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28 April 2006

Golf en ligne

Wachovia Championship thru Marketing Alternatif


iSubwayMaps - on your iPod

27 April 2006

Going Nuclear

Very interesting point from the founder of Greenpeace.

In the early 1970s when I helped found Greenpeace, I believed that nuclear energy was synonymous with nuclear holocaust, as did most of my compatriots. That's the conviction that inspired Greenpeace's first voyage up the spectacular rocky northwest coast to protest the testing of U.S. hydrogen bombs in Alaska's Aleutian Islands. Thirty years on, my views have changed, and the rest of the environmental movement needs to update its views, too, because nuclear energy may just be the energy source that can save our planet from another possible disaster: catastrophic climate change.


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Bananas, originally uploaded by JulianBleeckr.

(and I know - and respect - one of these guys...)

All the latest web buzz in one site.

Ajax Sudoku

Sprite de Belgique

un petit site rigolo pour le lancement du nouveau sprite. Ne ratez pas le "4A" ... ;)

26 April 2006

Mashed Portishead CD...

Portishead - Dumb - Portishead Remixed.
Yeah, baby you love it ;)
By the way, maybe the only two reason to go to Paleo this year: 1. DJ Zebra, Great Bootleg artist. 2. D-Cage Midfield player at the USC2

Nuclear nightmares

20 years.... A photo essay documenting the Chernobyl nuclear reactor's meltdown & effects on the people contaminated by the blast.

25 April 2006


Child pornographers will soon have a harder time escaping prosecution thanks to a stunning new technology [...] that can reliably link digital images to the camera with which they were taken, in much the same way that tell-tale scratches are used by forensic examiners to link bullets to the gun that fired them.

Link (via MetaFilter)


Doodle helps scheduling meetings – it's simple, quick, and free.
Link (thx mister bamboo)

Differences in reading choices between men and women

most men don't read fiction at all in their middle years -- despite being the official arbiters of quality via fiction prizes such as the Booker -- [...] there ought to be a revolution in publishing akin to the minivan revolution that happened when Detroit realized that women were the actual buyers of the family car.

Weird fact. Men don't read fiction at all in their middle years but do before and after that. Link


tribewanted is creating a global tribe that will develop a sustainable eco-community on an island in Fiji.

In what seems like a hippie dream crossed with an episode of Survivor, tribewanted is looking for 5000 people from around the world to become part of a tribe that will not only exist online, but will also settle, 100 at a time, on 'Adventure Island'. On the map, Adventure Island is known as Vorovoro, and is being leased to tribewanted by the local tribal chief.

There are three types of membership to choose from: Nomads get 1 years membership and 7 nights on the island for GBP 120 / USD 210; Hunters are members for 2 years and can stay for 14 nights (GBP 240 / USD 420); and Warriors are member for 3 years and can stay for 21 nights (GBP 360 / USD 630). When the 5000th member joins, the tribe will be formed and will start to make tribal decisions by voting through the online community at, on issues such as the name of the tribe, type of infrastructure that will be required, and how to build an island community in an environmentally friendly way.

Kewl stuff, paco you should move belong to this place. Link

Self-weighing luggage

Link (via bb


Le 4 juin le brésil joue contre la nouvelle zélande au stade de genève!!
j'ai déjà mes billets dépêchez-vous!!

24 April 2006

Le blog de Tropical

Tropical Corner vient de lancer un blog, à lire pour suivre les aventures de la plage la plus cool de Genève, obtenir les dernières infos sur la direction du vent, et se tenir au courant des inévitables soirées. Ca se passe sur (flux RSS ici)

Nul et re-nul


Montreux Jazz

Making a (Power)Point of Not Being Tiresome - Los Angeles Times


New macbooks this week

Apple Computer at the National Association of Broadcasters conference next week will unveil its most poweful Intel notebook yet, a 17-inch MacBook Pro strung with a few bells and whistles, AppleInsider has learned.


21 April 2006

Nice puma website

Coffee war

I just fell on the Tassimo website, has anybody heard of it?
Sounds like a Nespresso killer ;) (not) but the idea looks good and it reminds me of another brand that I haven't heard a lot from recently


The KOrea National Football Team Uniform was so good it deserved a whole site ;)
(Quite long to load; and finally the menu doesn't work for me; nice intro thou)

20 April 2006

Desperate, Commander, Lost & Alias

Les séries disponibles officiellement sur le web, c'est pas une nouveauté mais par contre:

1- Elles ne seront disponibles que pour les Etats-Unis
2- En streaming (théoriquement pas de téléchargement possible)
3- On pourra pas zapper les pubs.

19 April 2006

Prepare the word cup

The Goalpoker Penalty Strip, in the fun at the office serie ;)

13 April 2006

On my way to Japan

Where everything is normal.... From today's No Comment on Euronews:

12 April 2006

Grafik Battle Card

Grafik Battle Card, some great drawings there

11 April 2006


Cabspotting - Cab Tracker, a really nice looking feature following SF's taxi moves...


WebStamp Private, enfin la poste passe au 20e siècle

09 April 2006


Cardinal fait la promotion de sa nouvelle bière - allégée en alcool - et pour illustrer le fait qu'on peut désormais boire plus ils ont sorti un sous-verre montrant ce que l'on peut ingurgiter selon sa constitution. J'ai de la chance je fais 90.5 et j'arrondis vers le haut...

07 April 2006


ColorWhore - could be useful for the webdesigners out there.

Superman Lives!

Long, but f*cking hilarious: Kevin Smith's Superman pitch

06 April 2006

Quaters Champion of all time - Google Video

When you have a special talent, particularly a useless one... SHOW IT ON THE INTERNET!

Quaters Champion of all time - Google Video

Parallels Download Center

Parallels Workstation 2.1 Beta for Mac OS X on Intel

It continues.... Virtual PC Machine on MacOSX

05 April 2006

Gmail aliases

Gmail, unsurprisingly smart:

Gmail doesn't recognize dots (.) as characters within a username. This way, you can add and remove dots to your username for desired address variations. messages sent to and are delivered to the same inbox, since the characters in the username are the same.

I didn't know, it's pretty cool. More info here.

Windoz on Macs by Apple

Apple - Boot Camp

Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even the upcoming Vista, are stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS. But with Boot Camp, the Mac can operate smoothly in both centuries.

One man. One Year. A world of conflict, le site du fameux reporter de guerre engagé par Yahoo!

04 April 2006

American Dreamz

American Dreamz - Imagine a land where more people vote for their pop idol than for their next president...
Yeah, right... Nothing new

Leeds airline whippet into frenzy over French strike

A budget airline boss has dubbed French air traffic controllers "lazy frogs" for taking industrial action against their government's plan to make it easier to sack young staff. [...]

Meeson also fumed at students who staged a blockade of one of his planes in the alpine resort of Chambery. The firm reports one passenger's diplomatic version of events at the two hour stand-off: 'We kept on shouting to them 'roast beefs want to go home' and after two hours they packed their satchels and headed off into the alpine sunset!'"


Ces jeunes qui pensent vieux

Des centaines de milliers de postes sont vacants dans la métallurgie, la maçonnerie, la menuiserie, la serrurerie. Pour ces jeunes, le CPE devrait permettre d'accéder à ces métiers, en laissant à l'entrepreneur la liberté de licencier durant deux ans. Pas de quoi s'étrangler.

Les lycéens et étudiants veulent-ils bloquer l'accès au travail à moins lotis qu'eux ? C'est ce qu'ils laissent comprendre, en se faisant manoeuvrer par d'archaïques syndicats soucieux de leurs intérêts égoïstes. La fonction publique, mobilisée mardi, n'est en rien concernée par ce contrat. Mais elle y voit l'inacceptable atteinte à l'État providence, construit sur un Code du travail interdisant la nécessaire flexibilité.

Le CPE, approuvé par les parlementaires, a un mérite : celui de rompre avec un système qui ne fonctionne plus et qui écarte 23% des 15-29 ans d'un marché du travail bloqué par trop de contraintes. [...] Cependant, il n'est plus possible de défendre un système qui exclut les moins formés et fait fuir les plus entreprenants.

Des décennies d'éloges du pantouflage ont laissé des traces. L'année dernière, un sondage révélait que 76% des 15-30 ans jugeaient attractifs de devenir fonctionnaires. Cette semaine, une enquête Ipsos montre que 82% des Français encourageraient leurs enfants à entrer dans la fonction publique. C'est ce pays immobile et soucieux de sa retraite qui renoue avec son rituel gauchisant. Mais ce sont des conservatismes qui s'expriment. Ils aggravent la marginalisation des jeunes, en leur transmettant des préoccupations de vieux.

Link (via racaille&vinegar)

Urban Retail Utility

inQbox [in-Q-box] is the first retail utility concept store of it's kind locally and globally. Set in prime location, we provide individuals with retail space and gallery space and take care of all your retail hassles.

inQbox aims to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship by providing individuals with a low cost + low risk platform to develop and incubate their talents further than just a hobby,home business or side interest.


03 April 2006


A service to know where a URL ranks in the global buzz.

Pr0n's Effect On Society

An article at the Financial Times is analysing the growing impact of internet pornography, the phenomena itself and the problems that it causes to our society. Surveys within Great Britain have shown that more than a half of 9-19 years olds have seen pornography online. From the article: 'To some men, Haynes argues, clicking on porn is simply a way to pass the time. It's a hobby. Once they'd idly play solitaire; now they idly click on a porn site. Others, though, succumb to addiction: Most addictions are to do with internal emptiness, wanting to fill up dead space, and addiction is always destructive.

More on Slashdot

Et dire que j'ai vendu toutes mes actions Cscreen ?

Je suis fier comme un coq, apres Euronext (17% worldwide equity derivative market share) le CBOE achette CScreen.
CBOE = petit reve d'enfant et plus grosse bourse de derivé du monde.

Great Travel portfolio site

made by sixstation, check out this nice way of remebering your country visits


Impressive site about the remains of war in Congo; made by pill and pillow