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15 September 2006

Simply Headlines

Give this a try if you haven't jumped into the RSS era. Sounds like a very interesting way to popularize syndication.

SimplyHeadlines is a once a day email newspaper. You decide exactly what type of news you care about. You pick:

* Where your headlines come from
* How many there will be
* At what time of day they will arrive
* The order in which they will appear

And for the RSS enlightened, you can add any valid RSS feed to your daily paper. No software to install - it's basically an email RSS reader.

It's unfortunately not as simple as it should be (you just can't have ANY feed in your paper for some reason, huge mistake simply headlines people!) but if you don't already have an OPML filled with 200+ feeds you can enjoy the service anyway (and if you don't know what OPML is it's no big deal, get an account ;-).


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