Peer to beer networking

07 August 2004


Interesting NGO concept explained:
The 5-year-old group hosts Web-based competitions in which architects and designers submit plan proposals for sites around the world affected by war, disease or natural disaster -- an attempt to harness the Net's networking power to tackle humanitarian crises.

Weapons Freeze, Microwave Enemies
The pain is so great that people flee immediately.
"It just feels like your skin is on fire," said Rich Garcia, a spokesman for the laboratory who, as a test subject, has felt the Active Denial System's heat. "When you get out of the path of the beam, or shut off the beam, everything goes back to normal. There's no residual pain."

South Korean Company Buys Lycos
South Korea's top website operator, Daum Communications, is to buy the U.S. portal business of Spain's Terra for $95 million, less than 1 percent of the $12.5 billion Terra paid near the height of the Internet boom.
In a move that emphasizes the growing global ambitions of South Korean technology companies, Daum said on Monday it will pay 111.2 billion won for 100 percent of Lycos, which Terra bought in an all-stock deal in May 2000. (Wired News is owned by Lycos.)

Onion routing
The system is based on a concept called onion routing. It works like this: Messages, or packets of information, are sent through a distributed network of randomly selected servers, or nodes, each of which knows only its predecessor and successor. Messages flowing through this network are unwrapped by a symmetric encryption key at each server that peels off one layer and reveals instructions for the next downstream node.

Guerrilla gigging
Punk is back, and it's got a laptop. A new breed of alternative British rocker is once again giving the finger to the corporate music machine, thanks to an arsenal of do-it-yourself new media.
Organizing using the Web, cell phones and instant messaging, upstart guitar bands are staging secret, spontaneous concerts at unconventional venues in the latest online music craze, dubbed "guerrilla gigging."

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