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29 September 2006

Ten Most Used BitTorrent Sites Compared

For the pirate in you

Mexico USA cross border volley ball



In the same trend as Qoqa comes macZot for limited time software offer

IKEA – Come in to the closet

a new site from Ikea. It seems that they really tend to stick with those slick "move around my place" effetcs

26 September 2006

New York City Subway Smell Map

For the ones who know what we are talking about....

World's last chance


Je crois que bientôt je vais commencer à cliquer sur les pubs ci-dessus par plaisir, on trouve des sites de dingues!!

25 September 2006


Clickair, mais monsieur c'est énorme. je viens de booker un vol avec cette nouvelle compagnie low-cost pour notre week-end de novembre à Barça,... €88.- all included...
je serais votre Beta tester

VivaLaGames.Com - Bash the Computer

You know the feeling

22 September 2006

un bien chouette petit site d'agence

et moi j'aime bien la musique en plus ;)

Elastic people

20 September 2006

Dead or alive the movie

Looks as stoopid as any Van Damme movie, but it has a little something more...

Haven't found what yet tho (thanks Jack'o)

350x stronger than RedBull

Cocaine - Instant Rush. NO Crash!

Warning! You are about to experience the highest energy content of ANY energy drink on the market today! 350% greater than The Bull!

Cocaine is not just a re-hash of existing drinks: It is a completely unique new formula - it tastes like a fireball, a carbonated atomic fireball!

Read here

Petit montée en puissance

Beauty queen

19 September 2006

Carbonite Online Backup

Seems like a nice service.

15 September 2006

Hot library smut

I'm pretty sure a google server farm isn't that sexy ;-)


Simply Headlines

Give this a try if you haven't jumped into the RSS era. Sounds like a very interesting way to popularize syndication.

SimplyHeadlines is a once a day email newspaper. You decide exactly what type of news you care about. You pick:

* Where your headlines come from
* How many there will be
* At what time of day they will arrive
* The order in which they will appear

And for the RSS enlightened, you can add any valid RSS feed to your daily paper. No software to install - it's basically an email RSS reader.

It's unfortunately not as simple as it should be (you just can't have ANY feed in your paper for some reason, huge mistake simply headlines people!) but if you don't already have an OPML filled with 200+ feeds you can enjoy the service anyway (and if you don't know what OPML is it's no big deal, get an account ;-).


Bye bye iPod

I'm getting a Zune (if there isn't too much DRM crap and works on OSx)... 30GB HD, radio, and finally...

The Zune has 802.11 networking built in and you can send a song to your friend for three days or three plays, which ever comes first.

Sweeeeet. Microsoft innovates while apple is trying to fit a hard drive into a needle, with a 5kg extension you have to carry around if you want radio...



Party on! The ultimate iPod accessory lets you party all night long and then makes sure you get home safely.

The clever & innovative product is called the iBreath® and it's an iPod accessory that includes a fully functioning alcohol breathalyzer and an iPod FM transmitter that transmits your iPod tunes to any FM tuner.


NFL players riding Red Bull as latest source for an edge

In October 2004, Carolina Panthers defensive end Mike Rucker readied himself to play a game by downing a can of Red Bull, like he always had in recent years.

The popular energy drink was his way of getting "amped" to play the Philadelphia Eagles. But in the first quarter, something didn't feel right. Rucker's heart was beating fast and seemed to be skipping a beat. Scared, he was forced to leave the game.


14 September 2006


Women deny they're 'hit-and-run grannies'

Trackmania video

The guy raced the game 1000 times... not sure if the game lets you put together the races in one replay or if he had more to do, but the resulting video is really cool!

Gay Flight Attendant Commercial

13 September 2006

Fantasy Island

Inside Japan's surreal fetish clubs, perversions of every persuasion are indulged for the right price.


T'inquiète pas Rich ils ont pixelisé ton visage sur les photos ;)

US cyclists admit using EPO

Two of Armstrong's former teammates interviewed by the New York Times admitted using EPO during cycling races.

And Armstrong was watching but doing nothing... Of course...

Ello Mobile

super idée: un opérateur virtuel (= qui squatte les réseaux existants façon Virgin Mobile ou Migros Mobile en suisse) qui reverse ses bénéfices à des oeuvres humanitaires. On fait ça en Suisse?

Life expectancy of famous people

Funny stuff here.

Really nice New cooper website

Especially check the main animations, at one point you can mess with the driver, and if you click on him...

11 September 2006

Millions of ways to die

Here's a handy ranking of the various dangers confronting America, based on the number of mortalities in each category throughout the 11-year period spanning 1995 through 2005 (extrapolated from best available data).

Full story on Wired

This is a crazy website...

about hats

10 September 2006

Alternative Medecine from Christian Doctors

Sometimes Christians do their best to be as scary as Raelians...

With a smile from the doc:


Wiki Wizard

If you are looking for the right wiki application for your needs, visit WikiMatrix and their cool wizard and you will quickly find what you need. Cool site, better than the legendary when it comes to wiki.

9/11 two point ohhhh

09 September 2006

Watch LIVE NFL Games

  • Live broadcast of every NFL regular season game

  • Games archives available

  • Season and Weekly packages available

  • Link

    Enfin les sports US en pay per view, il était temps...

    Nice product site for the guys in switzerland


    Thanks Widepocket,

    04 September 2006

    An Pierlé en concert ce vendredi

    C'est à l'Usine de Genève et ça vaut vraiment la peine de bouger vos kilos superflus pour cette artiste que peu de monde connait mais dont le dernier album est exceptionnel.

    Vendredi 22h à l'usine PTR

    Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed by stingray

    Encore une de mes idoles qui disparait... Life is a bitch.

    Japanese fools

    A mater absolument: une video de japonais faisant les cons dans une bibliothéque

    Some cool sites

    first the "pro" service for Flickr I have already posted about previously has had a relifting, you can check my pics here. It has a cool feature which adapts the background colour to "match" the general color of the picture shown. Unfortunatelly, now it comes with a bunch of ads. Don't know yet if I'll pay to get rid of them...

    Secondly, the site for adidas Y3 collection is impressive... And some times, long to load.

    and that's it for now

    01 September 2006


    Easily manage yourself and the groups in your life with AirSet
    Many similar systems around, but this one is just amazing. Synch with your outlook and friends/relatives' agendas, mobile phones, etc.... am using it know to work on my move abroad, share info with my wife, build list of tasks...