Peer to beer networking

30 June 2007

Putain de guitariste

le mec assure grave...

Amazing Guitarist - video powered by Metacafe

(via ollie)

Sexual Consent

25 June 2007

Le recordman des hot-dogs foudroy�par une arthrite de la m�choire

Victime d'EPO?

«J’ai honte de ne pas avoir su entendre les signaux d’alarme que m’envoyait mon propre corps. Mais mon but était de gagner un nouveau titre et de battre un nouveau record. Je n’ai pas su arrêter l’entraînement si près de la compétition», s’est-il lamenté.

21 June 2007

Dramatic eyegaze

Best video lately: dramatic chipmunk (via BB)

20 June 2007

Springwise newsletter | 20 June 2007

..."a Tokyo medical equipment maker is working with public health officials to help consumers keep tabs on what they're digesting. How it works? Before lifting their chopsticks, users take a picture of their meal with their cellphone's camera. They send the picture to the system, and nutritionists analyse the meal and its nutritional value, following up with advice on necessary adjustments. Feedback follows within three days."

That's cool. I need that. SMS blames when I eat too much!


11 June 2007

Triumph of the Wii

In a twist worthy of a Zen proverb, it was exactly when Nintendo decided to stop competing with Sony and Microsoft that it began to trounce them. Since launch, Wii has constantly outsold the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the portable game sphere, Nintendo's touch-screen DS system, built around the same philosophy as Wii, has outsold Sony's high-end PSP two to one.

How Fun Won Out in the Console Wars

07 June 2007

Procès Swissair

Tous les accusés du procès Swissair sont acquittés et indemnisés

Très très fort, il ne manque plus qu'on en nomme un président de la confédération et on aura atteint le sommet