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20 July 2004

The News

Plankton Cool Off With Own Clouds
A recent study funded by NASA's Earth Science Department shows that the tiny sea plants release high quantities of cloud-forming compounds on days when the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are especially strong. The compounds evaporate into the air through a series of chemical processes that result in especially reflective clouds. This, in turn, blocks the radiation from bothering the phytoplankton

Documenting Moore's Oscar Chances
The rule reads in part: "Any documentary which is transmitted anywhere in the world in any version as a television or Internet program within this period will automatically be disqualified from award eligibility." Taken literally, any download -- legal or illegal -- during that time period would seem to disqualify a documentary.

L'éditorial du Monde
L'écrivain François Mauriac (1885-1970), chroniqueur redoutable, assurait qu'il existe "un crime de silence". Nous découvrons depuis quelque temps qu'il existe un délit d'emballement. Le défi est bien de trouver la juste mesure entre la dictature de l'émotion et l'empire de l'indifférence.

90 % des Britanniques n'ont pas d'amis noirs, asiatiques ou musulmans
"(...) ce n'est pas surprenant que sans aucune raison apparente ils [les Blancs] deviennent hostiles et racistes".

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