Peer to beer networking

31 July 2007

Pythagore' switch

27 July 2007

Obesity is 'contagious,' study finds - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times (thru Seth Godin's blog)

25 July 2007

Beckham meets Reggie Bush

Spéciale dédicace pour Lolotte et son killer shot ;)Futbol Meets Football

14 July 2007

Seoul Auto Salon

"Don't expect to see any cars"...


13 July 2007

North Korea...

Shin, now 24, was a political prisoner by birth. From the day he was born in 1982 in Camp No. 14 in Kaechon until he escaped in 2005, Shin had known no other life. Guards beat children, tortured grandparents and, in cases like Shin's, executed family members. But Shin said it did not occur to him to hate the authorities. He assumed everyone lived this way.

He had never heard of Pyongyang, the capital city 90 kilometers, or 55 miles, to the south, or even of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader.

'I didn't know about America, or China or the fact that the Korean Peninsula was divided and there was a place called South Korea,' he said. 'I thought it was natural that I was in the camp because of my ancestors' crime, though I never even wondered what that crime was. I never thought it was unfair.'


10 July 2007

Suicide Girls on your iPhone, and else...

It's not because you don't have it that you can't prepare yourself ;)

Suicide Girls

and tools: mojits

... soon

Bom Chicka Waa Waa

AXE Sexy Auditions

06 July 2007

Wi-fi and mobiles... it's finally coming

Check out this article about T-Mobile's new offering. Years back, a German operator (can't remember the name) gave you landline rates on your mobile when it triangulated you in a certain radius of your flat. This one is even better as it means you'll be passing in front of any Starbucks and can start a call for free!

05 July 2007

Can't wait for the iPhone, customize your own phone

Meet the 'IPhoney': How to Roll Your Own IPhone:

"While Apple's $500 device certainly has some pizzazz that makes it unique, many of its so-called revolutionary features are already available in other phones -- some of which sell for about half the price and, unlike the iPhone, can be used on any network in the world."

Samsung Dance Video

This is really impressive...