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31 October 2006


le gène

Des chercheurs ont identifié le gène donnant les signaux de faim
Des chercheurs fribourgeois et français ont identifié le gène responsable de la diffusion des signaux de faim avant les repas. C'est une base prometteuse pour mettre au point des thérapies contre le surpoids ou l'alcoolisme.

Tout n'est pas perdu... Link

Time to update your Xboxes

XBOX 360 update coming tomorrow

30 October 2006

First class on United Arab Emirates

I think I could survive to trip like that ;)

25 October 2006



Zefrank pocking fun at VideoBlogging and Rocketboom. I predict the guy will get a Jay Leno show on a major network before the end of the year.

the show with zefrank

24 October 2006


This is it, the new website is here, registrations are open, speakers are in.

Join us next February to hear talks about the Web (Stephanie Hannon, Pierre Chappaz, Sampo Karjalainen of Habbo Hotel, Lee Bryant, Colin Henderson or Daniel Kaplan), ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things (Adam Greenfield, Anne Galloway, Daniela Cerqui, Julian Bleecker, Frédéric Kaplan), mobile technologies (Nathan Eagle, Jan Chipchase), interactive arts and design (Jan-Christoph Zoels, Régine Débatty, Christophe Guignard), entrepreneurship (Bernino Lind), Fair Economy (Paola Ghillani), Ethics (Beth Krasna), and many more topics like education, religion, the digital divide or technological overload.

The program is not yet complete - we are still looking for 8-10 speakers, and waiting for the answer of the likes of Doc Searls and Vinton Cerf (help welcome if you know some of these guys) - so don’t forget to check regularly the speakers list.

This year, the conference will also be enhanced by a special event that will be a bridge between creativity and pragmatism, gathering individuals of various backgrounds to work freely on a specific topic: “Digital fragility“. Several interactive artifacts will be built on site, turning LIFT into a both intellectual and physical experience.

If you register before December 31, 2006 you get an early bird price of only 295CHF (around 185 euros), 195CHF for students. That will be enough to get you access to 30+ presentations, two warm lunches, pre-conference drinks, post-conference party, countless amazing ideas and people!

thunderbirds are go

Apple launches their new Mac books

the 1 milion dollar polo

my friend malyk has launched his new concept... the 1mio dollar polos
Good luck to him. I might see a few of them here in Barhain soon...

23 October 2006

alceste | hungry for more!

I've just published my new alceste website.
Some errors are still visible, mainly on Explorer/PC.
I am trying to sort out some things, such as the date format for the preview on the frontpage and catgories to be displayed in different pages but WordPress can be a pain sometimes...
I'am looking forward for your comments and tips ;)

22 October 2006

US 'arrogant and stupid' in Iraq

A senior US state department official has said that the US has shown 'arrogance and stupidity' in Iraq."

Alberto Fernandez made the remarks during an interview with Arabic television station al-Jazeera.

The state department says Mr Fernandez was quoted incorrectly - but BBC Arabic language experts say Mr Fernandez did indeed use the words.


20 October 2006

USB webcams on mac

Puisque la plupart ne sont pas supportées, des petits malins ont tout de même sorti des drivers qui marchent très bien. Macam


Fontifier - Your own handwriting on your computer!

19 October 2006

WebSnapr - Website Thumbnails For Your Site

WebSnapr - Website Thumbnails For Your Site

The Miniature Earth Project

A nice, well presented project full of impressive figures

Supreme New York

supreme the classy skate shop in NYC. It's an old site but if really like the "a love supreme" movie that you'll find in the random section... If someone has a way of getting it, I'm looking forward...

New corporate website out

My employer's new corporate website is finally online,
it's been a painful birth...
I could compare it to an horizontal log S%#@

Kids and computers

Must read: India: Hole-in-the-Wall

From Guy


I came across a project from NIKON which I found great.
In an effort to promote their D80 SLR, Nikon handed out some free D80’s to some high volume Flickr users who had caught their eye. The catch? Put the camera through it’s paces and let us use the results to promote the model with images taken by real world users and not professional studio photographers.

The results are available here,

Also found some great fishing photos.

18 October 2006

17 October 2006

Line Rider

Line Rider is found everywhere and quite fun to try I must say.
This one is particularly impressive.

UPDATE: Line flyer

16 October 2006

Resizable shoes

Pour tous les potes qui se reproduisent en ce moment...

15 October 2006

A new site for the new mini

Fun little site yet again...

13 October 2006

Europe to suffer another PS3 delay? - Engadget

The Death of E*trade?

Bank of america new free trading, I guess people with $25k accounts are not the core business of E*trade and the others but still this could be the beginning of a need to challenge the business plan


The Dude reste une inspiration autant que le concpeteur de la Fraise ;)

12 October 2006

Blogging from the MidEast

Ok guys, I canceled my ADSL, unplugged my WiFi router, and today is my last day at the office. I will be able to blog again from the Intercon or my temporary flat.
follow-me on Njoye

11 October 2006

Avouez que ça fait rêver...

C'est comme si on disait "become a star with bézu" ou "win a diner with Josianne Balasko".

09 October 2006

08 October 2006

Près de chez vous

Festival nord-sud:

06 October 2006

ICQ people of switzerland

Avouez que ça fait envie... Tom fils caché de Bill Gates?

Le blog du concepteur de la "Fraise"

Il semblerait qu'il y ait quelque chose de nouveau" en gestation

Dictionnaire du Web 2.0:

pratique pour avoir l'air moins con en soirée

05 October 2006

IT's been going on for quite sometime

and yet the new site is on:
bacardi DJ
made by the Agencynet which owns a cool website too...

An interesting talk about what the younger generation digs

You can also find the moderator's comments on his blog

02 October 2006