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02 August 2004


Bono Moves to Preempt Thieves
U2's new album was stolen last week. If it shows up online, it'll be rushed out on Apple's iTunes, the band has pledged.

The Lost Boys, how the web is changing advertising habits
"It's not that men 18 to 34 have stopped watching TV," explains David Raines, the Coke VP in charge of divvying up ad money. "But they're doing a lot of other stuff, too" - going online, watching DVDs, playing videogames. "The bottom line is, ad dollars will follow the consumer." [...]
"The business model of television, which is to deliver viewers to advertisers is as troubled as that of the music industry."

Timid Tokyoites Delay IPod Frenzy
Thousands of Japanese shoppers lined up outside Apple's Tokyo store on Saturday morning for a chance to buy a coveted iPod mini -- but were delayed by a pair of camera-shy customers at the head of the line. [...]
The two men, who began queuing at 5 p.m. the day before, were intimidated by the cameras, they said. Refusing to give their names, they said they didn't want their pictures taken as they entered the store. More than 40 reporters from Tokyo's major newspapers and TV stations were positioned just inside the store's front door.

Put a Trainer in Your Pocket
A jogger can now use Bluetooth wireless technology to store data from a road sensor attached to a running shoe. Delivering music while tracking pulse rate, distance and pace, the small devices can shout encouragement like a coach.

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