Peer to beer networking

20 August 2004


Free iPods!
Here's how it works: promises an iPod or a $250 gift certificate to anyone who signs up for various online promotions and persuades five other people to participate.
Subscribers are given a choice of 10 different offers, including a 45-day trial of AOL and a two-week trial of's genealogy service. Typically, the offers are free and easily canceled.

Where the a new internet concept surfaces: "conga lines"

It's Just the 'internet' Now
By changing its style to lowercase the 'I' in internet, Wired News is placing this medium squarely where it belongs: on an equal footing with radio, television and Gutenberg's wonderful innovation, moveable type.

Cell Phone Users Are Finding God
Mobile phone owners are blessed with more than just free weekend minutes, as religious institutions and telcos roll out new services to help the observant practice their faith. (all you guys from America, please test for me, and post the messages here!)

Scientists Stumble Upon New Bird

During a May expedition to Calayan, about 320 miles north of Manila, a team member was walking in the forest when she saw a small group of unfamiliar dark brown birds with distinctive orange-red bills and legs, the British conservation group BirdLife International said in a press release Tuesday.

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