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30 December 2004

Floating logos

"The elimination of the poles helps to accentuate the ominous feeling of being beneath these signs as well as serve to disconnect the signs from the ground and reality. The ground is purposefully left out of these images in order to emphasize the disconnect, but hints of terra firma are included in the forms of trees, wires, light poles, buildings and other land-based objects. The floating effect is intended to give the signs a supernatural quality that is meant to call attention to the hegemonic role consumerism and advertising play in our society."

29 December 2004

Satelite Pictures

During the Tsunami
Receding water

From DigitalGlobe

How to fix Mom's computer

Went home for the holidays this week, and of course, the annual fix-Mom's-computer event. This year things on my mother-in-law's Windows 98 PC were especially bad; it could've been used as a software showcase of the latest and greatest in malware.

28 December 2004

Weather Pixie

Webzen: consistently cool links


Les photos et témoignages confirment l'ampleur de la catastrophe, le bilan est hallucinant...
Pour suivre un peu il y a tout d'abord un blog sur la catastrophe (en 2005, chaque catastrophe aura son blog et ce phénomène donnera lieu à de la compétition bien saine entre touristes en soif de gloire passagère), le Bangkok Post (en anglais) et le FTS de l'OCHA qui montre les donations des gouvernements (merci qui ;-) ).
Pour donner un peu du gras qu'on a tous dans le bide ColomboPage, le PAM ou la chaine du bonheur (pour les suisses).

Le séisme avait une telle puissance que la terre a bougé de son axe, et des îles au large de Sumatra se sont déplacées de 20 mètres...

Notebook Privacy Filter

Pas mal comme idée, un filtre qu'on pose sur l'écran et qui empêche toute personne qui n'est pas exactement devant l'écran de le voir. Pas mal pour bosser dans l'avion sans que le voisin ne puisse guigner (comme diraient les vaudois).

Why There's No Escaping the Blog

"The blog is the best relationship generator you've ever seen. It's all about openness," says chairman Bill Gates of Microsoft's public blogs like Scobleizer. "People see them as a reflection of an open, communicative culture that isn't afraid to be self-critical."
[...] a company's worst PR nightmare, its best chance to talk with new and old customers, an ideal way to send out information, and the hardest way to control it. Blogs are challenging the media and changing how people in advertising, marketing, and public relations do their jobs.

27 December 2004

welcome to...

the scene

"mal info"

Les habitudes des Français ont profondément changé ces dernières années, révèle une enquête de l'Observatoire du débat public. La multiplication des sources, une certaine boulimie de médias, conduiraient, selon cette étude, à une sorte de "mal info".

[...] Les entretiens révèlent aussi que la "surconsommation" se double d'une superficialité des informations engrangées. Lorsqu'elles sont questionnées par l'ODP sur les événements de la journée tels qu'ils sont rapportés par les médias, les personnes interrogées ont des difficultés à retracer le contexte et le déroulement exact des événements ou l'identité des acteurs. Ne reste souvent que "le sentiment superficiel de savoir", selon l'Observatoire. [...]

23 December 2004

The World of Ricky Gervais

Quote: "“If a good man comes to me, and says thank you David, for the opportunity and continued support in the work-related arena, but I’ve done that, I wanna better myself, I wanna move on, then I can make that dream come true, to, AKA, for you.”"

Diaporama de l'année 2004

Parachute for small commercial jets


La nouvelle version est sortie. nVu est le pendant freeware de Dreamweaver, pas trop trop mal. Apparement ils ont amélioré certains aspects qui étaient bien nuls dans la version antèrieure comme le site manager. A tester, gratos.

17 December 2004

SHHH: Society for Handheld Hushing

Print and cut. (PDF)

Sample message:


We are aware that your ongoing conversation about _______________ is very important to you, but that doesn't mean the rest of us are interested in yer loud, obnoxious account of whatever shit-ass life you might be leading.

Home-made ads

Article très intéressant sur ce qui pourrait être le futur de la publicité. Un prof américain fait sa pub pour l'iPod, la met sur son site et tout le monde en parle. Le début d'un trend d'après les spécialistes.

Yahoo! Video Search

Nice effort.

NYT firefox ad

Found here

Hotbot Desktop



16 December 2004

Soccer is now football

It's out with "soccer" and in with "football" - at least in name. The Australian Soccer Association believes the time is now right to challenge the linguistic hegemony of the oval ball sports in this country by reclaiming the name "football" for the world game.


The biggest innovation in search in the past 5 years: Google suggest
Google suggest
Also new from Google: Google grants

10 December 2004

09 December 2004

HTML Reference

Un must have pour les tables HTML: trier une liste de données sans recharger la page, c'est pas compliqué (une classe à rajouter dans la table), c'est beau, c'est simple, que du bonheur quoi.

07 December 2004


Internet m'a tuer

The Register

Apple to buy IBM PC division?

Just think how many positives for IBM such a marriage would provide. IBM would give the same credibility to the Macintosh computer, and its Microsoft-beating operating systems as it provided for the PC in the first place, thereby opening the flood gates of corporate demand

06 December 2004

Murphy Laws and variations

Some examples:

The mud that won't come off on the doormat immediately adheres to the carpet.

Long's Law: Those who know the least will always know it the loudest.

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.

The two most abundant things in all the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

30 gifts under 30$

From Wired, nice ideas there

What was I saying about the Japanese being just like us?

Les japonais sont des gens ordinaires

01 December 2004

The Band Aid Dilemma . . .

"You want this record to succeed, because you feel for the plight of the refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan and this project is funding aid projects on their behalf. However, you hate this recording and feel your musical ego looming and refusing to be bruised. The answer?

Buy as many copies of Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid 20 as you can afford.
Destroy them in amusing ways, on camera.
Send us the pictures.

Charity. Violence. You know it makes sense."

Brice de nice : le film

History of Hacking-related Events

A bit like taking a walk all the way to the prehistory of computer science... A few milestones:

December 1947 - William Shockley invents the transistor and demonstrates its use for the first time. The first transistor consisted of a messy collection of wires, insulators and germanium. According to a recent poll on CNN's website, the transistor is believed to be the most important discovery in the past 100 years.

1982 - Scott Fahlman invents the first emoticon, ':)'.

1988 - IRC is established.

1994 - Vladimir Levin, a Russian mathematician, hacks into Citibank and steals $10 million.

July 2001 - CodeRed worm released. It spreads quickly around the world, infecting a hundred thousand computers in a matter of hours.
2001 - Microsoft releases Windows XP.

On these last two I have a doubt... which one is actually worse ?? ;)

Histoire vraie

La semaine dernière un casino internet de Miami en Floride a payé 28.000 dollars lors d'une enchère sur e-Bay pour acquérir un croque-monsieur de dix ans d'âge, partiellement grignoté, où l'effigie de la Sainte vierge pourrait être aperçue.