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29 November 2002

Surgeons are preparing to carry out the first full-face transplants for patients who are seriously disfigured.
Hi-tech workplace no better than factories
"Although hi-tech workers are relatively free from supervision, peer pressure and deadlines drive them to extreme labour"
Par un beau matin de printemps, un petit garcon sort pour la premiere
fois dans Central Park avec la belle bicyclette qu'il a recue pour

Il rencontre un policier a cheval. Le policier le regarde et lui dit

- "Ta bicyclette est bien belle, l'as tu recue du Pere Noel ?"

- "Oui, Monsieur l'agent."

- "Alors, lui dit l'agent tout en lui donnant une contravention de

tu donneras ca a ton pere, et tu diras au Pere Noel que la prochaine
fois il faudra qu'il mette un voyant rouge a l'arriere de ta

Le petit gars prend le ticket et demande a l'agent :

"Votre cheval est bien beau, c'est aussi un cadeau du pere Noel ?"

L'agent, qui decide de rentrer dans le jeu, lui repond :

- "Oui, c'est aussi un cadeau du Pere Noel, pourquoi ?"

- "Alors, vous direz au Pere Noel que pour un cheval, le trou du cul

derriere et non dessus."...
Michael Jordan made it clear that he's playing his final NBA season, saying there's "zero chance'' he will return for a third year with the Washington Wizards.

28 November 2002

Ok small storage question:

I have been studying 2 external pocket hard disks. one from La Cie - the pocket drive and the other from dvico - momobay CX-2

They both look cool but the momobay is smaller and a bit cooler looking. Prices are around the same. Anybody have any experience with either?
What the chninkel is talking about:

"Pre-programmed with Survival Apps (Swiss ArmyTM Knife Uses, Worst Case Scenarios Wireless and First Aid Guide)"
Yeah yeah...
Swiss Army Inspires Nextel's 'Survival' Phone
Genre, le nec plus ultra du MacGyver/Geek Helvétique...
"Proud owners also have quick access to tips on what to do if an earthquake hits or an alligator attacks."
France May Fence in Schools to Curb Violence
"The most sensitive establishments must be equipped with fences. Video surveillance systems and electronic gates must be installed in the worst sites. Schools have to start protecting themselves,"
Sounds just like the States...
Partying Daughter Grounded, Foot Nailed to Floor
Handcuffs the New Must-Have for Women?
"This just goes to show that these days women know what they want and they're not shy about getting it,"
Sounds like good news for tm. If ever a woman wants him, she'll just let him know... some day... maybe... ;)
The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)

Check the pictures of the guy levitating. (via boingboing)
Football: un médecin colombien doit faire maigrir Ronaldo
Reviens manue reviens!
A series of temblors that has rattled Northern California since Sunday should serve as a reminder that a major earthquake is on the state's horizon, earthquake experts said.

27 November 2002

deuxième tentative de détournement en trois jours chez les français...
TTT - Prologue to LOTR II: The Two Towers
Prologue shows how they built the battles using "agent technology". That chick with the spear looks like she can kick some serious butt !
Let's admit once and for all that I have a one track mind, shall we ? ;)
Pharmaceutical labs are cooking up a new class of pills that make looking good feel better than ever.
Michael Jackson Says He Doesn't Like Pop Music

"But Playstations or computers are not allowed in the house," he said, adding that he reads his children fairy tales during breakfast. "And they're only allowed to watch television when I'm around."

Pauv' gosses en plus leur .... euh... """"père"""" est un freak, c'est de la graine de junkie ça madame.....
Movie Industry Suffers Blow in DVD Court Ruling
"in order for a California business to sue an out-of-state person or entity in state court, it must prove that the person or entity "expressly aimed" harm at the California company."
All they have to do is prove that those Russian hackers are shooting at the California Movie Industry to undermine their "Homeland Security" ;)
Pas de lézard pour le Bleu
"Transformé, rajeuni, coloré, «style brasserie parisienne», l?ancien bistrot populaire de la rue Enning, devient vite le point de rencontre des étudiants, des jeunes filles en fleur et des trentenaires à cravate.
Financé avec des merguez"

lol :-)
Un oeil en colère
Entretien avec James Nachtwey
Il n'y aura pas de Loft Story 3 sur M6.

Aie, dur pour lala.
la guerre des dopés
If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight
Mr. Iwanyk, 32 years old, first suspected that his TiVo thought he was gay. [...] he tried to tame TiVo's gay fixation by recording war movies and other "guy stuff."
"The problem was, I overcompensated," he says. "It started giving me documentaries on Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Eichmann. It stopped thinking I was gay and decided I was a crazy guy reminiscing about the Third Reich."

26 November 2002

"This is truly a literature of ideas, dismissing the heart as trivial, but piercing the skull like an ice pick." - this guy is fantastic

Stanislaw Lem

Any suggestions - loved the original solaris - but I want to read more...
this a big surpise especially for the french...
Get your hitler doll!!
In 1985 my father bought this, now I got this, since today 11h36 I switched (back)...... Believe me, Jaguar is rock'n roll..... I just set up the internet connection with adsl in 10 sec and was sharing files with my dell PC in no more than 15 sec...It's just tough to get back to older older habits where the shortcuts are not the same.....And looking at it I cannot understand why tm is not hooking up with more girlz... it is really cool
'Love Fest' Billed as World's Biggest
I'd just love going to a fair where they claim "If you take a chicken feather and tickle your girlfriend's leg with it, that's erotica. If you use the whole chicken, that's pornography,"
Now imagine if you don't have a girlfriend but still want to use a chicken... *shivers*
Straight out of Poltergeist...
Bones, coffins and crosses crashed through the kitchen wall
Attention all bachelors: Superbabe Heidi Klum is back on the market.
YESSSS ! I'll start working on my german right away. And for those of you poor souls who don't know who we're talking about:
Big Brother will be watching the Homeland
"the [Homeland Security] bill also (and here's where it gets worrisome) will give the agencies significantly heightened powers to peer into your PC."
Efforts to stop music piracy 'pointless'
The four researchers believe that the steady spread of file-swapping systems and improvements in their organisation will eventually make them impossible to shut down.

Ca y est, 5 ans après tout le monde ils se rendent comptent. Le prix des cds va peut-être enfin baisser.
J'espère que tout le monde a regardé War Photographer hier sur Arte. Film vraiment impressionant, sur James Nachtwey (qui n'a pas encore de site malheureusement).
Auto parodie
Frequent sex reduces pregnancy complications
"Research by Pierre-Yves Robillard, a neonatologist at Sud Réunion Hospital on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion, has shown that women who have sex with the father for over a year before getting pregnant have a five per cent chance of developing high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia compared with a massive 40 per cent chance for those who have only been having sex with the father for four months or less."

What's the most amazing thing here? That there are researchers at the island of Réunion of course. A dream job probably.
Is Microsoft Truly 'Trustworthy'?
With Bill Gates firmly grasping the homeland-security steering wheel, you're probably feeling better already.

25 November 2002

Hot laptop burns scientist's penis (via emmanuelle)
Britons spend more than 90 minutes a day gossiping, e-mailing friends and flirting and in the office, according to a survey published Friday.
Must read: Enquête sur la déprime Suisse
La crise horlogère n'était qu'un signe avant-coureur : la faillite de Swissair a porté un coup fatal au mythe de l'invulnérabilité helvétique. Les Suisses cherchent leur place en marge d'une Europe qui se construit sans eux.

The Two Towers posters start sprouting all around Hollywood
In case anybody is interested, I already ordered my tickets for Dec 18th on ;)
Elderly Viagra Thief Strikes Again
Respect pour la Cannebière ! Papy a la pêche... et le baton !

24 November 2002

I'm on my butt

22 November 2002

the apple of apple's eye: ellen feiss
her pc crashed, she made the switch, and now she?s famous. meet the internet?s latest it girl.
Segway, le "transporteur personnel" arrive en France
La citation du jour :
« In a world without fences, who needs Gates ? »

Scott McNeally, CEO de Sun faisant allusion à Bill Gates
Make your own Bush!
Comdex 2002: Where's the party?
"A crowd of about 80 gathered at a party atop the Stratosphere Tower around the three printers watching PowerPoint presentations and other print jobs emerge page by page. Comdex parties ain't what they used to be."
Software aims to put your life on a disk
MS paper touts Unix in Hotmail's Win2k switch
An older MS internal whitepaper from August 2000 on switching Hotmail reads like a veritable sales brochure for UNIX, but concludes that the company ought to set the right example by ensuring that each division "should eat its own dogfood."
Future of Wi-Fi: Fast, Fast, Fast
"The vast majority of existing Wi-Fi networks use the 802.11b standard. But two more variations are coming down the pike, and no one -- including vendors -- is quite sure how businesses and consumers will handle the change"
Michael Moore Caught At Own Game?

21 November 2002

A Londres, un enfant sur deux sous le seuil de pauvreté

Vive la France j'ai envie de dire pour une fois. Vraiment des couillons ces anglais.
Error 404: a woody allen web server....
WTF - I am seriously considering never going back to the states:

fat asses

Check the Dog Translator, Trikke Scooter, Musical Jacket, Aerogel, Air Surfer, and Smart Skis.
Microsoft Spills Customer Data
"Microsoft took a public file server offline Tuesday after Internet users discovered that the system contained scores of internal Microsoft documents, including a huge customer database with millions of entries."
And get this:

Among 18- to 24-year-old Americans given maps:
87 percent cannot find Iraq
83 percent cannot find Afghanistan
76 percent cannot find Saudi Arabia
70 percent cannot find New Jersey
49 percent cannot find New York
11 percent cannot find the United States
U.S. youth can't find Iraq
"Young Americans may soon have to fight a war in Iraq, but most of them can't even find that country on a map"

eh eh... no comment.

20 November 2002

1.5, 2 and 3 GB CF cards
Arrghhh emmanuelle me prends pour un français :-)
Alors que, comme mon pseudo l'indique (Breizh Atao = Bretagne pour Toujours en breton) je suis breton, ah la la ces exilés français aux Etats-Unis.....

Je me sens donc obligé de citer Morvan Lebesque tiré de son livre (anarcho-trosko-maoiste): "Comment peut-on être breton, essai sur la démocratie française".

La découverte ou l'ignorance

"Le breton est-il ma langue maternelle ?
Non : je suis né à Nantes où on ne le parle pas... Suis-je même breton ?
Vraiment je le crois et m'en expliquerai. Mais de "pure race", qu'en sais-je et qu'importe ?
- Vous n'êtes donc pas raciste ?
- Ne m'insultez pas.
- Séparatiste ? Autonomiste ? Régionaliste ?
- Tout celà, rien de celà. Au-delà.
- Mais alors, nous ne nous comprenons plus.
Qu'appelez-vous breton ? Et d'abord, pourquoi l'être ?
Français d'état civil, je suis nommé français, j'assume à chaque instant ma situation de français : mon appartenance à la Bretagne n'est en revanche qu'une qualité facultative que je puis parfaitement renier ou méconnaître. Je l'ai d'ailleurs fait.
J'ai longtemps ignoré que j'étais breton... Je l'ai par moment oublié ?
Français sans problème, il me faut donc vivre la Bretagne en surplus, ou, pour mieux dire, en conscience : si je perds cette conscience, la Bretagne cesse d'être en moi ; si tous les bretons la perdent, elle cesse absolument d'être. La Bretagne n'a pas de papiers.
Elle n'existe que dans la mesure où à chaque génération des hommes se reconnaissent bretons.
A cette heure, des enfants naissent en Bretagne. Seront-ils-bretons ? Nul ne le sait.
A chacun, l'âge venu, la découverte ou l'ignorance..."
Spain Frets Over Disaster from Sunk Tanker
Call me a nearsighted nationalistic moron if you want, but sometimes it just pisses me off how some people just don't have the balls to take responsibility. You fuck up, you learn and pay for it. Someone should just talk to these guys!
"The ship, with a Liberian owner sailing under a Bahamas flag, was chartered by a Swiss-based Russian oil trader and operated by a Greek maritime company. All that was likely to complicate Spain's stated intent to make whoever was responsible pay."
In short"The whole region has been destroyed, noone will pay for it, up yours..."
Procès Elf, des réquisitoires si cléments
J'aimerais bien avoir l'avis du cone sur le sujet.
Eh ben les gars, quelle chance d'être à l'armée en suisse (une petite pensée pour Serge qui se tape trois semaines de grasses matinées en ce moment)
"L'équipe nationale des cuisiniers militaires suisses a remporté une deuxième médaille d'or aux championnats du monde «Culinary World Cup 2002» au Luxemburg."
US gets itchy fingers over Iraq

19 November 2002

Plus fort que le Viagra : le Cialis
et dire que dado bosse pour lilly.... m'étonne pas
We were talking about it, he made it: fake switch
Putain, c'est n'importe quoi:
Disaster looms as oil tanker sinks
On vit vraiment dans un monde d'irresponsables profonds.
What happens when Harry Potter gets too old to be Harry Potter ?
"We're experimenting with cryogenic techniques to simply freeze the actors until we're ready to go again, but so far there's no scientific evidence to suggest that it's a workable plan,"
Humor "à la Hollywood"...
A Photographic History of Michael Jackson's Face
A leading WorldCom investor is angling to install Rudolph Giuliani as the company's new chairman

Hum, not a bad PR move probably.
Bill Gates spots the next big thing
Surgical tags plan for sex offenders
Britain is considering a controversial scheme to implant surgically electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated.
"I do not need to explain why I say things. - That's the interesting thing about being the President. - Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
Al-Qaida : les menaces sur l'Europe se multiplient

18 November 2002

Senderos, défenseur central de Servette, prochaine recrue du Real Madrid
Mark my words...
Anelka dit non aux Bleus
Franchement, la honte...
Ask the question to google: who invented the Internet?

One of my ultimate fantasies come true : a shaved female gorilla !
Gymnasts Slammed for Posing Naked
I have to get my hands on that magazine somehow !
Woman Says She Was Duped Into Naked Ritual
"A Zimbabwean woman has told a court that she paraded naked before a traditional healer as part of a ritual he had allegedly promised would gain her entry into Britain"
How DUMB can you be ?

This is not voyeurism, it's informational activism ;)
Here we go, the usual Xmas Blockbusters' season is starting. how sad that Harry Potter's second chapter only made it to the third biggest opening ever in History (of the american movie cash machine that is.).
Give me the Two Towers before I blow a fuse !!
"According to a scooper at, the running time for The Two Towers (credits included) is a whopping 2 hours, 59 minutes, 9 seconds!"
A 2h59m9s Orgasm. If I don't die then, I'll wish I did ;)
You know that well known "meteor shower" we get every year ? The Leonids, yeah... well it's not too late to get ready with 10 Little-Known Facts about the Leonids.
it's set for the night of November 19th. Save me a seat ;)
Microsoft, Logitech put handwriting on the PC
I love the conclusion on this one : ''Microsoft will keep beating this until it is successful or it's proven that it's a bad idea.''
Since when has a proven bad idea prevented Microsoft from putting it on the shops' shelves ?
Dubya, Willya Turn the Book Over?
That President Bush photo you keep getting in e-mail? The one where he's reading an upside-down book? Fake. No surprise. In fact, so many Photoshopped shots are circulating that, one observer says, no real photographs will exist in a few years
Scientists at Northwestern University say they have harnessed the properties of light to encrypt information into code that can be cracked only one way: by breaking the physical laws of nature
Linux' Security Problems Outstrip Microsoft's
I think that it might interest one of my friend, who think of switching....
iPod, le meilleur ami du PC ?
Le succès de l?iPod ne se dément pas. Mais les ventes basculent aujourd?hui en faveur des utilisateurs PC, qui représentent désormais la majorité du marché de la "star" des lecteurs MP3.

16 November 2002

Vultur is next: today 2:48, David is born, congratulations to the parents !!!

15 November 2002

How to complain effectively
Read carefully, tons of very good tips in here... And even a quizz for lala
Google weblog, one source to visit daily from now.
Titanic volcanic eruption seen on Io
A comprehensive history of blogs...
Just if anybody is interested.
The perishable DVD, excellente idée.
the sun
An interview with Dr. Jakob Nielsen
You Are a Suspect
Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend - all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database."

Good luck in your home country tm. Maybe you should stay with us after all.
MS Takes Hard Line on Security
"We're going to tell people that even if it means we're going to break some of your apps, we're going to make these things more secure. You're just going to have to go back and fix it,"

I can feel shit coming. These patches will violate privacy, destroy non MS programs, and do much more things than protect PCs nobody cares about. Is M$ a government agency or what?

14 November 2002

Kung-Pow, great movie with the coolest cow fight ever (from Georgio)
Excellent !
Ok for all those that need a reason to make fun of M$ and Ballmer, here are all the little videos for DEVELOPERS...
From DJ Yo: you have to check this out. The guy in orange is simply amazing, check the slow motion part.
apple has the innovative edge can you say innovation... come on I know you can...
Ariel Sharon reconnaît l'Etat palestinien
Oral Sex not intercourse therefor != adultery sez taiwan read about it here!

yep I knew Clinton wasn't guilty.
Condoleezza Rice will defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2008, New York Times political columnist William Safire predicted during a stop in Ypsilanti Monday.
"I think Europe has lost its moral compass. Many Europeans have become so obsessed by the prospect of violence they have failed to notice who we are dealing with,"
Bored people:
The human Swiss Army Knife
"An eccentric Frenchman who goes by the name of Crazy Eric has entered the record books for the unusual feat of carrying permanently about his body more than 1,000 useful objects."
Potter Pirates Fail to Copy Film on the Internet
How long before they find a way to actually hack it you think ?
Ballmer: Microsoft's a Role Model
"Today, we recognize that we are an important industry leader whose decisions have an impact on many other companies as well"

tm will comment on this...
IBM might be recruiting these days...
J.P. Morgan Chase has chosen to negotiate exclusively with IBM for a sweeping technology contract worth over $5 billion
God and Science in Merger Talks?
Scientists and theologians have locked horns for centuries. But there's a growing sense that the disciplines don't have to be mutually exclusive.
look at this guy, the most powerful dude in this world, really?

13 November 2002

Best Way To Teach Teens About Sex?
Teaching teens to delay all forms of sexual activity until marriage is gaining social and political momentum - but will it ever work?
a very nice picture
One very good CD:

Beth Gibbons, la chanteuse de Portishead of course.
Putin tells reporter to get circumcised
Napster co-founder Sean Parker launched a new business Tuesday
Lau t'hésites encore ? regardes ça peut (bientot) te servir: Wedding saved by Apple's iTunes

12 November 2002

I like that guy
online movies are coming... I mean the ones you pay for... and here's the catch:

The full-screen quality is roughly equivalent to that of a VHS tape, but suffers as the image is enlarged. Viewers can pause, fast forward and rewind the films.

The movies can be viewed an unlimited number of times during a 24-hour period. The movies delete themselves after the one-day license expires, and will sit on the computer hard drive for 30 days if not watched.

Movielink is offering the movies in file formats developed by RealNetworks and Microsoft, which have their own copy protection and compression schemes. The files are encrypted and will not play the movie if it is sent to another computer. A small program called "Movielink Manager" tracks downloaded files and how long a user has to watch them.
Altavista's rebirth. Quite unspectacular I have to say. Sad to see these people getting killed by google.
Space-age materials
"The iBook was designed with durability in mind. That's why it's made of ultratough polycarbonate - the same material used in bulletproof glass - and has an internal magnesium frame for added strength."
Gorillaz sort un nouveau DVD. Leur site vaut toujours autant la peine.
Le nouveau Macromedia: Contribute
biological agents anyone? yeah NYtimes biatch

09 November 2002

Jordan scores 25 in 30 mins keeping LAKERS away from a late comeback... He's back folks - it's official. almost a point a minute he plays. sweet. you can read about it here
la présentation de la Z4 est superbe

08 November 2002

WTF is with Peanut Butter Jelly time? Have any of you got any reasons why this is popular?

peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat
for all PES2 players out there:
Macromedia eases Web updates
"Away from Macromedia's developer conference in Florida this week, details have leaked out about a new product aimed at making Web updates easier"
Après Oedipe, Narcisse: à chaque époque son mal-être
[...] "le névrosé traditionnel, souffrant d'une adaptation anxieuse à la norme, est supplanté par le narcissique, qui n'a pas appris la frustration"
Journalist Mark Hertsgaard travelled the globe gathering opinions about the U.S. He talks about the surprising results.

Les japonais sont trop forts. Ils mettent des vibrators dans les jeux.
10,000 machines, 549 days to break code
The solution, rewarded with a $10,000 prize and even richer bragging rights, was reached at 12:56 p.m. on Oct. 15, said Notre Dame researcher and teacher Chris Monico.

06 November 2002

Dell Axim X5
The high-end model, priced at $299 after rebate, will run a 400-MHz Intel StrongArm processor and 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, and includes both Compact Flash 2 and Secure Digital expansion slots.
Another model, priced at $199 after rebate, uses the StrongArm processor at 300 MHz and has 32 Mbytes of RAM.
Une équipe de chirurgiens marocains donne le jour au "plus vieux bébé du monde"
"Le professeur Chafferdine Ouazzani [...] a présenté vendredi les résultats d'une opération hors du commun qui a permis d'extraire un foetus fossilisé de 46 ans de l'abdomen d'une femme de 75 ans."
Putain faut attendre la zone 2.....
A LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life.
No Apollo Moon Landing? NASA Book to Combat Doubts
The controversy recently emerged from cyberspace in the person of Bart Sibrel, who has made a film questioning the Apollo Moon missions and who confronted astronaut Buzz Aldrin at a Beverly Hills hotel on Sept. 9 and demanded that Aldrin swear on a Bible that he had in fact walked on the moon. The 72-year-old Aldrin, the second man ever to touch the lunar surface, punched the 37-year-old Sibrel in the face.
Gay Sheep May Help Explain Biology of Homosexuals
Pour les bollos: Blogger needs a facelift!
Concours de design, ça peut être intéressant.
Superhero for Single Girls
3D images offer new perspective
China's Cyberwall Nearly Concrete
[...] "China now employs some 30,000 "Internet police" to monitor its citizens, and that is has increased arrests of dissidents and journalists posting illegal content on the Internet"

05 November 2002

Thanks to lara and nico, a new celt on earth (congratulations!!):

Nuala - short form of Fionnuala.

Fionnuala - (fi-NOO-a-la or fin-Noo-la) from Old Irish finn "white, bright, fair" + guala "shoulders". Popular in Middle Ages; later anglicized as Finola (fi-NOH-la); nickname Nuala (NOO-a-la); Fionnguala, Fionnula, Gweneth, Fenella, Finola, Nuala, Finvola (Scotland).
L'annonce officielle de mon départ:

"Laurent has announced his decision to leave the firm at the end of December. Laurent started his career with us in August 2000 and worked for our "Technology Integration" solution segment in the products industry and public sector. Shortly after joining our us, Laurent was involved in important mandate with a large international organisation where he played a key role in the project success. We will miss his strong technical skills, value added approach and innovative solutions as well as his ever-calm attitude."

C'est le ever-calm attitude qui tue. J'adore.
Un faux Oussama ben Laden provoque une mêlée lors d'un tournoi de cricket
Une bonne blague à la seb...
Pour Pierre: un MIG 21 à vendre, actuellement 80'000$ sur eBay. Mortel pour aller au boulot ça.
i-mode arrive en France le 15 novembre.
Digital Vinyl CD-R
Wi-Fi stations with 7km range

04 November 2002

world's best warnings from memepool
ouais ouais ouais ... ils ont UPDATE Robby Baggio
Incroyable: le sabre de Yoda en vente sur
Réplique parfaite du sabre laser de Yoda, basée sur les archives de Lucas et entièrement construit en aluminium.
Les français gagnent un point à la coupe Louis Vuitton: "EVITER LE TRIOMPHALISME ET L'EUPHORIE"

Oui, en effet, ça serait bien d'éviter.
The Tablet PC: It Rocks
the tablet pc
Plot to kidnap Spice Girl foiled
Pre-Safe, un nouveau système de protection préventive
Vue satellite de la Sicile et de la colonne de fumée qui s élève de lEtna
Lara a perdu 10 kilos. La petite s'appelle Nuala, pèse 3,5kg et fait 49cm. Sa maman est en pleine forme et lit sms et mails. Who's next?

01 November 2002

Chonologie de la libération des otages de Moscou (on NYT, sorry tm)
"It was just a Soviet mess."
earth porn
Ecrire ses mémoires en ligne pour les léguer aux héritiers
D'une moyenne d'âge de 74 ans, 65% des adhérents sont des femmes.L'une d'elle, Colette Delory, 76 ans, qui n'a pas de problèmes de santé et qui continue de voyager, a déjà choisi le bois et la couleur de son cercueil, ainsi que la musique qui accompagnera son dernier voyage. Elle a surtout exigé que le texte de l'homélie soit transcrit par le prêtre et remis à sa fille malentendante.
Par hasard, je check le programme des spectacles dans la région. C'est déprimant.
Guy Bedos, 07.12.2002, Grand Casino
Mireille Mathieu, 07.12.2002, Arena
I Muvrini, 08.12.2002, Grand Casino.
Suis content de partir....
le "screen designer" de "Attend" formerly "marchfirst" en Allemagne a fait un site assez cool avec des icones sympatôches
Quelqu'un est arrivé sur le blog en cherchant "brouette chinoise" sur Google. Je ne sais pas du tout comment c'est possible.
isn't it Puff with a cool site from plotdev
Microsoft has confirmed it is working on future generations of its Xbox console
Online Playstation 2 coming to Europe
It's Here -- The Sims Online Play Test!
Why Are Online Personals So Hot?
But serendipity is the hallmark of inefficient markets, and the marketplace of love, like it or not, is becoming more efficient.
Dead But Awake: Is It Possible?
Two British scientists are seeking £165,000 ($256,000) to carry out a large-scale study to discover if clinically dead people really have out-of-body experiences. [...]
Another study [...] used blind patients, resuscitated from cardiac arrest, who likewise described seeing their body while clinically dead, although slightly out of focus.