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30 July 2008

Guiness Good Times

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22 July 2008

Real Dinosaur on the Loose in a Museum Makes Learning Fun, Extremely Dangerous

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Real Dinosaur on the Loose

Thanks Mark

16 July 2008

09 July 2008

Your arse is ringing sir

Meet Jeffrey Barrier. The Ohio man allegedly used a cell phone camera to snap photos of a naked woman at a tanning salon Saturday and then hid the phone in his anus in a bid to thwart police.


07 July 2008

Porn appears on rugby programme

New Zealand rugby fans watching a regular sports programme found themselves viewing hardcore pornography instead on Sunday afternoon.
Four minutes of pornography interrupted sports coverage on the Prime Television channel, after what a spokesman described as a distribution mix up."

A distribution mix-up... Link.

04 July 2008

66 «hot-dogs» en douze minutes


66 «hot-dogs» en douze minutes: "L’Américain Joey Chestnut le plus gros mangeur de «hot dogs» défendra vendredi à New York son titre conquis l’an passé en mangeant 66 de ces sandwichs à la saucisse en 12 minutes. "