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13 July 2004


Movie, TV Fans Ogle Video to Go
nice looking deviceThe wait at the airport or the train ride downtown may soon seem a whole lot shorter. New portable video players that let you watch TV shows, movies or ballgames anywhere aspire to be digital entertainment's next big thing. Experts predict a rosy future for the devices -- provided worthwhile content is available.

Yahoo buys email firm
Yahoo escalated its newfound rivalry with Google by acquiring Oddpost, a San Francisco startup known for its innovative e-mail service.
The acquisition will allow Yahoo to fold Oddpost's Web-based e-mail service into its own Yahoo Mail offering, creating a product that has the potential to draw subscribers away from Google's much-touted Gmail service.

I think OutPost looks really banal on the screenshots. But I trust Yahoo.

Geolocation: Don't Fence Web In
To privacy advocates like Jason Catlett, that technology can detect users' whereabouts isn't the most disturbing aspect of this trend. Rather, it's the fear that websites will try to mislead visitors.
A company, for instance, might show different prices when competitors visit; a political candidate might highlight crime-fighting in one area, jobs in another.

Very disturbing, loads of new possibilities.

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