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11 August 2004

The News

Fidel Castro enrôle Michael Moore à son insu
Les médias officiels et Fidel Castro lui-même se sont chargés d'assurer la promotion du documentaire. Dans une première critique, l'organe du Parti communiste Granma vantait un film qui présente le président américain comme "un crétin dangereux".

Microsoft Releases Service Pack 2
Microsoft released a long-awaited security update for its Windows XP program on Friday, a response to the growing number of security shortcomings in the market-dominant computer operating system.

Doom 3 review
Doom 3 is a well-crafted, accessible testament to the power and promise of technology to create a new medium that puts players directly at the center of an experience -- a medium in which, unlike books and movies, there ain't nothing vicarious about it.

Australia has a lot of auto thieves running around, but the application of thousands of tiny DataDots seems to be helping.

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