains:
"Prosecutors charged 95 people with forgery Wednesday for an alleged scheme in which they all registered to vote using the same address: a strip club recently shut down by city officials."
Blogs Made Easy
Well, at least that's what they say... how could it be easier than on blogger, I wonder ? According to the article, they'd have to pay about 30$ for the tools. what's the point when you could to it for free ? (btw, thanks lau for introducing me to this wonderful time waster ;) )
Probably the last time you hear the name "Arthur Andersen" in the media
"The rubble of once-proud Arthur Andersen LLP endured one last parting shot from the Justice Department"
Bold prediction (tm will love it)
Is Linux Really Going To Rule the Desktop?
"analysts said they still expect Linux to extend its desktop reach in the next two years and beyond."

N. Korea Acknowledges Nuclear Arms Program
La question est désormais de savoir si Deubeulya aura assez de tanks pour faire face sur tous les fronts...

16 October 2002

La bibliothèque d'Alexandrie ouvre de nouveau 1700 ans plus tard.

L'UNESCO propose même une visite virtuelle avec Omar Sharif, énorme...
AOL Drops Third-Party Pop-Up Ads

Going the right way. Good news.
Après le téléphone portable, le téléphone porté

Trop fort comme concept
More on Microsoft's pathetic switch ad
Messenger spam, now you know.
Free advertising:
Retailers shun new 'XXX' video game
Three of the nation's top retailers, including Wal Mart, have refused to carry a new video game billed as the first major release to feature full-action nudity and with prostitutes and pimps as major characters.

Expect the game to be a blockbuster.

15 October 2002

Attention nouveau radar à Crissier sur l'Autoroute!!!

Dans le sens Genève-Yverdon, à la hauteur de Lausanne, au kilomètre 67.5, voie de gauche (plus précis ce n'est pas possible), avant la présélection pour partir sur Montreux (4 pistes), un nouveau radar à été posé en fixe depuis hier.
The most addictive game on earth is back: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, getting an average review from Gamespot.
B&B a encore un nouveau site:
Ok even better a whole site of flash goodies...

make sure you checkout the chinese food one man what a day... almost meeting time.
check ABC's for typical merican stuff
More on the beamed keyboard, getting closer.
Radio waves could construct buildings in space
Huge buildings could be conjured up in space using nothing more than focused radio waves to push individual components into place.
Better PCs With Plastic Magnets
"On a regular desktop it can take several seconds or longer to boot up because it has to retrieve, out of the magnetic memory, information for the computer's settings and then put it onto the RAM," Epstein said. "A spintronic-based computer would boot up instantly because, with a magnetic control drive, the information would be stored right in the RAM."
omfg... this should have you all rolling.

you will need sound

This from slashdot hier....
microsofts switch campaign on google cache because apparently M$ took it down

this site is just plain scary...
want some bush?
Iranian cleric denounces dog owners
A conservative Iranian cleric has denounced the "moral depravity" of owning a dog, and called for the arrest of all dogs and their owners.
Lawsuits: I wouldn't cook books so I got fired
"A new federal law may encourage more whistle-blowers to speak up. It requires companies to set up confidential procedures for employees who suspect fraud, and it allows workers to sue if they are harassed, demoted or fired for reporting allegations."
Do you think these guys should be rewarded because they didn't accept to cheat as they were told ? It's a strange world when you get paid just for doing what's right...

14 October 2002

lindows PC
Les services antiterroristes redoutent maintenant "un gros coup" en Europe
C'est clair que ça va nous tomber dessus un de ces jours. Les allemands n'ont pas explosé Paris, est-ce que Ben Laden le fera?
Le : Leçons de Bali
Le secrétaire à la défense, Donald Rumsfeld, appelait ses forces armées, dimanche, à opérer avec plus de munitions "intelligentes". On voudrait humblement lui suggérer d'opérer non pas avec des bombes, mais avec une politique "intelligente".
Wired News: IBM Promises Muscle for the Mac
BTW Lau, you're right, the new design of Wired is really cool
Oil and Water: Why Prizes and Science Don't Mix
If the Nobel prizes in science were truer to their calling, they would dispense with the people and just honor the ideas. But then there would be no one to invite to the banquet in December, when, dressed in white tie and tails, scientists from the world over gather in the cold gloom of Stockholm to toast, with feelings a little bittersweet, those among them chosen to enter the pantheon. (from NY Times, free subscription required)
Manned Mars mission 'will happen'
"Is the technology available to go to Mars? The answer is yes," he told an audience at the Royal Society in London, UK.
US plans military rule and occupation of Iraq
The US has plans to establish an American-led military administration in Iraq, similar to the postwar occupation of Germany and Japan, which could last for several years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, it emerged yesterday.
You should definitely read Michel Houellbecq's "Plateform". His last novel is amazingly close to what happened in Bali. Anticipation is, I think, a sign of a great writer (maybe a future Nobel prize, if tm agree :-)..........)

12 October 2002

Father's surprise: call-girl daughter
An Israeli couple are preparing to divorce after the man summoned a prostitute to his hotel room only to discover she was his daughter.


11 October 2002

Wired News, staying on top of things. You gotta love the new design.
Live TV and stuff. Might have some interesting stuff there
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Wins the Nobel Peace Prize (5:24 A.M.)
Man dies after playing computer games non-stop
A 24-year-old South Korean man died after playing computer games nonstop for 86 hours, police said yesterday.
The jobless man, identified by police only by his last name Kim, was found dead at an Internet cafe in Kwangju, 260 kilometres southwest of Seoul, they said.

Il n'y a plus que 89'043'432 personnes dont le nom de famille est Kim en Corée maintenant...
How to ZAP a Camera
Using Lasers to Temporarily Neutralize Camera Sensors

10 October 2002

A cool music label site... Oh by the way I have a demo CD ready and am looking for a label(so if you know anyone that knows anyone let me know). I will be producing a full length CD myself and it should be ready by mid-November. You all will be invited to the CD-release party when I have it - will post more details when I got em.

sonic world

For the record: a good free ASP/HTML editor
Pompes funèbres italiennes:

(checker sous la section "Cofani funebri e fascino")
Microsoft "XDocs"
The Microsoft Office Information-Gathering Tool

09 October 2002

Le grand saut dans l'inconnu d'une Union à 25
Aujourd'hui, la Commission européenne va recommander l'adhésion des trois pays baltes (Estonie, Lettonie et Lituanie), de la Pologne, de la République tchèque, de la Slovaquie, de la Hongrie, de la Slovénie mais aussi de Chypre et de Malte. La Bulgarie et la Roumanie devront patienter au moins jusqu'à 2007.
Microsoft Easing Up On DVD Restrictions
Copied Discs to Play on More Devices
Wi-Fi Networks Too Risky
Consumers and businesses lulled by the ease and speed of wireless networks, be warned: The federal government has deemed Wi-Fi LANs not secure enough. Wireless tech providers ask, "What else is new?"
L'ONU interdit le lancer de nain

Heureusement qu'ils sont là quand même.

08 October 2002
Religion kills!!
Dashboard Jesus Kills Ohio Teen
"The air bag inflated and pushed the head of Jesus straight through her heart," said Tom Young, medical examiner at the scene of the accident. "If it wasn't for the plastic Jesus, Ms. Fulps would still be alive today."
New BMW films coming. The first film, Hostage, by John Woo, launches October 24.
Napster movie planned
Music network MTV is planning to make a film about the man behind collapsed online music swapping service Napster.
Hollywood Sees the Big Picture With DVDs
In today's Hollywood, box office revenue makes up less than a quarter of a film's total take. The largest piece of a movie's money pie comes from sales and rentals of its DVDs. If "Monsters, Inc." meets only routine DVD projections, Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Inc., which is part-owned by Disney, will end up splitting more than $380 million, far outstripping what the movie earned in theaters.
The DVD is changing more than Hollywood's bottom line. It is influencing what kinds of movies get made and when they are offered for sale and rental. It is extending the creative control of the director beyond the theater. It is affecting consumer choices -- some new films are no longer for sale on video, only on DVD.
"We're all making a lot of money on DVD," a veteran studio executive said.
La meilleure news de la journée:
Pro Evolution Soccer 2 European release date set
Konami announces that its much anticipated soccer sequel will ship in Europe later this month.
LOL, bollo qui essaye de me caser avec une de ses amies. Description de la miss:

"elle est assez arty, sans dégager une aura sexuelle énorme (elle est quand même assez sexy)."

Hum. Je vais me méfier alors...
Palm for the masses
Excellent article sur la nouvelle guerre RIAA vs KaZaa.
"Sharman Networks, the distributor of the KaZaa, is incorporated in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu and managed from Australia. Its computer servers are in Denmark and the source code for its software was last seen in Estonia."
Exchange emails through handshake
In this way, people can exchange e-mail addresses, names and phone numbers while shaking hands, with the data automatically written into both their PDAs, the paper said.

Plus besoin de se faire chier avec les ports infrarouge: une bonne poignée de main permet d'échanger des données. C'est clair que ça va nous donner un nouveau type de harcèlement ça, genre je download un film de 1 giga en serrant la main de la secrétaire du patron. Et pour que le transfert aille plus vite on peut toujours tenter de diversifier les contacts.
Large world found beyond Pluto

A new planet-like object has been found circling the Sun more than one and a half billion kilometres beyond Pluto.

07 October 2002

nuit blanche
Le père Delanoé fait vraiment des trucs biens à Paris.
L'iPod a été retiré de la vente en France car il permet un niveau sonore trop élevé.
american map of the world
Look at this guy:

Montana's Libertarian candidate for Senate has turned blue from drinking a silver solution that he believed would protect him from disease.
"People ask me if it's permanent and if I'm dead," he said. "I tell them I'm practicing for Halloween."
Quiet Supersonic Aircraft
Yahoo! News - Merrill, JP Morgan Seen Cutting More Jobs

As Wall Street's losses deepen, the cuts would be the latest for the global investment banking sector, which is already estimated to have shed some 60,000 jobs since the start of 2001
Record Labels Request Online Sabotage Rights
Record labels have requested legal support for a variety of techniques intended to thwart file-trading networks that they say infringe on copyrights.
DVD Makers Starting to Play Games
New standards being developed by technology companies and Hollywood studios promise to turn DVD players into interactive devices that can play sophisticated games, connect to the Internet and exchange e-mail.

03 October 2002

I'm alive!!! C'est de la folie ici, il y a des FBI dudes partout alorsd qu'apparement il ne s'est rien passe. L'ambiance est bizarre, mais on va bosser le reste de la journee.. Je vais demander une prime de risque.

Shots fired at the United Nations

A man fired several shots into the air inside the gates in front of the United Nations on Thursday.

02 October 2002

bum fights
New yorkers...

Yvo (toujours a l'ecole d'acteurs, se specialise dans les roles d'autistes)

Rachel (va bientot rentrer en suisse et se marier. Ca fait 50% de bonnes nouvelles quand meme...)

Lucas (premier concert samedi, avec un producteur dans la salle. Apparement c'est hyper bien ce qu'ils font. Les 2 autres membres du groupe sont eux aussi des beaux gosses, ca va etre terrible: "the limits", les nouveaux models sauce punk rock)

Le matin d'apres. Il fait beau c'est le bonheur.
ah je suis pas content la... mais bon, au moins mickelson etait tellement occuppe a jouer a Marcel Desailly qu'il a perdu la Ryder cup. Bonne communication pour nous sur ce coup la...
"Many of the ads feature one of the world’s leading professional golfers, Phil Mickelson, changing the signature KPMG Consulting visor he wears on the professional tour to a new visor emblazoned with “BearingPoint.”
et en plus c'est moche
KPMG Consulting Inc. (KCIN) changed its name and its brand to BearingPoint Inc.
.... c'est nul.

01 October 2002

Secret Service agents are putting a high-tech twist on the idea of a cop walking the beat. Using a laptop computer and an
antenna fashioned from a Pringles potato chip can, they are looking for security holes in wireless networks in the nation's capital.

Yahoo! News - Val Kilmer to Play Late Porn King John Holmes Des films sur des films (de cul en l'occurence) ou des stars, c'est le reyclage à Hollywood. "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se gagne tout se transforme"
The Mac OS That Can't Be Tweaked