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31 January 2003

Sneaky Toolbar Hijacks Browsers
It's the most evil thing on the Internet, according to some of its victims. But it's not a virus, a scam or a raunchy porn site.
It's a browser toolbar that some swear is doing "drive-by downloads" -- installing itself without users' permission -- then taking over their systems and making it impossible to uninstall.
Le premier bug de l'histoire
Mandela: U.S. wants holocaust
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has slammed the U.S. stance on Iraq, saying that "one power with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust."

30 January 2003

un phénomène étrange sur le lac léman vu depuis BB office 600 Ko
Hating the RIAA's Hilary Rosen
As the reviled frontwoman for the music business, Hilary Rosen has taken a lot of heat. She admits file sharing is the future. She's just fighting to give the dinosaurs one last gasp
Le temps de travail hebdomadaire a baissé 80 minutes entre 1995 et 2001
Ces chiffres proviennent d'une étude de l'Insee qui évalue les conséquences de la première phase du dispositif 35 heures.

Teen's Web Browser Wows Top Geeks
A 16-year-old Irish student has startled the Internet world by creating a new Web browser that may -- or may not -- be able to goose browsing times by 600 percent.
wikipedia, "encyclopédie open source"
Carrefour promeut le nouveau rasoir Gillette par SMS
"Carrefour a mis en place une opération panaeuropéenne de marketing SMS pour le compte de Gillette à l'occasion du lancement du nouveau rasoir Gillette Mach 3 Turbo dans onze pays [...]
Une première session du jeu SMS va débuter au Portugal en fin de mois et devrait s'étaler sur quinze jours."

Je vois bien la discussion au service marketing de carouf: "commençons là ou ils en ont le plus besoin"... Les enfoirés
The Civil War Inside Sony
Sony Music wants to entertain you. Sony Electronics wants to equip you. The problem is that when it comes to digital media, their interests are diametrically opposed.
More news from the sick person: Bush Wants Drug Addicts to Pray
"The president wants to fund untested, unproven programs that seek to pray away addiction," said the Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. "People with addiction problems need medical help, not Sunday school."
Bush and his supporters argue that faith can accomplish what secular programs cannot.
Tool Copies DVD Movies
Hollywood says that burning a backup of your Austin Powers in Goldmember DVD is illegal, and it builds in copy protection to stop you. But a small firm denies kinship to Dr. Evil just because it markets software that lets anyone with a rewritable DVD drive make an exact copy of a commercial DVD.
Stuff Micfrosoft could do with its money:
- Buy its own country (my favorite ;) )
- Buy the NHL
- Buy the letter X
any other ideas ?

28 January 2003

Another site with superbowl ads:
DivX 5.0.3 is released!
The first new DivX release in over eight months, built to integrate with the crop of DivX Certified hardware devices coming in 2003.

DivX is now a commercial format tho... A free equivalent has arrised and is named XviD. The most famous installable version of this free codec is the one from Koepi. Here's the latest version of Koepi's XviD codec

On another multimedia and audio/video codec note .. there's codec packs out there that supress the need for becoming a geek before you get to watch your hard downloaded from the internet movie:

SLD codec pack, lite and pro (lite is just fine), Nimo codec pack (too much bullshit you don't need, and others. If you have problems playing movies, just get the SLD lite codec pack and u're goods to go!
SMS criminals
.. ou quand les seuls 12 pelés du pays a etre sur un réseau GSM s'en servent a bon escient.

The University of Maryland is investigating 12 students for allegedly using the "text messaging" functions on their cell phones or pagers to access correct answers during fall exams. STORY
deez fools are in a hurry i'm telling you :)

China will soon become the world's largest Internet and information economy, surpassing the United States, ... STORY
adding to some posts below ...

Matrix 2 Trailers

nice post on xnview mate ... there is also this one that's been free forever: IrfanView
If you've ever used a peer-to-peer network (P2P) and swapped copyrighted files, chances are pretty good you're guilty of a federal felony. It doesn't matter if you've forsworn Napster, uninstalled Kazaa and now are eagerly padding the record industry's bottom line by snapping up $15.99 CDs by the cartload. Be warned! you're what prosecutors like to think of as an unindicted federal felon.

A obscure law called the No Electronic Theft (NET) Act that former U.S. President Bill Clinton signed in 1997 makes peer-to-peer (P2P) pirates liable for $250,000 in fines and subject to prison terms of up to three years. (You may want to read it, since you'll likely be getting a phone call soon). Long time to spend cooling your heels in Club Fed, bending over and all that good stuff.

Inion The core competence of Inion lies in its know-how on both surgical biodegradable polymer applications and production processes. Les mecs font des implants biodégradables... et en plus on va sûrement refaire leur site. Je me réjouis déjà de la visite de leur lab...

27 January 2003

Téléchargement pirate : les premiers procès contre les internautes se profilent en France
Un freeware a checker: XnView
Avec ce couteau suisse de la manipulation d’images, aucun document graphique ne vous résistera. Cette visionneuse qui ouvre pas moins de 360 formats de fichiers a bien d'autres talents que la conversion : filtres de traitement des images, diaporama, vignettes, planches contact, album HTML, capture d'écran...
La croisade de Fox News
Musclée, aguichante et conservatrice, la chaîne d'information de Rupert Murdoch est passée devant CNN, en dénonçant l'arrogance des élites médiatiques.
CD, DVD : les vertus du piratage privé
Ce bouleversement technologique perturbe les pratiques commerciales bien établies et contraint tous les éditeurs, de musique, de films, mais aussi de livres ou de journaux, à inventer de nouveaux modes de diffusion. Qu'ils rechignent à le faire et préfèrent tenter de préserver le plus longtemps possible une situation établie et rentable est compréhensible, mais aussi révélateur d'un conservatisme frileux.
The bucs are the 2002 NFL champs. Nice game yesterday.

24 January 2003

The Year The Music Dies
Record labels are under attack from all sides - file sharers and performers, even equipment manufacturers and good old-fashioned customers - and it's killing them. A moment of silence, please.

"Last year, the Big Five together sold about $20 billion worth of music. Meanwhile, Sony alone saw about $42 billion in electronics and computer sales. If Sony wants to sell MP3-capable cell phones - a big thing in Japan and potentially worldwide - how much attention will it pay to Sony Music's protests?"

"Similarly, AOL Time Warner is desperately trying to resuscitate AOL by selling high-speed Internet access. Yet one of the main uses for high-speed connections is downloading free music - something that Warner Music sees as a deadly threat. Bertelsmann, the German media titan that owns BMG Music, cared so little about its music division that the company invested millions of dollars in Napster, accepting along the way the outraged resignation of its two main music executives."
Role reversal: Bush wants war, Pentagon urges caution
Senior Pentagon officials are quietly urging President George W. Bush to slow down his headlong rush to war with Iraq, complaining the administration’s course of action represents too much of a shift of America’s longstanding “no first strike” policy and that the move could well result in conflicts with other Arab nations.
Gaudi's post mortem proposition for the WTC towers
Why We Know Iraq Is Lying By CONDOLEEZZA RICE (NYT, registration required)
Ink-jet printing creates tubes of living tissues
Three-dimensional tubes of living tissue have been printed using modified desktop printers filled with suspensions of cells instead of ink. The work is a first step towards printing complex tissues or even entire organs.

Nice piece of work here.

22 January 2003

here's some more read on linux in enterprise environment
The Financial Times offers a very interesting read about Linux, its possibilities for business, and its threat to Microsoft
read here
pour les amateurs de bidouilles, de stuff open source et de CMS

openoffice 1.02 vient de sortir - link
le browser gestuel phoenix v0.5 - link

apache 2.0.44 vient de sortir - link
mysql a jour v3.23.54a - link
php 4.3.0 depuis pas longtemps - link
phpmyadmin nvelle version - link

un nveau venu bien cool, e107 - link
mighty good stuff actually
IBM shows off new Linux buyer
IBM, three years into its embrace of Linux, will continue its evangelist effort this week by announcing that Unilever and several other new customers are using the operating system.
ces gens la sont un frein a la democratie, et aux droits du fly à la liberté de l'entertainment.

L'industrie musicale demande des comptes à internet

RIAA's Rosen Sets Sights on ISPs

Judge orders Verizon ISP to name pirate who downloaded 600 kazaa songs in one day
(c'est eux qui m'ont disabled my connection sans raison valable back then)
Mobiles get a sense of touch
A US company called Immersion has adapted the sensory technology used in gamepads and joysticks to send physical sensations via a mobile.

How unexciting.

21 January 2003

la vache ca se modernise, votez online a Anieres...
Will new filters save us from spam?
...The roughly 500 programmers, researchers, hackers and IT administrators gathered in a chilly classroom on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (news - web sites) (MIT) Friday aren't just looking to slow the relentless onslaught of spam -- they want to completely destroy its business model...

...In tests Yerazunis performed, MailFilter was 99.915 percent accurate in identifying spam...
« "Lorsqu’on lui fit observer qu’Apple avait acquis un calculateur Cray dans le but de développer son nouveau Mac, Seymour Cray répliqua laconiquement qu’il s’était lui-même muni d’un Mac pour créer le nouveau Cray." »

Seymour Cray
"Computers" ed. Taschen p. 92
New magnetic train in Shangai
IDC made 10 technology predictions for 2002 and reviews then.
Techies and the RIAA: A Telling Truce?
At long last, the RIAA has realized that the future of the recording industry must include a healthy dollop of Internet-based transactions, and the record companies desperately need the tech industry to help figure out how to make that happen
ISPs must pay up
A top music executive has said that telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs) will be asked to pay up for giving their customers access to free song-swapping sites.
le nouveau logo de ma boite, tant pis pour nous. C'est un mélange de l'ancien city bank et de XBOX . En plus y' a rien qui marche

20 January 2003

regarde la caméra
Think before you talk
Can technology make mobile phones less socially disruptive?

19 January 2003

TCPview, probably very useful to control what your computer is reporting to Microsoft. Makes Film Inroads
Premiering Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, follows three teens who make a suicide pact and hit the road. During filming, the director added plot twists on the fly based on ideas e-mailed by visitors to the film's website.
Un site spécial pour les bollos (et tous les fans de powerpoint)
Must read on upcoming technologies: Futuristic Network Technologies Begin to Emerge
Specific mention can be made of five technologies that envision the shape of networks in the decades to come: Microwave power transmission, which transmits electricity to a distant location using radio waves; ultra wideband (UWB), which enables high-speed data transmission with minimal power consumption; augmented reality (AR), which overlays information via a head-mounted display onto the user's view of a scene; multi-modal communication, which can transmit the feel, taste, or smell of an object; and quantum information processing, which enables information to be sent and received at speeds of one million petabits per second.

Microwave power transmission, some guy is gonna be very rich with that idea (if the our brains don't get blasted by the thing)
Classement des grandes écoles française selon le Nouvel Obs: Reims toujours devant Grenoble (c'est un post uniquement pour guiboch)...
"Aberdeen's 2003 IT Outlook offers predictions, broken down by IT practice area, for the coming year, as well as trends that will influence the technology industry over the long term."

Hum, not an exciting year ahead.
Alinghi va affronter les néo-zélandais pour la finale de la coupe de l'America. On se demandait ou seraient les régates si ils gagnent?? Fly dit lac léman, Pierre dit Monaco ou en tous cas cette mer là. Christian, je suis sûr que tu connais quelqu'un qui a interviewé quelqu'un dont un des membre de la famille (au moins) sait.
Hier soir nous avons skié avec Bollo de 21h à minuit, à la seule lumière de la pleine lune. C'est absolument incroyable, je recommande chaudement si vous avez l'occasion d'y aller (il y a encore 3 dates cette année).

Les pistes sont remplies de mecs complètement fracassés (on a préféré rentrer avant la fermeture des bars) mais niveau glisse c'est extraordinaire, tout est plus facile, pas d'angoisse de la pente, etc...

17 January 2003

Les inrock: Guns'N'Roses le retour ?
On aurait juré enterré le groupe de hard FM d’Axl Rose. Le revoilà qui tente un comeback en utilisant les mêmes recettes qu’à leur "grande" époque en composant, comme ils l’avaient fait pour le deuxième épisode, un titre pour la BO de Terminator 3 : la Révolte des Machines, un film à sortir en juillet prochain.

Eh eh, avec les mêmes coiffures svp...
From cone(ch): google zeitgeist.

ANPE, la 3ème query la plus faite en France. Je comprends...

16 January 2003

Microsoft: Don't Go! We'll Share!
The source code Microsoft has long guarded as secret intellectual property is now becoming the carrot dangled before governments to keep them from defecting to competitors' software.
Study: Many business apps don't make cents
Business applications from major software makers are often difficult for the average office worker to use, costing companies millions of dollars and compromising many corporate software projects, according to a new study.

One more proof that you don't need these things most of the time. Or at least nobody should be paying thawt much for it.
Yahoo rentable en 2002
le réseau de portail a réalisé l'année dernière un chiffre d'affaires de 953,1 millions de dollars, en hausse de 33 %, pour un résultat net positif de 42,8 millions. Sur l'exercice précédent, Yahoo avait encaissé une perte nette de 92,8 millions d'euros. On mesure le chemin parcouru.
John Le Carré: US has gone mad

15 January 2003

No way for Segways? More cities may ban scooter
After San Francisco decided to ban the Segway from its sidewalks late last year, a number of other Bay Area cities -- from Oakland to Santa Cruz -- are considering the same move.
L'Internet européen : cinq pays à la loupe
New design (bollau's color), might change if too many people faint when exposed.
Really cool idea:
"C’est un être exceptionnel, non seulement un médecin, mais aussi un artiste. Un homme au grand cœur, hyperactif, qui m’a réconcilié avec les Suisses, un peu mous et endormis à mon goût..."

Gérard Depardieu interviewé par le matin, ça vaut le coup.
Cool tool: crazy browser lets you browse the web in tabs, instead of having one window per page you are reading. And it's freeware.
Bohellz is 2 years old.
bootvis, very useful tool for Windows XP
Stealth Antennae Try to Blend In
There are about 130,000 communications antennae in place across the United States, according to industry officials. Roughly 75 percent are standard antennae. The rest have been surreptitiously stashed in scenic simulations.

Windows XP powertoys, with the really cool taskswitch.
Free fax to France
Free .com/.net/.org domain names...

You get a free domain name for one year, then you can buy it back for only 45 euros... That sucks, but could be fun in some cases (like, accès à Internet non loggé et gratuit en France.
These optical mice were specially designed by Masamune Shiro, creator of the popular Ghost in the Shell saga
Icon story (from Fly)

14 January 2003

DEux sites de photographes: 1; 2

13 January 2003

50$ only:
Get NFL games in Paris. Fly will live by my place from sept. to january next year...
One good concert yesterday: Paddy Sherlock
Interesting service at

10 January 2003

MacWorld: Apple bénéficie d'un premier ERP compatible Xserve
A l'occasion du salon MacWorld Expo qui se tient actuellement à San Francisco, a été annoncée la sortie d'un ERP compatible avec le serveur Xserve d'Apple. Peut-être un tournant pour l'entreprise "à la pomme", dont l'offre entreprise peine encore à s'étendre au delà de ses niches habituelles (presse, multimédia...).

Hum... Il faut que les jeux commencent à sortir aussi et j'en achète un. Ca va arriver un de ces jours.

09 January 2003

Half an alcoholic drink every other day, be it wine, whisky or beer, can reduce the risk of heart attacks by a third, a new study shows.
IBM Offers Processing on Demand
On Demand clients will be networked to a huge cluster of computers running Linux and Unix. Clients can tap into whatever processing power they need in order to get that week's work done, paying only for what they use.
A suivre: Microsoft, which is trying to move its software from desktops to people's hands and pockets, unveiled plans for a portable media player and a radio-linked wristwatch.
SPOT by bilou, useful watches (but what's that lousy screen about???)
PC Bangs
sonic refrigerator
Steven Garrett, a Penn State professor of acoustics has been working for years to build a refrigerator that relies on sound waves, rather than toxins, to take the temperature down.
Security cameras are getting smart -- and scary
New gameboy advance out there:
gameboy advanced sp, online universe for meeting new friends etc... hum.
Students facing computer test for plagiarised work
British students are facing a new test following the introduction of a national computer system that identifies copied work

08 January 2003

Jesus 'healed using cannabis'
Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.
Other announcements from Apple: 17'' titanium, keynote, iLife, iPod jacket, airport extreme
new browser from apple
Gspot tells you what codec has been used to encode a video file. Useful if you can't figure out what version of divX or whatever other lousy format was used.
A search engine for sound:
give some CPU time to research against cancer, la seule parade efficace contre les pubs selon joystick.

07 January 2003

E-Commerce vs. E-Brochure Websites
sites chouettes:
les sites de Chris Lund le font.
Regardez l'intro de celui-ci et 21 minutes et les autres.
Wake up est excellent.

Checkez aussi hydro74 il y de strucs magnifiques.
Un site de photographe.
et c'est tout pour aujourd'hui

Guib harnaché

Le Guib harnaché est une antilope de taille moyenne avec un dos bombé et de grandes oreilles. Il a une série de taches et rayures blanches bien définies, incluant une ligne diagonale qui part de l'épaule comme un harnais, ce qui lui vaut son nom de Guib "harnaché". Le mâle a des cornes en simple torsion. La femelle est plus petite, sans cornes et de couleur plus pâle.
Latin : Tragelaphus Scriptus Scriptus
Caractéristiques de l'animal :
Moyenne au garrot : 0,70 m
Poids : 45 à 50 kg
Femelle :
Gestation : 210 jours
Nombre de jeunes : 1, parfois 2

Description Le Guib harnaché est une antilope de taille moyenne avec un dos bombé et de grandes oreilles. Il a une série de taches et rayures blanches bien définies, incluant une ligne diagonale qui part de l'épaule comme un harnais, ce qui lui vaut son nom de Guib " harnaché ". Le mâle a des cornes en simple torsion. La femelle est plus petite, sans cornes et de couleur plus pâle. Ecologie et régime alimentaire Le Guib a une préférence pour des habitats à végétation dense proches de l'eau. Il est surtout observé près des cours d'eau et aux abords des mares. Il broute les feuilles et les jeunes rameaux des arbustes et s'aventure parfois en savane ouverte pour paître l'herbe tendre. Il suit souvent les Primates pour manger les fruits et les fleurs qu'ils font tomber. Il est aussi actif la nuit, lorsqu'il s'éloigne des fourrés et gagne les mares pour paître. Il retrouve la protection du couvert végétal avant l'aube. Organisation sociale Le Guib harnaché vit seul, en couple ou en groupe familial. Il n'est pas territorial, mais chaque adulte se réfugie la journée sous un arbuste, restant fidèle à un site particulier. Les domaines vitaux voisins se chevauchent. Les mâles les plus grands sont dominants et empêchent les autres d'accéder aux femelles. Les progénitures mâles restent avec leur mère jusqu'à ce que leurs cornes soient formées. Elles sont rejetées par les autres mâles adultes dès que la mère devient réceptive. Les jeunes femelles peuvent rester avec leur mère jusqu'à la mise à bas suivante. Comportement Comportement Quand deux individus se rencontrent, ils s'attouchent et se flairent le nez et l'arrière train. La plupart des appels sont doux et utilisés pour les communications de courtes distances, sauf l'aboiement fort et rauque qui est utilisé comme signal d'alarme et qui informe simultanément du statut des mâles. Animal arborant des marques très contrastées, les parades visuelles prennent toute leur importance chez les mâles. Les mâles se présentent les dessins de la robe bien en évidence, la crête dorsale en pilo-érection, en encornant la terre et les arbustes plutôt que l'adversaire pour éviter le combat. En cas de véritable affrontement, ils s'accrochent par leurs cornes et se chargent, se portent de réels coups de cornes, blessant l'adversaire. En réponse à un prédateur, le Guib se fige et compte sur sa silhouette cryptique dont les dessins du pelage miment des taches de lumière dans le sous-bois, pour se dissimuler dans la végétation. S'il est poursuivi, il court vers le couvert végétal le plus proche en secouant la queue, faisant apparaître par intermittence la tache blanche située dessus.

06 January 2003

Without protest, Americans are giving up freedom
Today, people of the United States have given up their rights through the "Patriot Act," the "Homeland Security Act" and the Pentagon's new system of "Total Information Awareness." The astonishing thing about this "land of the free" is that most Americans now have no effective rights and do not care.
back to work everybody???
-5 à Paris, 11 a Villars, quelquechose ne va pas